Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs 2021 Reviews

Heavy-duty office chairs are designed for long seated working hours. Office chairs that are heavy-duty or called “executive” chairs can be adjusted for height, leg comfort, tilt lock, and padded armrests. They provide support to prevent muscle fatigue. Heavy-duty chairs are ergonomically designed with great technology features. The best feature is their body moldable technology. If you don’t have the right heavy-duty Office Chair, you are putting your body at risk for poor blood circulation that can lead to blood clots and a sort lumbar region.

A big healthy man who remains seated for a full day each week can have a 64% higher risk of getting a cardiovascular disease. For women who have cellulite problems are at risk for poor health.

10. Big and Tall Executive Office Chair by Best Massage


Big and Tall Executive Office Chair by Best Massage

Big and Tall Executive Office Chair by Best Massage supports everyone who sits in this ergonomically designed. This well-stitched and bonded leather Chair look very professional and sophisticated. Its faux leather upholstery is easy to maintain, including its high-quality commercial-grade parts that can support up to t500lbs. With a mesh-styled backrest, it lets your body breathe with sufficient airflow that keeps sweat away. No matter your height or weight, this office chair allows you to adjust it to fit your body type.


  • Supports weight up to t500 pounds
  • Soft and breathable PU leather upholstery keeps sweat at bay.
  • Adjustable control handle tilt back, sit forward, and prevent it from automatically tilting.
  • Ergonomically designed armrests with an added level of padding for resting your arms
  • Well-padded backrest and ergonomic seat cushioning relieve and improve the body’s posture.
  • Certified by BIFMA and SGS manufacturing standard, organizations guarantee safety, comfort, and convenience
  • 360° swivel capability for aggregate movements
  • 360° rolling nylon casters for surface smoothness, non-sliding movements, stability, and safe mobility

9. Big and Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair by Amazon Basics

Big and Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair by Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s private label brand since Amazon believes in getting everyday products in consumers’ hands with high-quality manufacturing and low retail prices. The Amazon Basics Big and Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair have all the features that a computer chair denotes. This means that sitting in it all day will leave your body feeling restful and pain-free.


  • Strong-stitched quality faux leather
  • High-back for ergonomically supporting your neck and lumbar area
  • Hooded 360° swivel caster wheels for smooth rolling on any surface
  • Quality parts support up to t350 pounds
  • Padded and curved armrests to keep your arm well positioned without becoming tired
  • Supple padded seat cushioning
  • Easily positioned control handle adjusting your seat.

8. High Back Office Chair Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair by Furmax

High Back Office Chair Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair by Furmax

Furmax Company is well-known for manufacturing comfortable gaming chairs. Their expertise in creating ergonomic chairs has spilled over in heavy-duty office chairs for the office, home, etc. Furmax High Back Office Desk Chairs are touted for their adjustable ergonomic desk chairs that are well-padded and a tranquil swivel base.


  • Padded with puffed upholstered bonded leather for total comfort
  • A high back chair for people of all heights can easily rest their head and neck.
  • Cushioned seat upholstered in bonded leather for all-day comfort.
  • Ergonomically designed for lumbar support with a curved armrest for arm support to prevent fatigue.
  • Noiseless caster roller wheels that move and rotate 360°smoothly over varied surfaces. Caster wheels did not leave scuff marks on the floor.
  • Adjustable height knob and a 20° tilt tension control for all body types
  • Approved BIFMA certification

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7. Big/Tall Wide Seat Office Chair For Heavy People by Best Massage

Big/Tall Wide Seat Office Chair For Heavy People by Best Massage

Best is an online healthcare product company that has been in existence for many years. The company offers a complete line of products and supplies like the Big and Tall Wide Seat Office Chair for Heavy People. Big people need wide seats fit comfortably for the derriere region and wide backs. Its elongated backrest comfortably supports a long upper body.


  • soft PU leather upholstery that is thickly cushioned to support the spine, back, and neck
  • Designed with easy airflow material to keep the Chair and the body dry.
  • High-quality parts that easily support up to t500lbs. and a 360° rotating swivel seat
  • Extra-wide seat for heavy people (24+ inches wide)
  • Nylon rolling casters for great stability and safe mobility
  • Customizable Chair knob to adjust your height matches your body type.
  • The ergonomic padded armrest is designed with extra thickness for less stress.
  • Certified by the BIFMA and SGS industry-standard organizations

6. High Back Big and Tall Executive Desk Computer Chair by REFICCER

High Back Big and Tall Executive Desk Computer Chair by REFICCER

The REFICCER Big and Tall Office Chair is a great option when looking for a comfortable and supportive office chair that allows you to sit for many hours. When you need to adjust the back rocking recliner and tilting system, reach down and use the new side cable extended knob. The REFICCER Computer Desk Chair is very durable and can last for many years. If you are experiencing back pain or leg pain, then The REFICCER Chair is exactly what you need.


  • Structured bonded leather for style and comfort
  • Ergonomically wide/large backrest can recline between 90° and 110°
  • Able to swivel a full 360° making it easy for you to remain seated, yet treach for an item without getting up.
  • Extra-soft high-density foam back and seat padding
  • A strong metal base easily upholds 400 pounds.
  • Nylon rolling wheel casters troll over various surfaces with great stability.

5. Heavy Duty Rocker Swivel Chair and Seat Cushion Ergonomic Design Executive Office Desk Chair by Merax

Heavy Duty Rocker Swivel Chair and Seat Cushion Ergonomic Design Executive Office Desk Chair by Merax

Merax brand products have been guaranteed quality furnishings for over 24 years. Their heavy-duty office chairs are the exception. It looks very sophisticated in any setting with its quality bonded and well-stitched seams on faux leather. This heavy-duty rocker swivel Chair will be a prized comfort seating furniture piece for big and tall people. The Executive Office Desk Chair by Merax easily conforms to your body with its ergonomically designed extra soft padded headrest, armrest, and seat to give you support and relief from sitting for long periods of time. A Merax office Chair is larger and taller than traditional office chairs, which stands for better comfort.


  • The design should up t400 lbs. which stands for secure stability and body support
  • Designed with an ultra-padded broad and curved high back cushion to prevent muscle fatigue in your back and neck
  • Structured with top quality PU leather that keeps body sweat at bay
  • Will recline and rock to-and-fro between 90° and 103° with stability and comfort
  • Features a wide cushioned seating surface that molds any body shape
  • 360° nylon casters give you smooth-rolling mobility and a smooth finish troll over floors without scratching them
  • A wide set deep foam cushion headrest allows you extended mobility and comfort
  • Ergonomically padded armrests that are thick enough rest your arms and shoulders

4. Heavy Duty Double Plush Chair by Boss Office Products

Heavy Duty Double Plush Chair by Boss Office Products

Boss Office products are known for their comfort and professional design. This Boss Heavy Duty Big/Tall Chair has a curve contour to support your upper and lower back, as well as your spine, all day. Its double plush or “Leather Plus” seating design is quality cushioning that supports the whole body. It has an outreach levered handle lock your desired fit in place.
The Boss Heavy Duty Office Plush Chair has a different sturdy base than other chair foundations and features a larger wheel that stands for better swivel turns and mobility.


  • Holds a weight capacity up t350 pounds
  • Has an innovative dual-layer seat cushioning and soft, durable padded armrests
  • Large (27”) nylon double-hooded wheel casters for long-lasting wear and keep floor surfaces unscratched.
  • Adjustable tension control

3. Swivel Executive Heavy Duty Office Chair by SMUGDESK

Swivel Executive Heavy Duty Office Chair by SMUGDESK

Smugdesk is a company that has tenaciously fought to keep a record of top quality furniture. Years later, it is still producing top-selling brand furnishings like its Swivel Executive Heavy Office Chairs. The technology used to design these chairs represent comfort, support, and safety. Sitting in this Smugdesk swivel Chair all day is an experience that your mind and body will enjoy.


  • Designed with a high back that supports the waist, neck, and head for increased relaxation and supports better body posture for long periods of time
  • New back and lumbar cushioning technology that helps to relax the waist and back. The faux bonded leather material gives you a non-slip experience.
  • Comfortable and breathable computer Chair that repels sweat or water, which makes it easy to maintain
  • 360° swivel polyurethane caster wheels which represent quiet rolling movements
  • The durable padded handle beneath the Chair gives you the height you need
  • Sturdy nylon base with a heavy-duty design to ensure long-term safety

2. Big/Tall Heavy Duty by Pay here

Big/Tall Heavy Duty by Payhere

A big individual will fall in love with the Pay here Big/Tall Heavy Duty Office Chair. It is customized for your body’s height, length, and width while conveying a lasting professional image. The Pay here Big/Tall office Chair is designed with soft material technology that removes pressure from the buttocks. Its advanced padded back and seat have an ultra-plush cushioning for all-day comfort and relief. With a heavy-duty metal Chair base and frame, the Pay here heavy duty office Chair will last for years and still give you daily body support.


  • Upholstered with advanced PU material and filled with dense spongy padding that you will sink into when you sit down
  • Strong nylon wheelbase that gives you stability, smooth rolling effect, and quiet mobility
  • Ergonomic adjustable height and softly padded backrest Chair with a quality tilt control system for all-day support. The curved back will recline from 90° up to t120° for optimal body type support.
  • Ergonomic padded arms support the upper body.
  • Unified headrest for additional support that contours to your body

1. Executive Office Ergonomic Heavy Duty Swivel Computer Desk Chair by SMUGDESK

Executive Office Ergonomic Heavy Duty Swivel Computer Desk Chair by SMUGDESK

What a unique looking heavy duty office Chair by Smugdesk. It features a natural bonded leather curve that supports the upper body that translates into body comfort down the spine and legs. It features high-density technology throughout the Chair. This technology relieves pressure from the back areas, hips, and legs. This Smugdesk Chair is designed with breathable quality technology that helps to distribute body heat for better comfort.


  • Bonded leather with all-day seating comfort
  • Ergonomic high back and large seat that helps treat your waist, back, legs, hips, and lumbar, especially when you are seated for a long time
  • An advanced adjustment system that gives you great back angles and tilt angles.
  • Advanced 3° curved seat with unique 5-claw safety Chair legs for long-term comfort
  • Durable nylon Chair wheels for safety, floor protection, and quiet mobility