Top 15 Portable Power Banks for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus continue to attract positive reviews from users worldwide. Their aesthetic design and array of innovative features, for instance, are major draws. Unfortunately, because of their high processing power, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus use a lot of battery power and need users to recharge them often to keep them working optimally. This can be challenging particularly for people who are on the road often or experience frequent blackouts at home. A good power bank often solves this problem.

Top Best Sellers in Portable Power Banks

15. AmazonBasics 10,000 mAh Portable Power Bank

The Amazon Basics power bank is a strong quality model with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It is light, compact, and portable; has dual USB ports for charging both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus; and advanced safety features such as power overload protection. It is affordable, has good quality components, and a one-year warranty.

14. Intocircuit 11200mAh Heavy Duty Power Bank

Intocircuit 11200mAh Heavy Duty Power Bank

If you are looking for a good heavy-duty power bank for use with your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus smartphone, this 11,200mAh model by Into-circuit will never disappoint you. Its aluminum alloy cell is stylish and durable. Its Li-ion battery is also durable and will recharge your phone for up to 500 cycles before developing memory problems. This portable power bank has dual 5-volt USB charging ports, an LCD display, and a slim, contemporary design that is relatively easier to store.

13. Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

Poweradd Pilot 2 is a compact 10,000mAh capacity power bank for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus with a beautiful aviation aluminum body. It is light and durable, compact, and made of quality components that work well. Its A+ grade lithium polymer (Li-poly) battery pack, for instance, is durable. , for example, is durable. Its dual USB ports can charge two phones at ago, while its array of safety features (overcharge protection, surge protection, etc.) protects your smartphone from damage.

12. RAVPower Element 10400mAh Portable Power Bank

RAVPower Element is a powerful yet lightweight solution to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus’s frequent power problems. It is reliable, easy to use, and offers up to 500 charge cycles over its life. It also has two USB charge ports, a fast charging technology, an aesthetic shell, and a functional LED charge display screen.

11. Portable Charger – Crave Travel 5200mah Ultra-compact Ultra-High Density

Portable Charger Crave Travel 5200mah

With this portable charger, you just charge your device on the go so you’ll never have to stop for an outlet to have your device recharged. When your tablet or smartphone start losing charge, all that you need to do is just to pull out your crave portable battery charger from your bag or pocket and recharge it in no time. Crave travel battery is not only powerful, but it also fits in your purse, pocket or the palms of your hand. More importantly, it has a stunning charge time; at 5200mah, you can fully recharge your devices quickly and efficiently.

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10. Power Bank, 20000mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack with 2-Port 3.1 A

Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Charger

Power Bank, 20000mAh portable charger features a rechargeable capacity of 20000mAh which is a 100 percent guarantee that you will never be without your tablet or smartphone because of a dead battery. Status LEDs lets you stay informed of the remaining capacity. Having a super portable and compact design, it is easy to hold the device in your hands and carry it from anywhere to wherever you want. Has a built-in flashlight for low-light or dark environments.

9. iMuto 20000mAh Compact Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank

iMuto 20000mAh Compact Portable Charger

iMuto compact portable charger features an ultra-high capacity of as much as 20000mAh. It has a compact size and is lightweight making it suitable for all your traveling needs. Having a smart modern power technology, both USB ports are able to detect your device intelligently and provide a quicker charge. Two USB ports let you charge two devices at the same time. The smart digital screen is able to show the power that remains in digital format, and it is disguised until activated. Featuring multiple intelligent protection systems, the charger protects your devices from short circuit, Over-current, over-voltage and over-charging.

8. Portable Charger, Spigen® [F710D DUAL] Portable Battery 10000mAh

Portable Charger Spigen

Portable charger, Spigen has a battery capacity of 10,000mAh featuring 1A and 2.1A USB outputs to ensure dual-charging capabilities. It is entirely compatible with USB support devices and smartphones such as Android, Apple, and tablets. Its aluminum unibody provides a sleek and durable design. The portable battery also has a built-in torchlight that provides added convenience and functionality. Having an LED-backlit screen which indicates the status of your battery, you will always be informed of the amount of power you have consumed and exactly when you need to recharge.

7. Solove Titan 20000mAh Power Bank Charger

The Solve Titan Power Bank charger is ultra-slim as it is built with top-quality rechargeable Li-Polymer battery combined with hard aluminum alloy construction. Strong and portable, the power bank is convenient to travel with anywhere. Packed with 20000mAh, the power bank features ultra-high capacity capable of charging smartphones and other devices multiple times. With dual USB ports, the power bank lets you charge two devices simultaneously while you travel and with the fastest charge speed. Equipped with sophisticated full protection capabilities, it keeps your smartphones and other devices safe from overheating, over voltage, and over current at all times.

6. ZILU Smart Power Basic 4400mAh Portable Charger

ZILU Smart Power Basic 4400mAh Portable Charger

Zilu smart portable charger has nine levels of protecting your device. It features up to 93 percent energy conversion rate with low heat generation capability. Has an ultra-high-grade class A, 18650 battery cells inside. The modern power bank puts a firm emphasis on safety via the UL 1624 certification, one of the most rigorous safety tests in the industry. Zilu smart battery pack is fully compatible with a vast majority of smartphones. Being ultra-compact, the portable charger is very easy to carry in a purse or pocket as you travel anywhere.

5. Lumsing®Harmonica Series Dual-USB Portable Battery Charger 10400mah

Lumsing Harmonica Series battery charge has an ultra-powerful battery pack. It uses premium microchips and Grade A Li-ion battery to ensure reliability and 500 plus recharge cycles over the lifespan of the battery. It features quick battery charger capabilities thanks to its advanced technology that offers the fastest possible charge of up to 3.1 amps overall. It has a smooth surface body treatment and a unique brushed silver on the edge that gives it an impressive touch and visual experience.

4. AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank – 10,000 mAh

The power bank features a portable battery pack that has 10,000 mAh ultra high capacity. It is equipped with use of a lithium-ion polymer battery for increased safety and reduced weight. Has dual USB ports to let you charge multiple devices simultaneously giving you the convenience you crave. The power bank can completely charge an iPhone 6s almost six times before it needs a recharge. USB charging cable, carrying pouch, and power overload protection are also included.

3. Jackery Mini Premium 3200mAh Portable Charger

Jackery Mini Premium 3200mAh Portable Charger

Jackery Mini Premium is one of the world’s smallest power bank and external battery charger. Being stylish, portable, and compact, this power bank is perfect for road trips and long flights or whenever you feel to charge your smartphone or other devices. The advanced ultra-high capacity portable charger has a 3200mAh rechargeable battery. Its powerful battery pack consists of premium microchips and Panasonic Grade A Li-ion cell which creates a high-quality portable charger.

2. Jackery Bar Premium 6000 mAh External Battery Charger

Jackery Bar Premium 6000 mAh External Battery Charger

Jackery bar portable charger is a suitable portable travel charger for extended road trips, flights or whenever you require to charge your smartphone and other devices. The power bank adds between two to three full charges to your smartphone and other similar devices. It features Panasonic Grade A Li-ion polymer cell with premium microchips combined into a particular aluminum case to create an ultra-powerful and high-quality portable battery charger.

1. Portable Charger Bluesim Power Bank Slim 10000mah

Portable Charger Bluesim Power Bank Slim 10000mah

Blue slim power bank features an ultra-high power capacity of up to 10000mAh and use a 2.1 adapter for the quickest charging time. Has an ultra-compact size and is lightweight to ensure portability. It is designed with 155 by 106 by 9mm to ensure it fits perfectly into any pocket and is incredibly easy to carry on the go. The portable charger is amazingly simple and is designed with built-in smart LED indicators that clearly displays the charging status as well as the power level. It also has dual USB ports to let you charge two devices simultaneously.

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