Top 18 Cheap Leather Cases for iPhone 6S Plus 2016

For owners of the iPhone 6S plus, owning high-quality leather cases is beneficial in many ways: First, because of their waterproof nature, they protect phones from water damage. They are also aesthetic, durable, and have a smooth padded interior that protects the iPhone from scratches and dings when dropped on a hard surface. With the best iPhone 6s plus cases, therefore, you will have peace of mind when using your phone, without limiting its performance in any way. Since the iPhone 6s plus officially went on sale in stores on September 19, the demand for cheap iPhone 6s Plus cases has soared significantly. If you an iPhone enthusiasts and want an affordable yet functional model that will serve your well for long, read on to learn about the top 18 best cheap leather cases for iPhone 6s plus worth buying in 2016.

18. CellBee Premium Leather Apple iPhone 6S Plus Pouch

CellBee pouch is a well-designed standard carrying case for iPhone 6S plus that works well for both men and women. Its quality construction using premium leather is durable. It is also aesthetic, compact, and therefore, a perfect travel accessory for people who are always on the go. This case is waterproof. Its dual layer design supports the iPhone well, while its smoothly padded interior protects it scratches, dents, and dings that are usually unavoidable when this one-of-a-kind smartphone falls on a hard surface. Finally, its belt clips, magnetic closure, and belt loop works well. Its screen and pin cut-outs are true to scale, while the one-year warranty offered is a testament to its quality.

17. Verus iPhone 6S Plus Wallet Case with Kickstand Feature

Are you looking for a versatile carrying case for your iPhone 6S plus? Do you have a low budget? Instead of settling for a lower quality product because of your low budget, consider buying this Verus wallet case for the following reasons: first, it is affordable. Its two-tone 100% smooth vintage leather construction is durable and covered with an aesthetic see through the casing that increases grip. With it, therefore, the risk of your iPhone slipping and falling from your table or your fingers is relatively slim. As many products on this list, the cut-outs of this waterproof iPhone 6S Plus wallet case are accurate. Its magnetic closures are functional, while its innovative kickstand feature enables you to browse the Internet or watch movies or videos on your iPhone comfortably.

16. Spigen iPhone 6S Plus Case with Stand Feature

Spigen iPhone 6S Plus Case

Apart from its cost effectiveness, a major reason why this Spigen iPhone 6S plus case is popular and among the most recommended for regular use is its innovative flip design. It is aesthetic. It is also functional and allows you access and use your phone on demand without any issues. This case’s ultra slim folio build is another major draw. It is light and compact, has functional and secure magnetic closures, and well-designed slots for storing credit cards, business cards, and even your identity card. Finally, if you are multimedia enthusiasts, browse the Internet or type documents of your iPhone 6S plus, this leather case is for you. Its stand feature is innovative, durable, easy to use, and supports adjustable viewing angles in landscape mode.

15. LK iPhone 6S Plus Case Wallet

LK’s iPhone 6S Plus case is a functional wallet made of durable leather. Its compact flip cover design is innovative. Its smooth interior protects the phone from scratches and dents, while its built-in screen protector shields your phone’s touchscreen from damage in the event of an accident. This wallet has a built-in card and money slots. It is also easy to use, shock absorbent, and has effective anti-dust, anti-tear, and water resistant properties.

14. Labato iPhone 6S Plus Case with Stand Feature

Labato iPhone 6S Plus Case

Have you experimented with many iPhone 6S plus cases but none works well? Although cheap, this Labato leather case will not disappoint. Its 100% leather is natural, homemade, and durable. It is also light, tear resistant, waterproof, and thus, will protect your phone well for years. Its durability and functionality aside, this iPhone case is among the most popular in the market for the following additional reasons: first, its folio flip design is compact and secures the phone well. Its magnetic fasteners work well. It’s vintage brown leather is eye-catching, while its one-piece stand enables you to operate your phone hands-free from many angles. You will never regret buying an original from a reputable store.

13. Shieldon Classic Handmade iPhone 6S Plus Case

This iPhone 6S Plus case by Shieldon is a vintage flip book style wallet made of 100% genuine leather. Its tough body and soft well-cushioned interior protect iPhone 6S plus well. Its wallet slots are good for storing personal accessories (business cards, credit cards, etc.) on demand, while its stand function supports hands-free operation. As many iPhone cases on this list, this vintage case by Shieldon is affordable. Its components are well-designed and made using quality material. Finally, it is easy to use, best for regular travel and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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12. SHOP-LEATHER Genuine iPhone 6S Plus Leather Case

SHOP LEATHER Genuine iPhone 6S Plus Leather Case

This Italian made SHOP-LEATHER leather case is a best seller in online stores for several reasons: first, the leather material used to manufacture it is top grade. It is also genuine, dustproof, and waterproof; aesthetic, and protects phones from scratches/ dents. Second, its design is true to size. Once bought, you do not have to make any modifications or adjustments to fit an iPhone 6S plus smartphone well. Finally, this case is light and highly portable and has wallet cuts for storing money, credit cards, and ID.

11. Snugg iPhone 6S Plus Leather Flip Case

Snugg iPhone 6S Plus Leather Flip Case

For those who are looking for cheap iPhone 6S plus cases, this slip-design leather case is as good as these accessories get. Although simple, this iPhone case is durable. The Nubuck fiber on its interior is soft, while its hidden wallet pockets are excellent for storing business card, identity cards, and business cards. Its magnetic strap is sturdy. It is also functional and secures this case and its contents well when in use. Finally, this flip wallet is affordable, has true to size cut-outs (charging ports, screen, and camera slots), and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

10. Caseology iPhone 6S Plus Case with Bumper Frame

Fitted with a sturdy bumper frame, Caseology iPhone 6S plus case is durable, and among the most recommended brands for regular use. Its thermoplastic polyurethane material is aesthetic. It is also dirt and oil resistant, absorbs shock well when dropped on a hard surface, and is light and portable. Its revised cut-outs (ports, buttons, and screen) are very accurate and ease operation.

9. Joopapa


This cover comes with an easy Snap-On technology that makes it fit snugly on the body of your phone. It has a hard metallic inner shell that provides sufficient shock resistance. The cover has cutouts to allow easy access to your phone’s main buttons, ports, and camera. The main material of the cover is high-quality PU leather that has been stylishly designed with two distinct card slots at the back that you can use to carry your credit cards and ID cards. It is compatible with iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus.

8. Casemall


Casemall covers are ultra slim and lightweight, perfect for the iPhone owners who do not like carrying around bulky phones. It is made out of soft synthetic leather that class up your iPhone’s appearance greatly. The cover also comes with a foldable kickstand, which makes your movie viewing experience more comfortable.

The latch is magnetic so it closes and opens with ease. The cover is designed in such a way that you do not have to open it to talk on your phone. It also works as a stylish mini-wallet with a card-slot space reserved on it. It is available exclusively for iPhone 6S Plus in brown PU leather.

7. iPhone 6S Plus Luxury Wallet Case

iPhone 6S Plus Luxury Wallet Case

This high-quality iPhone 6S Plus leather cover cum luxury wallet is made from only the finest R64 leather, which is sourced from Italy. The uniquely designed case not only protects your phone from scratches and cracks from accidental drops but also gives your phone a more sophisticated look. It is available in brown R64 leather.

6. Wisdompro Premium PU Leather Case/Wallet

Wisdompro Premium PU Leather Case

This iPhone cover is ideal for you if you do not like lugging around purses, wallets, and your phone at the same time. The Wisdompro 2 in 1 leather cover gets rid of this problem by making it possible to carry all of these things at the same time easily. As a protective cover, it functions superbly with its hard interior shell that protects your phone from cracks that can result from accidentally dropping your phone.

The soft PU leather material is durable and looks very attractive. The Wisdompro cover also functions as a wallet. It comes with two card slots, a cash pocket and a wrist lanyard that makes it easier to secure onto your person. The complete Wisdompro Value set includes a 4.5-inch touch screen stylus and a Microfiber cleaning cloth.

5. Totu iPhone Case

Totu iPhone Case

The Totu iPhone case covers give you a wide range of colors to choose from, enabling you to select what color suits your personality the best. If you are a fan of cool tech gizmos, then you will be happy to learn that you can easily answer or decline incoming calls simply by touching the metal strips on the cover.

This cover comes with a sturdy back case that creates a strong shock-absorbing layer for the protection of your phone. The case also serves as a kickstand that allows you to watch movies and videos without holding your phone. The covers are available for the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus.

4. Shieldon iPhone Case

Shieldon iPhone Case

Get a taste of the real thing with the Shieldon iPhone cases. It is made from 100% genuine cowhide. As you know, nothing beats the real thing and with this case, you can enjoy the durability, quality and even character associated with authentic leather products. This case will make your phone look tough and classy at the same time. The benefits of this cover go way beyond its aesthetic values.

This bookcase cover also functions as a sturdy leather wallet and a kickstand for your phone when you are watching movies. The magnetic hasp helps to secure your phone in a simple but highly effective way. Leather never goes out of fashion and with this classy cover; your phone will be forever classy. This trendy cover is available for both iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

3. Floveme 2 in 1 iPhone Cover

Floveme 2 in 1 iPhone Cover

This cover is specifically designed for the multi-tasker. The Floveme iPhone cover is simply but elegantly constructed to serve you in numerous ways at the same time. The cover is attractive to look at but it is also very useful because it also functions as a stylish wallet. It is scratch-resistant, completely dustproof and will absorb any shock resulting from accidental drops.

Furthermore, the cover is designed to completely zip up the contents of your phone, making it more secure. It also functions as a kickstand for easy video calling and better movie experiences. It is an ideal cover for the iPhone 6S Plus.

2. New Trent

This cover has been designed for maximum protection and shock absorption. The New Trent cover for iPhone 6S Plus incorporates polycarbonate and high-quality PU leather in a stylishly rugged manner. The cover not only offers protection but is also very durable with a 5mm thickness that is guaranteed to absorb the force of any impact. The case is designed with precise cutouts for the buttons of your phone’s buttons, cameras, charging ports and audio jack. The cover is also stylishly designed to improve the appeal of your phone.

1. Benuo Leather Folio covers for iPhone

Benuo Leather Folio covers for iPhone

This cover smoothly integrates durability; functionality and sophistication to produce a cover that will make your phone stand out. The cover is perfectly cut out to fit the structure of your phone snugly. Handcrafted into stylish pieces of leather, Benuo covers have an authentic feel to them that is further perpetuated by their genuine leather material. It is one of the slimmest leather flip cases and this improves your grip on the phone. It also comes with an adjustable built-in stand and a magnetic snap that enables easy access and protection of your phone.

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