Top 15 Volleyball Ankle Braces 2020 Reviews

Everyone is susceptible to injuries while playing or simply walking along a pavement. Ankle braces are garments tied around the ankle to offer protection or allow for immobilization during the healing period. They allow your joint to move smoothly while maintaining desirable temperatures and compression to your foot. Quality braces are made of tough materials like nylon and neoprene. These regulate joint mobility and conform to your foots shape. Metal cases can also be used for fixation when dealing with injuries. These garments are used in activities which induce stress to the ankle like playing volleyball, soccer, basketball and rugby. They are suitable in dealing with ankle trauma, inflammations, degenerative sprain, postoperative synovitis, among others.

15. Cramer Ankle Excel Lace-up Ankle Brace

Cramer Ankle Excel Lace-up Ankle Brace

Cramer is one of the best braces for ankle protection and sprain support. These braces are made of 840 denier nylon. It employs a unique circumferential lacing system and and a tested figure-eight strapping system. This provides a perfect fit around your ankle just like most superior lace-up braces. Provided straps are very rigid and come in various sizes for both men and women. It easily fits into your shoe while providing support and necessary flex for walking or sports. It is suitable to individuals in the rehab phase of recovery and in need of motion. Side-to-side provide provide more stabilization compared to ordinary straps.


  • Durable construction, comes in different sizes, offers necessary movement, great for recovery and stabilization

14. Yosoo Ankle Brace

Yosoo Ankle Brace

Yosoo is an adjustable compression ankle support stabilizer constructed with Neoprene. The neoprene material is very breathable, durable and elastic. Neoprene has great moisture wicking capabilities and is latex free thus offering comfort and a perfect fit. Its a great garment to use for fast and weight shifting activities for it ensures maximum protection. This 11-Inch ankle brace fits either feet. Universal size fits both gender and a wide stack provides a custom fit while proving enough tightness and support. Open heel design offers great motion while walking, running or playing. Its wrapping system is very effective in accelerating recovery upon ankle injury from sports especially volleyball.


  • Washable, easy to take off, durable, wraps around well, offers comfort, universal fit,

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13. Liveup Sports Ankle Support Brace

Liveup Sports Ankle Support Brace

Liveup is made with adjustable straps and elastic bandages which are great for running and other sports like tennis. Elastic wraps provided help in pressure adjustment. Its composite construction is composed of rubber, nylon and polyster. This combination offers great compression and a perfect fit. Its great for sports like basketball, weightlifting, badminton and bike riding. Liveup cushions the ankle against impact and reduces fatigue accumulation. They relieve sprain and mitigate arthritis with a soft material. Other therapy applications are mitigation of tendinitis, achilles pain and plantar fasciitis.


  • Provides desired tightness, composite material offers various support and comfort aspects, eliminates fatigue, great for therapy against chronic ailments.

12. BraceAbility Youth/Child Ankle Brace

BraceAbility YouthChild Ankle Brace

BraceAbility is a pediatric ankle support for young people since it offers lightweight support and protection. It helps the ankle of your child to heal quickly thus allowing them to play volleyball again much earlier. BraceAbility features a braced-up design which allows your child to secure the garment much easier. The bracing is also made easier with the provision of a thumb loop. Figure-eight technology ensures that the strap stays in place when your child is playing. This brace reduces inflammation and promotes the healing process. Velcro closures are used to secure straps. The brace is made of durable ballistic nylon which protects both sides of the feet. It comes with an achilles area and a flex mesh tongue with promotes breath ability and comfort. Absence of a seam makes it more comfortable.


  • Hand washed, light, secured easily, comfortable, stays intact, durable material, breathable

11. BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

Trilok Ankle Brace offers great support for athletes. It helps in treating chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis, tendon tears, PTTD and ankle sprains. It offers stability and lightweight comfort without laces. Trilok is designed with straps which provide arch support and lateral unloading. This brace features no laces instead the whole garment pulls on like a sock. A thin and low-profile brace provides more comfort. Construction is based on a hypoallergenic, durable and comfortable material. It is a very popular brand among professionals since it provides them with maximum athlete performance.


  • Treats multiple conditions, offers great support, alleviates weight, simple to wear, comfortable

10. Ultra Ankle High-5 Brace

Ultra Ankle High-5 Brace

High-5 is a great choice for those looking to solve ankle instability and reoccurring joint pain problems. It is made of light material which offers mild rigidity. It controls turning and twisting while allowing a safe range of motion. This brace is great for people who are susceptible to low and high ankle injuries. An adjustable strap is used to secure the garment with a semi-rigid shell that surrounds a 3D padding system. It is also made of contours which offer enough support for athletes who participate in competitive games. It fits easier and quicker on most shoes and uses extra long straps to fit both on both feet.


  • Average compression, offers great control, quality securing system, great support, fits many shoes

9. Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

Bodyprox brace is constructed using breathable neoprene which helps in heat retention while preventing skin irritation. This material is durable, comfortable and easy to wash. It is made of an adjustable wrap which fits both sizes of the feet. An 11-inch arch circumference offers a perfect fit for both gender. It offers protection and treats chronic ankle conditions like plantar fasciitis. Bodyprox features an open heel design which controls motion and provides support for ankle joints and tendons. Its great for both outdoor and indoor sporting activities.


  • Provides warmth, hypo allergic, easy to wash, easily adjusted, offers great control and support

8. VIVE Stabilizer Brace

VIVE Stabilizer Brace

Vive is constructed using a breathable neoprene and a medically approved latching material. It comes with adjustable straps which provide the desired support. This brace is meant for alleviating pain and providing more comfort. Its great for a wide range of sporting activities while fitting on both athletic and casual shoes. Incorporation of gel material on both sides of the ankle offers stability and comfort. An adhesive latching avoids constant adjustments and discomfort. This universal fit brace offers compression support which increases blood circulation while preventing cramping, soreness and inflammation.


  • Quality material, easy to adjust, comfortable, universal fit, easy to use

7. Ipow Nonslip Breathable Brace

Ipow Nonslip Breathable Brace

This FDA approved brace is great in offering support and protection while playing competitive games like volleyball. It features the open heel design which offers a wide range of motion as well as support to ankle joints and tendons. Ipow employs 2 adjustable Velcros which prevent slippage while playing. This brace is provided in three different sizes. The package comes with dual ankle support and a compression wrap which secures both braces to the ankle.


  • Health approved, great support, easily adjusted, various sizes, secured easily

6. Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support

Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support

Shock doctor is the one of the best brace in terms of providing comfort. Its a lace-up wrap brace that provides a comfortable compression. Inside, are gel cushions and the wrap is curved into a tongue to offer more support, stability and alignment. It offers average support for mitigating muscle strains, sprains and extreme joint movements. The base features a non-slip silicon grip pattern. Low profile lacing loops offer great comfort while convince finger tabs allow you to pull easily and make perfect fits. The compression is very adjustable thus enhancing quick recovery while providing warmth.


  • Great fit, durable, offers great comfort, great alignment, movement control, easily adjusted

5. Copper Compression Gear Ankle Brace

Copper Compression Gear Ankle Brace

Its made of silky, soft and lightweight material with great temperature regulation features. Copper compression is one of the most comfortable braces for playing volleyball. They can be worn everyday to help players recover from injuries. Copper stimulates your immune system to fight infections, promote healing and repair tissues. Over 80 percent of copper is infused into nylon thus offering both health and structural advantages. This brace improves athlete performance while supporting weak tendons and joints. It enhances blood circulation and oxygenation for improved performance.


  • Enhances athletes performance, great healing abilities, comfortable,

4. Tandem Active Ankle T2 Brace

Tandem Active Ankle T2 Brace

This is a rigid ankle stabilizer which offers support and protection while playing volleyball or cheer-leading. These ankle braces are great for wearing over compression sleeves or socks for stability. Active ankle is among the leading brands which provide various sizes of braces. Its easy to put especially when in rush to play. Tandem offers great support and comfort for long playing periods. Its base is inserted under the sole thus making a perfect and comfortable fit.


  • Offers great stability, easy to adhere, initiates recovery from injuries, great for extended use

3. McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

McDavid is endorsed by university researchers to offer three times protection against injuries. It comes in multiple sizes for both gender and all ages. Construction is based on a single-layer of polyester which offer offers full support. This light weight brace features a compression strap at the top used to provide a perfect fit. Its also features the Figure-8 strapping pattern which contributes to athlete performance. The whole garment is fully adjustable without taking off the shoe. A ventilated tongue provides breatheability . McDavid 195 comes with reinforced closures and a padded line.


  • Offers maximum protection, fits well, quality constriction, easily adjusted

2. Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

This compression support sleeve is specifically designed for athletes. It helps in recovery, alleviating joint pain, among other joint and tendon conditions. Kunto offers support during any sport activity including volleyball while preventing you from being injured. This comfortable brace provides a safe movement range. Its made of a fitting and breathable fabric which offers stability is all sporting activities. This ankle sleeve eliminates discomfort associated brought about by itching.


  • Mitigates ankle pain, breathable fabric, easy to wear, flexible, compact, light

1. ASO Ankle Stabilizing Brace

ASO Ankle Stabilizing Brace

ASO is the ultimate brace in terms of offering protection, support and mobility while playing volleyball, basketball and tennis, among other sports. It is constructed using a CoolFlex breathable material which is super comfortable and attractive. The heel is locked by nylon stabilizing straps. A quality closure keeps stability straps and laces secure. It is available in five sizes which makes sure everyone even your children get into the game. ASO is easy to put on and relieves muscle pain due to excessive running and workout. Three ways of securing your ankle avoids slippage while playing. This low-profile fits well in sneakers and other sports shoes.


  • Great protection and support, breathable, easy to secure around ankles, no slippage