Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Digital Photography is an interesting hobby enjoyed by millions worldwide. With technological gadgets such as digital cameras and smartphones, individuals can now treasure their lives’ moments quickly and share them with friends and family via social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. If you are part of this statistic and want to capture stunning, professional-looking selfies effortlessly, one of the most helpful gadgets you should own is a selfie stick. It is light, very easy to use, and allows you to operate your smart phone’s camera remotely via Bluetooth. If you own an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus and want to enjoy the benefits this innovative gadget presents, here is a detailed best selfie sticks for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus worth buying:

10. Kootek Extendable Wireless Monopod

Kootek extendable wireless mono-pod starts off our review of the top 10 best selfie sticks for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It is light and portable. It is stable, made of a durable stainless steel material, and has an adjustable multi-angle (up to 180 degrees) clamp that secures phones to this stick well. When in use, it’s innovative zoom function helps to you to capture the best quality photographs easily. It also has an auto-focus button, a shutter button, and a volume button that is helpful when shooting videos. Kootek selfie stick is 31.50 inches long.

9. OPTIKAL SelfiePAL Wireless Selfie Stick

OPTIKAL SelfiePAL is an advanced selfie stick that uses an advanced Bluetooth technology. Its stainless steel arm is durable and has a maximum load capacity of around 500 grams. Its weight only 165 grams, has a flex height of 396 inches, and a battery capacity of 45 mAh. This makes it one of the most suitable brands for shooting group selfies and or video diaries for long. Feature wise, this telescoping selfie stick does not disappoint. It, for instance, is Bluetooth ready. Its clamps work well. Finally, it is compatible with both iOS and Android, is easy to use, and rechargeable via USB.

8. Noot Extendable Self-Portrait Handheld Monopod

Noot Extendable Self Portrait Handheld Monopod

As its name suggests, Noot handheld monopod is a light and adjustable selfie stick that captures stunning selfie portraits. As many products on this top 10 list, it is very easy to use. It uses wireless Bluetooth technology, has a remote shutter with a self-release timer, and an adjustable non-slip phone holder that rotates over an 180-degree angle. For armature photographers, this selfie stick is image stabilized. By eliminating shakes and vibrations, it lowers pixelation and the risk of capturing crooked self-portraits and or videos.

7. InnoGear Selfie Stick

InnoGear Selfie Stick

InnoGear selfie stick is an ultra-modern mono-pod optimized for both novice and professional photographers. Its telescopic tripod design is innovative. Its remote shutter works well, while its detachable system makes it a must-have accessory for tourists and individuals who are on the road often. It has a non-slip hand grip, a functional zoom in and out function, and flexible clamps that secure phones well without scratching or lowering their quality in any way. InnoGear selfie stick is light, compatible with both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and supports mufti-angle photography.

6. URPOWER Handheld Self Portrait Selfie Stick

If you are on the market for a selfie stick and want a light high-performance model that works well with both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, buying this handheld URPOWER model is a good investment. It is flexible, has a sturdy 41-inch expandable arm, and an adjustable phone holder that rotates over an 180-degree angle. It durable, uses wireless Bluetooth technology, and has responsive auto-focus and zoom push buttons that ease its usage significantly. Once you have identified a suitable location to take a selfie, connect your phone to its holder, focus, and then capture your photo.

5. Getwow Extendable Self-portrait Wireless Selfie Stick

Getwow Extendable Self portrait Wireless Selfie Stick

This extendable selfie stick by Getwow is an advanced all in one model that works with devices up to 6 inches wide. Apart from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, you can also attach your tablet or secondary smartphone that uses Android or Windows operating system. This selfie stick connects to phones via a built-in Bluetooth adapter. The aluminum body is light and relatively easy to operate with one hand. Its twin clamp clip phones well without damaging or dropping them. It handle has slip-proof rubber and onboard controls that make customizing and shooting photos and videos a breeze. Finally, it adjusts to 39 inches, supports 180-degree angles, and is among the most Eco-friendly brands around.

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4. Wareway Professional Handheld Monopod

Wareway Professional Handheld Monopod

Are you a novice photographer? Do you want to shoot selfies or video catalogs like a professional? This Wareway professional handheld selfie stick might be the solution you have been looking for. It works well with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, and several other smartphones. Its camera holder is flexible (180-degree rotation), while its handle has a soft and non-slip foam material that stabilizes arm movements well when shooting photos. It also has a wrist wrap for further support, grooved mono-pod poles for structural stability, and a light aluminum body for mobility. Wareway has a maximum operating height of 34.7-inches, weighs 0.44 pounds, and supports a maximum operating load of about 5.51 pounds.

3. CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick

CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick

Fitted with a universal phone holder and a responsive inbuilt Bluetooth adapter, this CamKix extendable selfie stick is one of the most flexible models around. It’s fully adjustable handle (between 11 inches and 40 inches) is compact and light. Its phone holder has an 180-degree adjustable mount, while its remote controlled system eases usage significantly, whether you are shooting a selfie portrait or landscape photographs. CamKix selfie stick is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and android smartphones via the “Camera 360” app.

2. COCO-VISION Rechargeable Selfie Stick

A best seller in many online stores, this COCO-VISION rechargeable selfie stick is an advanced monopod that ranks high in many top 10 best selfie sticks for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus posted online. Its clamps and controls are functional. Its Bluetooth adapter works well, while its in-built remote camera function allows you shoot stunning photos with minimal effort. Its aluminum arm is light and travel worthy. It extends to 41.3 inches and supports 250 grams.

1. Dreamcatcher Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Dreamcatcher Bluetooth Selfie Stick

As per our review, Dreamcatcher Bluetooth monopod is the best selfie stick for use with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is ultra-light and compact. Its built-in remote shutter is best for taking selfies. Its extra-long 40-inch extendible arm (made of ABS thermoplastic and stainless steel) is durable. It also supports infinite shooting angles and has a non-slip handle (made of foam and silicon) for maximum stability.

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