Top 10 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars 2021 Reviews

Are you currently looking for a piece of new workout equipment? Are you looking for something multi-functional for your workout routine? If you are, this article is exactly the place you need to be. As you may have already noticed, more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in healthy living. Thanks to today’s technology, working out has never been easier for you. As long as you have the right equipment, you can enjoy a nice workout session anywhere you desire. Today, we focus on one of the most popular equipment: the free-standing pull-up bar, or solo strength alternative.

What is a Free Standing Pull-Up Bar?

A freestanding pull-up bar is such a great addition to your gym equipment collection. It works great for a bodyweight exercise or building your back, shoulders, arms, and core strength muscles. You will be able to enjoy a series of different exercises with just one piece of equipment. However, there is such a huge variety of brands, types, and options on the market for you to decide on one product. We have selected only the best of the best to be included in our list of the top 10 best free standing pull up bars to help you. But, what should we look for when buying a free standing pull up bar?

Weight Limit: The first thing you need to consider is your pull-up bars’ weight limit. All the products available in the market all come with a weight limit ranging from as low as 250lbs to as high as 1000lbs. The heavier the weight, the more secure and stable the pull-up bar will be as you’re exercising. Although it is true that the higher the weight limit, the stronger and more stable the bar is, we do not recommend you pick just the highest weight limit.

Design: The second factor to consider is the design of the pull-up bar. Among other things, a good freestanding pull-up bar should have high-quality construction, materials, and features such as height adjustability, portability, and such. First and foremost, it should come with a wide and stable base and heavy-duty materials. Another thing is the height. Consider how tall you are, your ceiling height, and your workout routines. Your pull-up bar should also be made from non-corrosive and weatherproof materials to withstand being used outdoor.

Convenience: This section refers to a lot of things that are associated with your ease of use. You need to think about the amount of space it takes up while using and storing. If it is foldable or can be compacted in a smaller size, that is a plus! Other factors, such as ergonomic handles, safety features, and such. These factors combined are what make a free-standing pull-up bar great!

10. Fitness equipment Pull-up Bars Free Standing Stand Dip Station Power Tower

Fitness equipment Pull-up Bars Free Standing Stand Dip Station Power Tower

We are starting with this Fitness Equipment free-standing pull-up bar. The brand is very well-known for its high-quality and durable construction. The steel frame is made to be super heavy-duty, sturdy, and reliable. It can bear a weight load of up to 990lbs and a usage count of 100 000! To add to its stability, this piece of working out equipment comes with a wide and stable base made from a non-slip rubber mat. You can work out as vigorously as you want without worrying about any accidents. The height can also be adjusted to accommodate your needs fully. Perfect for people of all ages to enjoy working out, especially at home.


  • Multi-purpose and super versatile
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable, sturdy, and reliable

9. Fitness equipment Pull-up Bars Free Standing Stand Dip Station Power Tower

Fitness equipment Pull-up Bars Free Standing Stand Dip Station Power Tower

Similar to the previous product, this free-standing pull-up bar is also by the brand Fitness Equipment. Just like its siblings, this pull-up bar comes super sturdy, durable, and reliable. With the same quality heavy-duty steel frame, it can endure heavy loads and years of dynamic usage. Guarantee zero wobble, slipping, or discomfort! This dip station power tower features a non-slip stable mat base, easy height adjustment, and comfortable handles. You will be able to enjoy working out more with this product at home. Any kind of exercise is possible with just this one piece of equipment. What else could you ask for?


  • A great weight load and life cycle
  • Durable, stable, and safe
  • Versatile and comfortable

8. Fitness Equipment Adjustable Multi-Function Power Tower Pull-up Bars

Fitness Equipment Adjustable Multi-Function Power Tower Pull-up Bars

This Fitness Equipment adjustable multi-function power tower pull-up bars are among the best options you can find in the market. Made from a super high-quality and heavy-duty steel frame, it can withstand up to years of usage. It can bear up to 100 000 counts of usage and a user weight of 260lbs. This pull-up bar also comes with an ergonomic non-slip rubber mat for an added sense of stability and safety. Worrying about fitting under your ceiling? You don’t have to! It has multi-level height adjustment with non-slip comfort handles, making it super easy for you to enjoy working out at home comfortably.


  • Easy to assemble, adjust, and transport
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Stable, safe, and versatile

7. Fitness Equipment Dip Station Power Tower Pull-up Bar

Fitness Equipment Dip Station Power Tower Pull-up Bar

This Dip Station power tower pull-up bar by Fitness Equipment is an upgrade from the previous one. Made from the same high-quality, heavy-duty construction and materials, this one can withstand up to 660lbs of user weight! On top of that, it features a large and stable base and non-slip comfort handles that are made from tough rubber mat to prevent any wobble or to slip when used. With 8 levels of height adjustment, you will be able to adjust this pull-up bar and transform it anywhere into a private gym. All kinds of exercises, from chin-ups to push-ups, are possible with just this product. Super multi-functional!


  • Multi-functional
  • Greater weight limit and durability
  • High-quality materials and construction

6. Fitness equipment Pull-up Bars Free Standing Stand Dip Station

Fitness equipment Pull-up Bars Free Standing Stand Dip Station

Yet again another product by Fitness Equipment. This free-standing dip station is a great choice for those looking to invest in building a home gym. It is compatible with any one of all ages and genders and all types of workout routines. This pull-up bar can endure up to around 990lbs of user weight! The brand designs this product super ergonomically with a wide and sturdy base and great handles for your comfort and safety. You can also adjust the height of the pull-up bar to your convenience! On top of that, this pull-up bar is super versatile and can fit with all types of workout routines you can think of. This is the ultimate solution for those who are enthusiastic about working out.


  • Anti-slip grip handles and mat
  • Perfect for all kinds of exercises
  • Safe, stable, and durable

5. Fitness Equipment Pull-up Bar Stand Strength Training

Fitness Equipment Pull-up Bar Stand Strength Training

The top 10 best free standing pull-up bars in the market are the pull-up bar stand strength training by Fitness Equipment. It is one of the most durable and sturdiest products available anywhere! This pull-up bar features a heavy-duty steel frame that can endure up to 100 000 counts of usage and 260lbs of user weight. You can rest assured with this product. It guarantees great stability and safety with its non-skid base bar and handles. With just this one product, you can enjoy various workout routines from push-up to knee-raises and more! Perfect for both adults and children to begin working out.


  • Perfect for all users and workout routines
  • Durable, sturdy, and comfortable
  • Heavy-duty quality construction

4. Fitness equipment Stand Dip Station Pull-up Bar Power Tower

Fitness equipment Stand Dip Station Pull-up Bar Power Tower

The last Fitness Equipment product on our list is this stand dip station pull-up bar power tower. This is a great bargain for those who are interested in something versatile yet super durable. Like any Fitness Equipment we mentioned, this one also features a high-quality steel frame that is super durable and sturdy. Weight limit of up to 770lbs and 100 000 counts of usage! The big and durable rubber mat is another plus as it improves the product’s stability and safety. You won’t have to worry about slipping or the bar wobbling while you are working out vigorously. With 6 levels of height adjustment and comfortable handles, this pull-up bar is a great option for anyone of all ages and genders to enjoy working out.


  • Multi-purposes
  • Adjustable, comfortable, and stable
  • Heavy-duty and durable

3. Khanh Trinh Workout Gymnastics Bar Equipment

Khanh Trinh Workout Gymnastics Bar Equipment

Here we have the Khanh Trinh workout gymnastics bar equipment as one of the 10 best free-standing pull-up bars. If you are looking for something super versatile and flexible, this is the one for you. This piece of equipment comes with two pull up stations at different heights to cater to your different needs. Perfect for both adults and kids. The brand ensures the safety and sturdiness of the product! These pull-up bar stands can ensure a max load of around 440lbs and 200lbs, respectively, while maintaining low vibration and zero slippings. It comes in a free-standing design that can be folded in less than a minute for easy storage. Super light and portable! Anywhere can be your gym with this high-quality pull-up bar.


  • Light, compact, and portable
  • Super durable and high-quality
  • High versatility and compatibility

2. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

This Gold’s Gym XR power tower by Icon Health & Fitness is one of the best free-standing pull-up bars in the market, and for good reasons! With this free standing pull up bar, you will be able to achieve the ultimate home-gym goal. It can function as a vertical knee raise station, a push-up station, a multi-grip pull-up station, or even a dip-station. Any workout routine is possible with this highly functional product. On top of that, the frame is super high-quality and durable alongside its padded hand grips. This ensures both your safety and comfort while working out. Building your muscles comfortably at home, starting from now with this amazing equipment!


  • Functional and practical
  • Versatile, durable, and sturdy
  • Safe and comfortable to use

1. Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar

Ranked number 1 best seller in Strength Training Dip Stands on Amazon is the Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull-Up Bar. This is one of the best pulls up bar freestanding on the market for excellent reasons. Firstly, it is made with super sturdy and durable construction. The 14-gauge heavy-duty steel frame has a scratch-resistant finish to ensure maximum quality and durability. It can withstand long term use and a heavy weight-load of up to 400lbs. You can also adjust the bar with the 8 support points to cater to your different needs. The handles come with soft PU padded elbow protection as well as armrests. Anti-slipping and super comfortable! The height can be adjusted easily to fit any workout routine you can imagine.


  • Ergonomic and flexible design
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Multi-functional

In summary, we hope that our list helps those looking to buy a free-standing pull-up bar to use at home or anywhere! We understand that it is not an easy task as there are so many things to consider. All the products we mentioned on our list are all the best in their own rights with unique advantages and features. We are confident that your needs will be met with any of the products.

But, what is the best free-standing pull up bar? The best free-standing or stand-alone pull-up bar should reflect all the features we mentioned in our buying guide. A high-quality pull-up bar should have a great weight limit, a high-quality and durable design, and super convenient for users. This is why we have selected the Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar as our favorite!

That being said, we would still recommend everyone to read everything thoroughly before deciding to buy something. Do not feel obligated to choose based on the rankings! Remember to be super critical and rational as you shop. Happy Shopping!