Top 8 Best Horse Riding Gloves 2021 Reviews

Horse riding is a very thrilling and enjoyable activity. No matter if you are a pro or starting horse riders, horse riding gloves are one of the must-have equipment for horse riding. Well, leather riding gloves would be your ultimate choice. The winter horseback riding gloves are a pair of good gloves that would serve well to protect your hands when you are riding horses. While there are many kinds of horse riding gloves in the market, finding ones that perfectly fit you and keep your hands safe can be difficult. Don’t you worry yet? This article will provide you with the main features to look for in horse riding gloves with reviews of the top 8 best. Now, let’s check out the TWO main things to consider when getting horse riding gloves.

Buying Guides of Horse Riding Gloves

Comfort and Fit: Your horse riding gloves have to be comfortable to wear. This means they should fit snugly, not too tight nor too loose with wrist closure, and made from comfortable, high-quality material.

Seasons: Think about the season you will be using the gloves. For summer, get a pair of gloves that are light and breathable for air ventilation. In winter, get a pair with added insulation or padding. Water-proof gloves are a plus.

Now that you know the main features to consider to get the right horse riding gloves for your horse riding, let us review the 8 best ones and all the necessary information you need to make the right decision.

8. SSG Digital Riding Glove

SSG Digital Riding Glove

These unlined gloves are perfect for riding horses in the summer, with a lining at the wrist, making them usable during winter. These gloves feature attractive digital patterns on the fingers and palm for increased grip and wear when you are on a horse. It is also comfortable to wear with great breathability. Available in Black or White, they fit well with your horse riding outfit. The gloves are unlined, long-wearing, and machine washable for your daily or weekly usage.


  • Attractive digital patterns
  • Increased grip and wear
  • Comfy and great breathability

7. Roeckl Roeck-Grip Unisex Gloves

Roeckl Roeck-Grip Unisex Gloves

This product is the unisex horse riding gloves from Roeckle Roeck-Grip. The gloves are made from an exclusive material that is extremely breathable, elastic, and supple. It fits like a second skin and ensures excellent grip and tactility for handling the reins. To guarantee the ideal fit, the gloves feature wrist fasteners with the stylized hand logo to secure the glove around your wrist. It is durable as the individual pieces are sewn together by hand. The women’s leather riding gloves are machine washable at 30C.


  • Breathable, elastic, and supple
  • Excellent grip and tactility
  • Machine washable at 30C
  • Stylized hand logo

6. TuffRider Stretch n’ Grip Riding Gloves

 TuffRider Stretch n' Grip Riding Gloves

For this beautiful product is TuffRider Stretch n’ Grip Horse Riding Gloves. Just like its name, these gloves are stretchable with superb grip. Featuring a full-grain leather palm, enjoy directing your horse with ease through its perfect grip with full stretch back for absolute fit on your hands. It also comes with hook and loop tape wrist closure for your tightness adjustment and prevents the gloves from accidentally coming off with an elastic waistband. While you can use this to ride horses, you can use it to control your smartphone with touchscreen material.


  • Full Grain Leather Palm and Full Stretch Back
  • Hook and Loop Tape Wrist Closures
  • Elastic Wrist Bands
  • Touch Screen Compatible

5. Plainsman Premium Cabretta Brown Leather Gloves

Plainsman Premium Cabretta Brown Leather Gloves

This is the premium fancy-looking Cabretta leather gloves. These classy brown gloves fit well with any horse riding outfit with beautiful and durable heavy-duty stitches to ensure they withstand impact from horse riding. The Plainsman gloves feature reinforced double-layer palms with 3-rows of double stitching for maximum protection and comfort for you. Available in large size, these would fit well with most hands with the elastic waist for a tailored fit to your preferences.


  • Reinforced double-layer palms with 3-rows of double stitching.
  • Durable, heavy-duty stitching.
  • Elastic waist for a tailored fit.
  • Designed for comfort and maximum dexterity.

4. Heritage Performance Gloves

 Heritage Performance Gloves

This item is horse riding performance gloves from Heritage. This pair of synthetic grain leather gloves seek to provide you with ultimate comfort when riding your favorite horse. With pandora material, it allows for greater stretch and a comfortable fit. The Super Grip leather enhanced your grip on your horse. It also has a patented rein cut design by Heritage. With double-stitched critical outward seams, it is very long-wearing. With an Elastic cuff with an adjustable strap and great breathability, these gloves provide you extra comfort.


  • Super Grip synthetic grain leather
  • Stretch pandura material provides a comfortable fit.
  • Double Stitched critical outward seams.
  • Elastic cuff with adjustable strap.

3. Yobenki Winter Gloves

 Yobenki Winter Gloves

Coming with this product is the winter gloves for horse riding from Yobenki. This pair of gloves feature high-quality premium Dacron and fluff material, with three insulation fabrics winter gloves to protect you against the subzero temperatures of cold winter days. To maintain heat, the elastic on the cuffs is just elastic enough for you to adjust the gloves and make them fit your hands perfectly, keep hands warm, and prevent cold air inside. The gloves are also equipped with anti-splashing water and windproof material. You can also use these gloves to swipe on your smartphone.


  • High-quality Dacron and fluff material
  • Elastic Wrist Cuff
  • Maintain heat with insulated padding
  • Touchscreen Material
  • Anti-splashing water and windproof

2. ALLNESS INC Synthetic Leather Equestrian

ALLNESS INC Synthetic Leather Equestrian

For this list is ALLNESS INC Synthetic Leather Equestrian. This glove is made with the best quality synthetic leather for high durability and comfort. The product is very light weighted, so it will be easy to handle and carry. This provides great smoothness and perfect fitness to your hands. These gloves provide the optimum feel, dexterity, and grip in all conditions. Critical seams are double-stitched, and friction points on the forefinger, thumb, and pinky are double-layer reinforced for rein friction. This pair also features incredible breathability to release heat. The Velcro strap of the glove will ensure the perfect fit.


  • Synthetic Leather, double-stitched
  • Perfect fit with great comfort
  • High durability, long-lasting
  • Breathability
  • Adjustable velcro strap

1. IMashfa Ladies’ Women Horse Riding Gloves

IMashfa Ladies’ Women Horse Riding Gloves

These women’s specialty horse riding gloves are super lightweight and extra comfortable. With double layered and reinforced stitching on the forefinger, thumb, and picker, these gloves are durable and ensure your tight hold to horses’ reins. These well-fitted Amara leather women’s horse riding gloves have a simple but elegant complete black design. This pair of Equestrian gloves for women is made with a 4-way stretchable, so it wraps and stretches to your hand’s size comfortably. It has breathable fabric material with sweat absorption. These special horse riding gloves also have a one-year replacement warranty.


  • Perforated Amara leather for breathability
  • Super lightweight for easily carry
  • Fancy looking simple black design
  • Double-layer padding and reinforced stitching
  • 4-way stretchable, sweat absorption
  • One-year replacement warranty


Now that you have gone through all the reviews of the 8 best horse riding gloves that are trendy among horse lovers, we hope you have at least one or two pairs of gloves that attracted your attention. Remember to consider the quality and fit of the material, with the gloves’ seasonal features to ensure you get the best glove for your horse riding activities. Have a wonderful horse riding time and happy shopping!