Top 10 Best Racing Seats For Sale 2020 Reviews

Best racing seats have generous padding, they are built to last long, they are adjustable, and they are designed to fit within your vehicle’s confines. Are you a car racing enthusiast looking for a good racing seat? Below, we have picked and scrutinized the top bestsellers racing seats that you may want to purchase.

10. Spec- D Tuning’ Black racing seats

Spec Tuning’s racing seats are constructed from Suede PVC Leather, durable material. They come in a pack of two seats, one for the driver’s seat and another for the passenger’s seat. The racing seats measure 20.75 inches wide, 21 inches deep, and 34 inches tall. Spec-D Tuning’s black racing seats are designed to fit on most vehicle models.


  • You can recline the racing seats to a comfortable recline.
  • They are constructed to last long.
  • You can return the seats within 30 days from purchase if they do not meet your expectations.

9. Cipher Auto Revo Racing Seats

Cipher Auto Revo Racing Seats

These best racing seats from Cipher Auto are constructed from a lightweight steel frame covered with suede fabric and carbon fiber. The padded-racing seats’ reclining nature gives you the comfort you need while racing on most off the road terrains. Cipher Auto racing seats come in a pair intended for the driver and the passenger’s seat.


  • A lifetime manufacturer warranty covers the racing seats.
  • They are TUV approved.
  • Cipher Auto Revo Racing Seats come with dual lock sliders.

8. IKON Motorsports Leather Racing Seats

IKON Motorsports Leather Racing Seats

Do you love brightly colored seats for your vehicle? If you do, IKON motorsports leather racing seats might be a good option for you. These racing seats are constructed from yellow-colored PVC leather and black colored suede material to enhance your car curb appeal.


  • They are designed to fit on most vehicle models.
  • Suede and Leather last long.
  • IKON’s racing seats are reclinable.
  • The seat’s standard kit contains a pair of seats and mounting sliders.

7. DNA Motoring PVC leather racing seat

DNA Monitoring’s racing seat features a sturdy steel frame and durable PVC leather padded for your comfort. Besides the comfortable padding, this racing seat has supports for your shoulder and lower back, and thigh bolsters that hold you firmly when negotiating turns. DNA Motoring racing seats are sold as a pair.


  • The seats are cushioned with molded foam to keep you comfortable.
  • They come with universal sliders.
  • The seats fit in most types of cars.

6. Living Depot faux leather sport racing seats

Living Depot faux leather sport racing seats

Living Depot’s sport racing seats are constructed from a blue and black faux leather fabric to enhance your car’s interior cosmetic value. These seats have supported your shoulders and your lower back. Besides the back supports, the racing seats have thigh bolsters that will hold you firmly while negotiating corners.


  • They are made of a steel frame to last long.
  • The seats can fit into most vehicle models.
  • Living Depot faux leather sports racing seat com with universal sliders
  • You can recline Living Depot’s racing seats for your comfort.

5. MOMO racing seat

MOMO racing seat

MOMO’s racing seat is manufactured from a lightweight frame and a soft but durable fabric to fit most vehicles. Unlike other racing seats that come as a pair, MOMO’s racing seat comes as a single seat. The seat is constructed following the highest safety standards.


  • They feature a bucket design that holds you firmly while racing on off the road terrains.
  • The racing seat’s universal design fits in most racing cars.
  • It’s ergonomically designed to support your back.

4. BRAUM Racing’s Leatherette Universal Racing Seat

BRAUM Racing’s leatherette universal racing seat is constructed from a lightweight steel frame and a comfy maroon-colored leatherette carbon fiber fabric. The maroon color improves your car’s aesthetic value, while the padded leather keeps you comfortable driving. The seats come in a pair, and they fit in most vehicle models.


  • The leatherette fabric used in the racing seats is scratch resistant.
  • BRAUM Racing’s leatherette racing seats have injection molded foam that keeps you comfortable when racing.
  • The racing seats feature a reclining mechanism for your comfort.
  • They are covered with a lifetime warranty.

3. PRP seat suspension seats

PRP seat suspension seats

PRP’s suspension seats are available in the high back suspension style and low back suspension style to let you choose a style that matches your racing needs. Moreover, PRP suspension seats come in plain black and Black/ silver colors to let you choose your racing car’s favorite color.


  • The seat’s universal design fits most vehicle models.
  • The seat is made of vinyl, a durable material.
  • They are cushioned for your comfort.

2. GTR Simulator Real Racing Seat

GTR Stimulator Real Racing Seat

This black colored real racing seat is constructed with a durable powder-coated frame. Unlike most race seats that we have reviewed above, this type features an adjustable seat position that lets you customize it into 14 positions. This adjustability enhances your control alongside increasing your comfort when driving for long hours.


  • It comes with its mounting screws and a bonus shifter holder.
  • The seat is constructed to last long.

1. Sparco R100 racing seat

Sparco R100 racing seat

Sparco racing seat is black in color with red, gray, and blue decorative strips. This color variation lets you find one that matches your car’s interior décor. The seat is constructed from a tubular steel frame and a padded fabric. Unlike other racing seats sold as a pair, this type is marketed as a single product.


  • It features a bolstered design that gives you the support you need when racing.
  • The seat has generous padding for comfort.
  • You can recline it to your most comfortable position.