Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Live Or Visit

Tourism is an interesting pass-time and hobby enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is an excellent avenue for learning what other countries have to offer. It is also an excellent avenue for culture exchange, with some countries acting as perfect holiday getaways for newlyweds and people that are taking a break from work or the hustles and bustle of big cities. Unfortunately, with the recent rise in insecurity worldwide and terrorist organizations and cells running out of control in some countries, safety has become a primary concern for people who are planning to visit or relocate to other countries. If you are part of this statistic, here are the top 10 safest countries in the world to live in and visit in 2015, based on their safety rate and overall crime rate:

10. Singapore


If you are planning to tour or relocate to Asia, Singapore is one of the safest countries on the continent. With a safety rate of approximately 80.2 and a crime rate of approximately 19.98, it is currently the tenth safest country in the world. This is because of the liberalism, calm political environment, and the collective responsibility to communism that many of its residents believe in. Another thing that has contributed to its high safety rating are its tough security laws that deter crime and misdemeanor offenses, which often go unpunished in many countries and a well-trained police force that reacts swiftly to security threats, to guarantee the safety of residents. While authorities report a few cases of crime yearly, the probability of you being mugged on Singaporean streets is significantly lower than in many countries.

9. Bahrain


Located on a small desert island on the western shores of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a 665 square kilometer country with a well-developed tourism industry and rich tourist attraction sites. It has a loving population and is currently the ninth safest country in the world, with a safety rate of 80.21 and a crime rate of 19.79. Even though most people argue that its small size, isolation, and cosmopolitan nature is responsible for the peace and tranquility that its residents have enjoyed over the years, its well-developed economy and booming financial sector have also played a major role. Unlike Sharia countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has strict orders and laws invests in intelligence collection and has an impartial judicial system has made it a safe haven for the oppressed in many Arab countries. If you are law abiding and are looking for a safe country to visit or live, look no further than Bahrain.

8. Norway


If you are looking for a country to tour or emigrate to and safety is of primary concern, Norway is a suitable destination to choose. Ranking as the eighth safest country in the world, you do not have to worry about the threat of terrorism in Norway. Violent and petty crimes are non-existent, with security officers relying on dialogue rather than guns to solve problems that might arise between residents and the authority. Norway is wealthy. It is also beautiful, respects personal freedom, and has a loving population.

7. Luxembourg


Officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg is a beautiful landlocked country is Western Europe, liked for its well-developed economy, captivating tourist attraction sites, and most importantly, its safety. With a safety rate of 81.25 and crime rate of 18.75, violent crimes and misdemeanors such as burglary and robbery are virtually non-existent in this rich country. Job opportunities are plentiful. Workers also earn a higher salary than in many countries, which also stems the need for stealing and engaging in illegal activities to live a comfortable life. For tourists and people looking for greener pastures abroad, Luxembourg is the seventh safest globally.

6. Malta


Officially known as the republic or Malta, Malta is a prosperous southern European country 80 kilometers south of Sicily, Italy. Located in a region where gang violence, mafias, and violent crimes are common, it has remained rather safe and peaceful over the years, with a crime rate of only 18.54. Terrorist threats are virtually unheard of. Minor crimes such as burglary and robbery are low, while the threat of dying from natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis is near zero. This is unlike countries such as the United States of America where violent crime rates are high and the risk of dying from natural disasters such as tsunamis and hurricanes is even greater.

5. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

With a crime rate of 18.01 and safety rate of 81.99, the United Arab Emirates ranks fifth on our review of the top 10 safest countries in the world to live or visit. Although expensive and located in the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf where the risk of terrorism in rife, you will be four times safer in UAE that in South Africa where terrorism is not a problem. In this country, crime rates are low. Property crimes and violent crimes occur infrequently to an extent that security officials do not rely on guns to keep the country safe. Even though the UAE has a constant threat of terrorism, its vigilance, stringent security laws, and influence always keep residents and visitors safe.

4. Austria


Austria is a safe central European country best known for its historical cities and tourist attraction sites. Even though minor crimes such as pickpocketing are reported from time to time, violent crime is virtually non-existent. Gun crime is also non-existent, while the threat of terrorism is virtually unheard off. In this country, you will enjoy a pristine, happy, and worry-free life.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Even though rocked by demonstrations and political turmoil for a greater part of 2014, Hong Kong is generally a safe place, with a national crime rate of approximately 16.57. Serious crimes such as murder are rare. Muggings and robberies occur rarely largely because of the country’s stringent security laws and motivated security officers that are always on hand to quash security threats. To avoid problems, ensure you have your ID or passport at all times.

2. Denmark


A popular tourist destination for its interesting tourist attraction sites, Denmark, officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark in a sovereign European nation with one of the lowest rates of crime. Crime is very low. Human rights violations are uncommon, while its steady economic development makes it a preferred destination for millions globally. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you will have an enjoyable time in Denmark.

1. Iceland


As per our review, Iceland is the safest country in the world in 2015. It is an interesting and beautiful place packed with scintillating glaciers. It also has a nice climate and renowned tourist attraction sites that millions of regular visitors consider invaluable. Recently, Iceland ranked among the most peaceful countries worldwide, with stringent regulations over gun ownership and crime. It also has a high per capita income, a loving population, and functional government institutions that maintain the peace and tranquility that its residents enjoy to date. If you are looking for a country to love or visit, Iceland is safe to the extent that it does not have a standing army.

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