Top 10 Macbook Pro Retina 13 Inch Cases 2019 Reviews

MacBook Pro Retinas are in many aspects the pinnacle of laptop performance. They are a significant investment, but the performance and capability make them worth every penny. To cap it off, they are a flagship of Apple’s impressive design and attention to detail. It’s perfectly reasonable that you love your MacBook as much as you do, and your fervent desire to protect it is warranted.

10. Colorful Protective Case Hard Plastic Snap On Skin

Colorful Protective Case Hard Plastic Snap On Skin

The Retina design is all about beautiful picture, so why not enhance the concept with an equally brilliant cover. The snap-on design is a perfect fit for the 13-inch Retina, and it is easy to attach. The shell comes in two pieces. The top is a protective shell, and the bottom utilizes non-slip rubber to ease use. It is also outfitted with a heat vent and four support feet. Every port, button, camera and external feature is properly handled, so the case never interferes with using the laptop.


  • Easy to use, convenient and vivid design, clean fit.

9. UESWILL Crystal See-Through Hard Shell Case

UESWILL Crystal See-Through Hard Shell Case

This hard-shell design is completely transparent. It add ample protection to your MacBook while letting you enjoy the original design. The Glossy crystal finish is completely resistant to scratches and scrapes. It gives full access to all of the ports, so you don’t have to worry about unsnapping the cover just to get to important features on the computer. It is compatible with 13-inch Retinas that do or do not have the Touch Bar.


  • Protects integrity of Apple design, competitive price, two-piece design reduces weight.

8. Galaxy Space Pattern Hard Shell Laptop Folio Case

Galaxy Space Pattern Hard Shell Laptop Folio Case

This eye-catching case utilizes the Apple logo to maximum effect, making it the center of the galaxy. The custom MacBook Pro case is covered with a rubber oil paint that creates and excellent, smooth grip that prevents slipping on most surfaces. For the durability rating, it is impressively light in weight, and it is acutely designed to never interfere with any operations of the MacBook. The whole design comes in two pieces that easily snap on.


  • Unique and eye-catching, smudge-proof design, felt feet promote stability during use.

7. Leather Coated Hard Case

Leather Coated Hard Case

This custom MacBook Pro Retina case takes a unique approach. Made from leather, it provides a soft touch to a hard case that provides ample protection without creating a harsh experience. While made from leather, the design provides a dark wood appearance, making it a perfect fit in many professional settings. Care was taken to ensure that the coveted Apple symbol is always visible. Like many others, this case is designed to be a glove fit, so you don’t have to remove it for any typical laptop work.


  • Eliminates smudges, feels professional, visible Apple logo is protected.

6. iDOO Matte Rubber Plastic Hard Case

iDOO Matte Rubber Plastic Hard Case

Designed for the 13-inch Retina without CD drive, this fascinating case perfectly replicates the aesthetic of white marble. While other designs are available, this is by far the most interesting. Whichever design is chosen, they all make use of a rubber coated plastic that is scratch and shock resistant. The rubber coating adds an absorbing layer, and it prevents sliding and adds grip. Like most competitive MacBook Pro cases, this comes in two snap-on pieces that are easy to fit and don’t block and access to laptop features.


  • Distinguished look, matte finish, good rubber grips.

5. Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case With Keyboard Skin

Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case With Keyboard Skin

This is a high-quality transparent shell. It is light in weight and fits like a skin. The rubberized coating provides the comfortable, slip-resistant grip you should expect, and the entire thing is completely see-through. If you love the sleek design of the MacBook series, this is the Retina case that gives you excellent protection while preserving the integrity of the look. Alternative options let you add a black, pink or sky blue hue to your laptop.


  • Most transparent snap-on, very easy to use, keyboard cover clings nicely.

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4. Unik Gradient Ombre Triangular Galore Case

Unik Gradient Ombre Triangular Galore Case

This is another fun hard MacBook Pro case. The triangle design integrates a gradient of colors, ranging from purple to light blue, to create a hue effect that is fun and creative. The snap-on design is easy to install or remove, but the excellent design makes removal unnecessary for any laptop use. A rubberized outer layer adds a soft touch to an otherwise tough, hard outer shell. You get the best of both worlds, protecting well against scrapes and dings while reducing the risk of drops.


  • Captivating design, trendy look, excellent grip.

3. Fintie Ultra Slim Lightweight PU Leather Coated Hard Cover

Fintie Ultra Slim Lightweight PU Leather Coated Hard Cover

Available in a range of designs that range from eye-popping to muted, this polycarbonate MacBook cover is all about quality protection. The outer layer is made from synthetic leather for a grip-supporting soft touch, while the interior of the shell is nigh indestructible. The case protects the computer from typical harm well, but it is also impervious to fingerprints and other common blemishes. This is the cover that keeps your MacBook healthy and beautiful with virtually no inconvenience.


  • Vivid colors, conversation piece, snug fit.

2. Mosiso Plastic Hard Case Cover

Mosiso Plastic Hard Case Cover

Mosiso follows the Apple motto of elegance in simplicity. The monochromatic colors of these custom cases are muted, but still beautiful. The case does accommodate the new touch bar, which is a final touch on a design that accentuates accessibility. The snap-on design is plenty easy, so you can change the color of your shell at will, and the range of colors is wide enough to appeal to any taste. Mosiso also makes an impact with their lifetime warranty.


  • Understated beauty, versatile color choices, surprisingly effective protection.

1. Top Case 2 in 1 Cover & Matching Keyboard Cover

Top Case 2 in 1 Cover &amp

Another Retina case that comes in a range of monochromatic colors, these cater to a glowing pastel. Top Case has combined the easy snap-on shell design with a matching keyboard cover that lets you take the theme of your MacBook to greater heights. The additional protection on the keyboard enhances longevity, but it really shines in the way it makes the aesthetic pop. As you should reasonably expect, the case is easy to use, has adequate heat management and provides no physical interference to any of the features of the computer.


  • Extra layer of protection with keyboard cover, best water and spill protection for this style of cover, very good price.

Five Best Leather MacBook Pro Cases

The snap-on lids you’ve seen so far are all great at what they do. The next five on the list elevate style and versatility. All of these cases are genuine leather, and each offers something unique to your Mac.

5. Lavievert Gray Felt Case Leather Bag Sleeve

Lavievert Gray Felt Case Leather Bag Sleeve

Moving away from the snap-on design, this leather sleeve for MacBook Pro Retinas converts your computer into a statement. The folio design is reminiscent of vintage bookkeeping, while the outer felt layer makes the computer feel good in your hands. A magnetic clasp adheres to Apple design philosophies and adds another layer of elegance and convenience to the cover. Ultimately, this is a case that will protect your laptop and become a conversation piece with its exquisite look.


  • Looks and feels great, environmentally friendly, very light.


  • Limited water protection, does not protect laptop while in use, too thin for really good drop protection.

4. Mosiso Premium Quality Leather Book Cover Case With Stand Function

Mosiso Premium Quality Leather Book Cover Case With Stand Function

This leather MacBook case is a thing of beauty. The folio design gives your laptop the comfortable and appealing look of a leather journal. The material itself is extremely tough, and the softness of the leather helps it absorb shock. It’s also treated to make it resistant to liquids and fingerprints. Most importantly, it has an accommodating design that enables you to use the computer fully with the case on, and once you use this case, you’ll want it to stay.


  • Permanent protection, better impact protection, perfect fit.

3. ProCase Sleeve Cover

ProCase Sleeve Cover

Next in the line of leather MacBook covers is the ProCase Sleeve. It is designed to fit a wider range of devices, which makes it a little less glove-like. This is a good thing, but it makes it easier to use the sleeve. The leather case comes in three distinct colors, and although there is sliding room, the sleeve is a tight enough fit to prevent shifting or sliding while in use. The magnet closure is sufficiently strong and effective, and the charging port enables you to juice the computer while it’s in the sleeve. Additionally, the back pocket is great for documents or other extras, making this a light, easy to use case that still expands convenience.


  • Fits multiple computers and tablets, built-in pen holder, easy to put in and take out.

2. Plemo Water-Resistant PU Leather Sleeve

Plemo Water-Resistant PU Leather Sleeve

Plemo takes a turn on traditional leather sleeves with this unique envelope design. The PU leather is water resistant, and an interior fluffy lining adds shock absorption and scratch protection. Rather than a magnet, this case uses a Velcro fastener that feels like a better fit for the aesthetic. Ultimately, the sleeve is compact and can easily protect your computer, even while in a larger bag.


  • Unique leather design, water resistant, easy zip closure.

1. Snugg Leather Sleeve


Snugg Leather Sleeve

This leather sleeve takes elegance in simplicity to a new level. The distressed brown leather is simultaneously unassuming and captivating. The folio design is easy to use, and the measurements are precise for a 13-inch Retina. The computer has a wallet fit that is secure without being tight. An additional pocket can easily hold extra papers, cables or other accessories, and the case is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


  • Convenient carrying storage without adding bulk.

The Five Best Hard Cases for MacBook Pro

After looking at snap-on lids and leather cases, it’s time to look at the style that offers the most protection. All of these cases are elite in durability, and they are the top picks for anyone who has fully fallen in love with their MacBook.

5. Lavievert Laptop and Tablet Briefcase Canvas Leather Sleeve

Lavievert Laptop and Tablet Briefcase Canvas Leather Sleeve

Lavievert hit a homerun with this sleeve. The double latch design and two-toned colors are beautiful and appealing. The dual-material canvas and PU leather are extremely durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Multiple pockets make organizing your accessories and essentials easy, and you get the multiple pockets in a remarkably light package. This is the only case you will ever need for your computer, but it’s still small enough to easily fit in larger luggage.


  • Carries more than any other sleeve, still conveniently compact, secures peripherals.

4. Zikee Sleeve Water Resistant Light Protective Case

Zikee Sleeve Water Resistant Light Protective Case

This pretty soft case makes the most of a thick, water-resistant canvas that completely protects the computer from spills and blunt trauma. The interior has a soft lining that improves shock absorption, and the differing designs are all delightful. The case also comes with a companion sleeve that is perfect for smaller devices or accessories.


  • Three-layer protection, extra case is very convenient, long-lasting durable materials.

3. Case Logic Laptop Sleeve

Case Logic Laptop Sleeve

This is pretty much the ultimate in protection. The hard shell is molded to perfectly fit your Retina, and the interior uses foam support to perfect the protective layer. The case renders your MacBook virtually impervious to any harm. Best of all, it’s designed to protect during laptop use. The fold-out design gives you complete access to computer functions while it is still covered with world-class defenses. It is vented for heat management, and there are organizational pockets that let you pack everything you need in one secure piece.


  • Highest degree of protection, can use computer in case, surprisingly slim.

2. Speck Products SeeThru Case

Speck Products SeeThru Case

This form-fitting shell comes in a half-dozen different glossy colors. It has rubberized feet and a convenient snap-on design. As easy as it is to switch covers, you never actually need to. It’s the perfect way to make a bold statement about your tastes while providing virtually permanent protection for your precious MacBook.


  • Smudge-resistant transparent shell, lives up to Speck brand quality, excellent texture quality

1. TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Bundle With Sleeve, Silicone Keyboard Cover, Clear Screen Protector and Mouse Pad

TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Bundle With Sleeve

If you want ultimate protection and style, you really need a few specialized devices. This bundle covers every angle. The vivid covers come in an array of colors, and they are easy to switch if you like variety. The hard cover is immune to scratches, nicks and fingerprints, with a rubberized coating that mitigates slipping. The sleeve makes for easy packing in a color-matched case, and the silicone keyboard cover adds a dimension of appeal and protection. The screen protector assures that every aspect of your MacBook is safe, and the mousepad rounds the design with a holistic display of style.


  • Comprehensive protection and convenience, swappable parts improve customization, unbeatable price.