Top 10 Hidden Spy Cameras 2019 Reviews

Quite often, people mention having a hidden spy camera to check in on their children when they are with nannies. These fantastic tools are quite diverse, offering individuals a stealth view on what is going on in their homes, businesses, and even schools without physically being present. When searching for the best spy camera, it is important to find products that blend into the surroundings while offering offer crystal clear image and video quality.

10. Tonut Spy Camera


The super small camera by Tonut offers 720p home security comparable to expensive models. This lightweight camera is easy to carry and offers loop recording that ensures continual surveillance after the memory card is full. This camera can easily blend into the surroundings or attach to clothing, allowing you to monitor the live feed via an APP on your smartphone via wifi connection.


  • Compact size
  • Loop recording
  • Motion detection
  • Wifi connection

9. NexGadget Mini Pen Camera


This 1080P camera pen is the perfect tool for recording under any circumstance. This pen blends in perfectly in any space and can be clipped right onto your shirt pocket for close encounters. The recording mode changes quickly, so you can begin recording within 2 seconds of pressing the button. Additionally, this pen comes with a 32 GB SD card so you can record up to 90-minutes uninterrupted.


  • Appears like a regular pen
  • Captures up to 90-minutes of 1080p quality
  • Captures video and still images

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8. MEAUOTOU Alarm Clock

MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

This alarm clock doubles as a hidden camera, capturing full HD 1080P quality videos for up to 2-hours. The hidden camera records AVI videos that are viewable on Windows or Mac OS. The motion detection sensor allows the camera to begin recording as soon as motion is detected so your SD card does not constantly fill up.


  • Doubles as an alarm clock
  • Has motion detection
  • Great appearance

7. Mini Portable Hidden Camera by AOBO

Mini Portable Hidden Camera by AOBO

AOBO offers this miniature portable camera that records 640P video viewable live over the Wifi connection. This camera has a built-in rechargeable battery and loop recording so it continues to record video uninterrupted even when the SD card is full. This camera can record up to 80-minutes of video on a single charge and has a motion detector that sends an alarm to you when any movement is detected.


  • Excellent viewability
  • Wireless connection to view live
  • Loop recording ensures no interruption
  • Supports up to 68GB SD card

6. Hidden Camera Clock

Hidden Camera Clock

This hidden camera works exceptionally well as a nanny cam or for spying on home or office settings. This discrete item looks and functions like a typical alarm clock, while also recording HD 1080P quality video. The camera is ultra hidden under an 8-layer glass lens, providing up to 168-degrees of crystal clear images. This camera has night vision and a 12 piece invisible infrared light.


  • Night vision 1080P quality
  • Long record time
  • Crystal clear images
  • Motion sensor

5. Corprit Wireless Spy Camera

Corprit Wireless Spy Camera

This hidden camera comes disguised as a functioning 3500mAh power bank with WiFi mode and easy setup. You can use the camera’s free APP to monitor cameras remotely via smartphone connection. This camera has a local Micro SD card for recording while offering loop recording to ensure video recording automatically continues without any interruptions.


  • Motion detection catches movement and automatically take photos
  • The camera is easy to hook up to WiFi connection
  • HD 1080P quality images

4. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cam

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cam

This boxed HD camera by Corprit offers a discrete tool for secret recording. This hidden camera produces HD 1080P video that is viewable via WiFi connection. The local Micro SD allows you to record the video internally via loop recording that continues automatically once the SD card becomes full so you never miss a beat. This camera has a motion sensor that detects movement and takes a picture or begins recording automatically.


  • Compact size
  • Excellent video quality
  • Great for inside and outside use

3. Fuvision Electrical Outlet

Fuvision Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera

This hidden camera is the ultimate spy tool. It is designed as an electrical outlet, blending in perfectly to any room in your home. The ultra-sleek appearance provides up to 15 days of recording on a single battery when placed in PIR mode, producing 1080P image quality. This camera has loop recording and motion detection to capture and record continuously at any sign of movement.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Great appearance
  • Top quality images
  • Loop recording

2. Spy Camera 2K Star Light Night Vision Pen

Spy Camera 2K Star Light Night Vision Pen

This night vision pen by GSMade provides full HD 1296P video recording, some of the best and clearest video on the market today. This pen is ultra-discrete and can be clipped into your shirt pocket and worn anywhere, or placed on top of the desk, cabinet, or table to angle it as you need. This pen offers Starlight Night Vision, which produces 2K HD recordings or pictures, whichever you prefer. The creator of this pen is so confident in its performance that they offer a lifetime replacement plan for every single one purchased.


  • 2K images and recording
  • Excellent night vision quality
  • 1296P video quality in lit settings
  • Compact and discrete item
  • Blends in well with the environment

1. Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Spy Camera

Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame

This photo frame is gorgeous in itself, which is why no one will suspect that it is a secret camera recording movement around. The built-in 10000mAh battery ensures the camera continues to function properly for up to 30 hours. This camera includes advantaged night vision technology, with a black LED that is invisible and reliable up to 25-feet away in total darkness. This camera produces 720P HD video when motion is detected. Loop recording ensures the SD card continues to hold recorded video even after it is full.


  • Great video quality
  • Advanced night vision technology
  • Lasts up to 30 hours in PIR or 10 hours of continuous recording
  • Gorgeous photograph