Top 10 Good Leather iPhone 6 Cases 2015 Reviews

Since its release in Cupertino, California on September 9, 2015, the iPhone 6 continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Its sleek and stylish design, for instance, is a major draw. Its performance overshadows many smartphones, while its compatibility with many applications and third-party accessories makes it one of the most flexible models in Apple’s line of smartphones. Unfortunately, like many technological gadgets, the iPhone 6 has its share of cons. First, because of its high value, it is a major target for thieves, especially when carried unconcealed in crowded places. Second, even though its sturdy build using the latest breakthrough technologies is durable, it damages and or malfunctions easily when dropped on a hard surface. To prevent such problems, one of the most important accessories that iPhone 6 owners should buy is a good leather case. Although many new iPhone 6 cases are released on the Internet daily, the top 10 best ones in 2015 include:

10. Candywe iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Case

Candywe iPhone 6 case is an elegantly designed leather wallet that currently ranks high among the best iPhone 6 2015 cases for many reasons: first, it is compact and very sturdy. Its leather construction is durable, supports phones up to 4.7 inches tall, and has a smooth inner lining that protects phones from scratches, dust, and even bumps. Its cut-outs (button homes, camera hole, speaker, and connectors) are true to size. Once you have fitted your phone in it, therefore, you do not have to remove it often to operate it as needed. You will be able to calls, send messages watch videos, and browse the Web without making alterations.

9. Spigen (SGP10974) iPhone 6 Case Wallet

Spigen SGP10974 is a standard feature case wallet that supports the 4.7-inches tall iPhone 6. Its mint color is refreshing. Its design is unique and comes with an innovative STAND flip cover that supports adjustable viewing angles. This improves user experience, particularly if you like browsing the Net or watching movies in landscape mode. As the Candywe leather wallet highlighted herein, this case is functional. It ultra slim folio design is light, true to size, and made of premium and durable leather. Apart from phone storage, it also has a large slot for storing money and a few small ones for storing ID and or personal cards.

8. Spigen (SGP10972) iPhone 6 Case Wallet

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Wallet

Are you an iPhone enthusiast? Do you have a few dollars to spend on cheap leather iPhone 6 cases? Apart from its affordability, this Spigen SGP10972 wallet is among the most recommended in top 10 good leather iPhone 6 cases 2015 reviews, for its array of innovative features. Its synthetic leather material, for instance, is flexible and durable. Its ultra-slim compact design is portable, while its innovative stand feature offers adjustable viewing angles when using a phone in landscape mode. Even with its plethora of features, this case is surprisingly easy to use. Its magnetic strap secures phones well. It’s versatile cut-outs are true to size, while its padded interior protects iPhone 6 from scratches and bumps well.

7. Verus iPhone 6 Wallet Case

This Verus iPhone 6 case is an aesthetic dandy dairy wallet made of layered PU leather. This material is soft. It also scratches proof, durable, and has a padded interior that protects phones high impact damage when dropped on a hard surface. In the iPhone 6 case collection available online, this Verus case floors many high-end models, design wise. It’s classic 100% vintage look with smooth two-tone accents is eye-catching. Its magnetic closures are secure, while its embedded textured back is slip proof. Finally, its cut-outs (screen, camera, and screen) are true to size. Its pockets are functional and optimized for storing identification and credit cards. This case wallet is compatible only with 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

6. Caseology (Bumper Frame) Leather Cheery Oak Case

Of all slim iPhone 6 cases in the market, caseology leather cheery oak model is among the most functional around. Its slim fit design is compact and travel worthy. It is also durable, absorbs shock well, and has a soft padded interior that will never scratch nor lower the value of your pricey phone in any way. Other innovative features that have made it a sought-after accessory in stores selling new iPhone 6 cases; its sturdy bumper frame, anti-slip matte finish, and its raised lip touch screen protection feature.

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5. GMYLE Wallet Book Case

GMYLE Wallet Book Case

GMYLE bookcase is a vintage brown classic wallet, optimized for 4.7-inch iPhone 6. It is light and durable. It’s crazy horse pattern is aesthetic, while the flexible synthetic leather material used and well-designed magnetic latches offer superior security when traveling. As other iPhone cases on this list, it also has a padded interior that protects against dirt and scratches, and good wallet pockets for storing money, ID, and business and credit cards. Finally, it is cheap, sleek, and supports hands-free viewing.

4. Snugg iPhone 6 Leather Flip Case

Snugg iPhone 6 Leather Flip Case

Do you own the iPhone 6? Have experimented with many hardcover phone cases but none seems to work well? Consider buying the Snugg leather flip case for the following reasons: First, its PU leather material is durable. It is also flexible and fits the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 snugly. Cut-outs (screen, camera, etc.) are true to size. Its card slots are innovative, while its Nubuck fiber interior is smooth, soft, and in the event of an accident, cushions phones well. Its flip design is innovative. Its magnetic straps work well, while its built-in stand supports the phone well when browsing or watching movies. This Snugg iPhone 6 leather flip case affordable, relatively easy to use, and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

3. CellBee iPhone 6 Pouch Carrying Case

For women who are looking for a fashion forward yet functional, cheap leather iPhone cases for regular use, this CellBee pouch carrying case is one of a kind. Its premium leather construction is aesthetics. Its belt clips and loop holsters are functional, while its dual layer design increases its longevity significantly. Its cut-outs are accurate. Its storage pouches are functional, while the one-year warranty offered is a good indicator of its excellent quality.

2. CM4 iPhone 6 Q Card Wallet Case

CM4 iPhone 6 Q Card Wallet Case

For many years, iPhone owners relied on plastic or polycarbonate cases to keep their pricey possessions safe. Although they work, many look unprofessional. This why CM4’s iPhone 6 Q card wallet case is a favored brand in many top 10 good leather iPhone 6 cases 2015 reviews. It is aesthetic. It is also secure, compact, and has a durable full frame that protects iPhone from dings. Cut-outs are true to scale. Its patented soft-touch rubber is slip proof, while its lay-flat screen guards boost safety further.

1. SHOP-LEATHER Genuine Italian Leather iPhone 6 Case

SHOP LEATHER Genuine Italian Leather iPhone 6 Case

SHOP-LEATHER iPhone case is the best in 2015. Its 100% genuine leather construction is durable. It is also functional, protects phones against dirt and scratches, and has well-built wallet pockets for storing money, credit cards, and ID cards. All parts are handmade, true to size, and do not limit the functionality of phones.

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