Top 10 iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors 2018 Reviews

Anyone who has an iPhone understands how critical a screen protector is. We frequently use our iPhones and the screen protector is crucial to our daily lives. Here are the Top 10 iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector 2018 Reviews that everyone with iPhone 7 plus should read. The screen protectors are built of top quality, and most of the packages include some installation tools to ensure you install the screen protector easily into its appropriate place. These screen protectors have many exceptional features that protect your screen from fingerprints, scratches, bubbles, and much more. Read on to discover.

10. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, BONGEEK [Smooth as Silk] 0.26MM 9H

The screen protector features precise cutouts for iPhone 7 Plus. Its matte surface maintains fingerprints clear all the time and is as smooth as silk while being anti-glare too. No more worry about greasy residue and fingerprints and no more frequent cleaning for your smartphone screen.

It boasts industry-leading 9H hardness and multi-layered defense against damage by impact. This screen protector efficiently protects the screen from frequent scratches, scrapes, and dust. It’s Bubble-Free setup makes installation such a breeze.

9. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector with Rose Gold Alloy Metal Frame


iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

The screen protector has 3D rounded edge-to-edge design that fits your iPhone 7 Plus screen perfectly. It also covers the entire front while leaving a small gap, maximizing the protection against edge-cracking, dust, and scratches. This screen protector follows Apple’s original design language that perfectly matches your iPhone’s rose gold color.

It features HD ultra-clear glass with 99 percent transparency that preserves the high touch sensitivity and the original viewing quality supporting 3D touch features. The nano plating oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating of the iPhone 7 Plus tempered screen protector safeguards your screen against oil and sweat residue.

With 99 percent High-definition clear oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating. The iPhone 7 screen protectors are fingerprint proof. They feature precise cut-outs and unique design with smooth Surface that supports 3D touch features. It preserves the original viewing quality as well as high touch sensitivity.

It’s creative flip-over alignment, and a positioning sticker allows faster and more accurate positioning. The iPhone 7 Plus screen cover can self-exclude air bubbles by a gentle press on the center of the glass cover. The F-color brand offers Lifetime hassle-free warranty for your iPhone 7 Plus screen protector and the friendliest customer service to solve any problem timely.

8. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, JETech 2-Pack 0.2mm – 0991A

It is designed with top quality 0.2mm ultra-thick tempered glass with elegantly rounded edges exclusively for 5.5 inch Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The top-notch screen protector features high-transparency and high-response functions. It is bubble free, dust-free and fingerprint-free. With one-push super simple installation, installing it is just a snap. Because of the round edge of iPhone 7 Plus, this screen protector does not cover the whole screen, but only the flat area.

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7. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, JETech 2-Pack Premium – 0990A

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

The 99.99 percent transparency of the screen preserves the original screen brightness. You can enjoy an exceptional viewing experience with less glare and more brightness with this screen protector. The high-quality screen protector features incredibly high hardness that resists scratches as much as 9H (harder than a typical knife). With high response sensitivity, the protector can maintain the original response sensitivity that ensures smooth games, quick video playing, and quick app launch.

6. OMOTON iPhone 7 Plus Glass Protector – [9H Hardness] [3D Touch Compatible]

OMOTON iPhone 7 Plus Glass Protector

The screen protector’s laser-cut dimensions offer maximum protection to the display of your device. The Iphone’s curved edges cannot be covered. It is designed exclusively for Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch and does not fit any other smartphone.

The 9H Hardness Screen Protector will efficiently protect your iPhone 7 Plus smartphone from unwanted scratches and scuffs by keys, knife, and other extremely hard substances. Its bubble-free adhesive makes it a breeze to set up this iPhone 7 Plus screen protector. The 2.5D rounded edges give the protector an incredibly smooth feeling at all the edges.

It boasts HD retina clarity feature with high-transparency to deliver high-definition clear viewing. Oleophobic, hydrophobic screen coating protects the screen against oil and sweat residue from fingerprints and maintains the high-sensitivity touch response.

5. 1+1 Pack] [3D Curve Fit and Full Coverage] iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector Klearlook

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector Klearlook

The screen protector is specifically designed for iPhone 7 plus. The back Matt PET protector and the tempered front glass protector provide maximum protection for your phone. Have close to 100 percent transparency. The low reflection and the Optical grade transmittance highlights stereo feelings and ensures crystal clear image. Experience vivid color plus comfortable visual effect with retina display.

Have superb anti-scratch performance and special steel processing. This protector features exceptional hardness of as much as 9H that can adequately protect the screen from scratch of sharp objects, wear, and blast. With unique craft processing, the screen protector has suburb electrostatic adsorption. The installation process will be incredibly easy and bubble-free.

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4. iCarez [Tempered Glass] Protector for iPhone 7 Plus 5.5-inch

iCarez Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

Icarex screen protector is 3D touch compatible. The tempered glass anti-scratch protector for iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch features 9H hardness. It measures 0.33mm in thickness and has 2.5D rounded edges. It allows for dry application and is incredibly easy to set up and remove. It is also bubble-free and residue-free. It has high definition transparency film, which ensures maximum resolution for retina display.

Being antibacterial and featuring TrueTouch sensitivity function, it provides perfect and invisible protection on the touch screen. It features perfect cutouts on the front to prevent interference with responsiveness or sensors. It is specially designed to fit the curved edges of iPhone 7 Plus.

3. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, IQ Shield Anti-Bubble Film

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

The screen protector includes a proprietary screen protector, lint-free cloth, squeegee, installation tray or spray solution, and intuitive installation instructions.It features an Innovative LIQuidSkin adhesive combined with unique IQ Shield that ensures frustration free, easy, and bubble-free installation. This set up will leave the film correctly contoured to any device.

The IQ Shield LIQuidSkin screen protectors are designed using a cutting edge process that combines self-healing durability, non-yellowing optical transparency, and high response sensitivity with a single layer of flexible but sturdy film. Categorized as a “smart film” and optically transparent when applied, the LIQuidSkin line seamlessly merges user interactivity and mobile protection into a single enjoyable experience.

2. SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, [ 5.5 inch ] Lifetime Warrantywhy

SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

Sparin screen protector is specially designed for 5.5 Inch iPhone 7 Plus that covers the flat part of the screen. It leaves the curved edge open for compatibility of the case. The screen protector is super thin and 3D touch compatible. The screen protector is made of Anti-Scratch, 9H Strong Hardness tempered glass, which is three times stronger than a typical screen protector film. It can effectively protect your iPhone 7 Plus screen against accidental scratches by either keys or other hard objects.

The screen protector features 99 percent light transmittance, 99 percent high definition clarity, and maintains the vivid and bright image quality. It is specially crafted and precisely cut for iPhone 7 Plus. The perfect cutout can support the high resolution of the camera.

1. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, Maxboost Tempered Glass 7 Plus / iPhone 6/6s Plus-0.2mm Screen

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

This screen protector is one of the leading screen protectors in the entire world. Boasting an industry-leading thin design and cut at 0.2mm the protector, it offers exceptional protection without adding bulk. The high-definition clear tempered screen protector is specially crafted to work perfectly with the curved edges of the new iPhone 7 Plus and is laser-cut to adhere to the screen while leaving sufficient room to fit the protective casing case cover. The screen protector also boasts a 9H surface hardness that is three times stronger than the PET film and offers the original screen experience you require.

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