Top 10 Metal Cutting Band Saws 2020 Reviews

Metal cutting band saws cleanly slice through sheets of metal and create complex designs. Several business fields use these saws, and they work perfectly for do it yourself home repair, hobby, and artistic projects. Whether you need a new saw for business or home use, our top metal cutting band saws reviews list has the tool you need.

10. Kaka Industrial BS 712-N

Kaka Industrial BS 712 N

The BS 712-N is a freestanding band saw capable of cutting 7 inches by 12 inches of material. This unit contains safety features for industrial and commercial use, including guards covering the machinery and built-in liquid cooling.


  • The cutting table can be positioned quickly. The blade and motor are powerful enough to handle most metal cutting tasks.

9. Wen 3970

Wen 3970

The 3970 model in Wen’s line of freestanding saws offers 4 inches by 6 inches of cutting space. Just over 100 pounds, this saw could fit in small businesses or home workshops.


  • The blade can adjust to cut vertically or horizontally. You can set the blade to stop moving once you finish a cut.

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8. Klutch Benchtop

Klutch Benchtop

Klutch’s Benchtop is a smaller, lighter saw for workbenches. It makes vertical or horizontal cuts, though, and can cut 3 inches by 4 inches of material. You can adjust the blade speed within the range of 130 feet per minute to 288 feet per minute, giving more control than saws that offer only preset speeds.


  • The control over blade speeds can help for precise cuts. The Klutch’s blade can easily penetrate both solid stock metals and bars without wearing down too quickly.

7. Grizzly G0622

Grizzly G0622

The standing G0622, by Grizzly, has smaller width and length dimensions than competing saws. Along with the wheels and light weight, 120 pounds, the G0622 has a user friendly design for industrial or home workshops where the band saw may need to be moved frequently. The blade can cut through 4 inches by 6 inches of stock, and three speed settings.


  • The setup, including the adjustable mitre, table, and guard, allow you to cut metal at very specific degrees, including small angles that many larger saws tend to have difficulty with.

6. Wen 3975

Wen 3975

The Wen 3975 is created for workbench use, but you can transport it easily, as it is light. It contains many adjustable features, including setting speeds to anywhere between 120 feet per minute and 260 feet per minute.


  • This unit cuts both stock and pipe easily, and performs reliably under home use conditions.

5. Shop Fox W1715

Shop Fox W1715

The W1715 outweighs many two-wheeled stand saws, but compensates with its array of features. You can repeat the same-sized cuts with adjustable stops, and change the automatic feeding speed.


  • Although the highest speed is 180 feet per minute, the motor packs more horsepower than competitors. The W1715 cuts effectively enough for minor industrial fabrication.

4. Jet HVBS-7MW


The HVBS-7MW is a larger, heavier floor saw that offers enough durability to be used in light industry. Unlike many saws, the blade speed can be adjusted at settings up to 285 feet per minute, and offers safety features like automatic cooling and a chip tray.


  • The HVBS-7MW has a generous cutting range of 7 inches by 12 inches for rectangular stock.

3. Powertec BS900

Powertec BS900

The Powertec saw is a workbench model that provides up to 45 degree cuts by tilting the table. The BS900 only has one speed setting, but the model supports multiple blade widths.


  • This band saw cuts accurately, although it may not cut large pieces of metal.

2. Wen 3962

Wen 3962

A standing Wen unit, the 3962 has a design suited for shop use. The features include two speed settings, a range of 6 inches by 9.75 inches, and an adjustable table for beveling.


  • The work light and dust port let you keep an eye on your work when making small cuts.

1. SKIL 3386-01

SKIL 3386 01

Made by SKIL, the 3386-01 model packs a 9 inch blade into a system that can fit into a crowded work space. The table can be shifted to various heights and angles, and has both a fence guard and movable light to assist with achieving even, precise cuts in dim areas.


  • The 3386-01 is easy to assemble, and can be bolted or clamped to work benches to ensure a steady cut.