Top 8 Girls Bike Basket 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a bike basket for your daughters, little sisters, or nieces? Little teenage girls like to carry with them many items such as toys, barbies, and other items so getting them a good and cute looking bike basket would be ideal for them to store those items in the bike without losing them and also preventing them for holding items in one hand and holding the bike with another which could be risky to their safety.

Girl bike baskets are usually made of hard plastics with durable quality and catchy designs. It is also easy to attach and remove so it’s convenient for you to install. It tends to come with extra bike accessories so it would be ideal as a birthday gift or as a present for your little ones. To save you from all the hassle of having to search for the right one among all the hundreds of girls bike baskets available right now, this article will bring you the reviews of the 8 best ones along with an easy buying guide.

Whether you are looking for a ladies mountain bike with a basket or bicycle baskets for beach cruisers, TWO main essentials of a good basket for the bike.

Buying Guides of Girls Bike Basket

Material: a good bike basket should be made of durable and high-quality material. It should be made of materials like high-quality hard plastic or wicker that needs to be weather-proof for long-lasting use and safety for your kids.

Designs: the design of the basket has to be convenient for you to store and use it. Check for compatibility with the bike you’re getting it for. It should be easy to install and detach either with screws or hooks. Extra convenient features would be foldability and a cover to protect your kid’s items from the rain or snow and extra accessories for your cute little kids.

Now that you know the TWO essentials of getting a good quality girls bike basket, let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best ones for your girls.

8. Suerico Girls Bike Basket

Suerico Girls Bike Basket

Starting our list at number 8 is Suerico Girls Bike Basket. This is a cute looking pink unicorn basket that comes with extra accessories kits such as wheel spoke, tassel ribbon, and horn bell. The basket is in the size of 7.5″ x 4.5″ x 5″ and suitable for all 22mm diameter children’s bike handlebars. The set also comes with star shape buttons which your kids can manually change color to their favorite.

You can easily attach the basket to your kid’s bike with quick and sturdy hooks. It is sturdy enough to hold toys, water bottles, and more. Enjoy gifting this complete set to your children to use for their bikes with the beautiful pink design baskets, bell, ribbon, and more.


  • Pink hard plastic unicorn basket
  • Easy to attach hooks
  • Set of the basket, bells, ribbon, and star shape buttons
  • 7.5″ x 4.5″ x 5″ and suitable for all 22mm diameter bike handlers

7. Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket

Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket

Ranking at 7th place is Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket. This basket is a special surprise for your kids as it comes with motion-activated lighted flowers. It gives your kids that special feeling but it also improves visibility in low-lit areas or in the dark. It fits most bicycle handlebars and it is very easy to install and take off with durable adjustable straps.

This is a colorful girly shade wicker basket white frame wraps around colorful wickers. The colorful flowers also fit well with the white background, and when they light up, it looks very beautiful. Your children would definitely love to put this on their bikes. Get this basket so you can store their small items and enjoy riding this light-up the basket.


  • Motion-activated lighted flowers
  • Fits most bicycle handlebars
  • Can fit various small personal items
  • Adjustable straps, easy installation and removal

6. KINGWILLOW Bike Basket


At number 6 is KINGWILLOW Bike Basket. It is a simple yet beautiful color basket. This special basket is made from wicker by professional craftsmen for durability and beautiful look. It comes with two PU handles for you to easily hook this up on your kid’s bike and take it away. It is in the size 8.66” X 7.08” and height: 7.08” so it would fit most kid’s bikes and handlebars.
This basket has a simple design with the bins simple yet exquisite as the entire basket is of a beautiful pink shade. It is very sturdy so it will not go out of shape even if your children accidentally topple down their bike. It would be a simple but nice attachment for your kid’s bike. This basket comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Made from wicker by professional craftsmen
  • Two PU handles, convenient for installation
  • Simple design with a simple white frame
  • TOP SIZE: 8.66” X 7.08”, Height: 7.08”.

5. MINI-FACTORY Kid’s Bike Basket

MINI-FACTORY Kid's Bike Basket

Moving on to number 5 is MINI-FACTORY Kid’s Bike Basket. This is a cute looking pink and white basket with a huge front ribbon. This basket provides extra storage within easy reach, allowing your kid to store their favorite personal items when they are biking. It comes with a bell with loud and clear Ringtones. This basket can easily fit most kid’s bicycles, so it would be a great gift for the little one.

Besides the basket and bell, it also comes with wheel spooks and tassel ribbons for the bike. The wheel spokes allow your kids to manually set up and stick their favorite colors and shapes. While the ribbons will make them even more exciting when they are riding the bike.


  • Extra storage basket within easy reach
  • Easy attachment to the bike
  • Loud and Clear bell
  • Wheel Spokes and Tassel Ribbon Streamers

4. Leonnnnn Kid’s Bike Scooter Basket

 Leonnnnn Kid's Bike Scooter Basket

At number 4, it is Leonnnnn Kid’s Bike Scooter Basket. This is a simple yet nice looking blue color basket for your kids if they are into blue color. The basket is made of high-quality plastic so it is strong and durable. It will not break even if your kids accidentally topple down their bikes. It also features a cute bowknot design at the front.

You can easily set this up and take it off with no tool required. It comes with durable adjustable straps that make the basket fit for most bike and scooter handlebars. You can choose this as a gift for your little ladies. The basket is bendable and spacious so it would be good for them to store many small things in it.


  • High-quality plastic, hard to break
  • Basket with a bowknot, blue color design
  • Easy to install and remove with adjustable straps
  • Spacious size, bendable

3. DRBIKE Kids Bike Basket

DRBIKE Kids Bike Basket

Ranking at our top 3 is DRBIKE Kids Bike Basket. This basket is a classy white looking spacious basket with a beautiful lotus flower at the front. It is made of hard plastic in the size Size 9.06*6.70*5.90 inch and weighs only 50oz. You can get this basket for your kids in the color of Blue, Pink, Brown, White. It is a simple yet delicate basket as a gift for your children.

It comes with adjustable straps for easy assembly, takes off, and fits with most handlebars. You can easily take it off and your kids can simply use it as a stand-alone basket. You can add more colorful flowers to the front according to your kid’s favorites and the basket bottom is very durable so they can use this basket for a very long time.


  • Classy white looking spacious basket, flower front
  • Adjustable straps For Easy Assembly and Removal
  • Very sturdy base and frame
  • Specifications: 9.06*6.70*5.90inch), weighs 5oz
  • Available Color: Blue, Pink, Brown, White

2. ANZOME Girl’s Bike Basket

ANZOME Girl's Bike Basket

Moving on to our top two is IANZOME Girl’s Bike Basket. This pink basket is made of high-quality woven PVC to make sure it is durable and waterproof. It is safe for your kids to use outdoors and under the rain. It fits with most kid’s children’s bikes or scooter with 12, 14, 16 inches wheels compatibility. This come with 2 adjustable straps that help you attach the basket onto your kids’ bicycle in a minute.

The basket has this beautiful knitted design and it is tall enough so the small items will not bounce out when your kids are biking. Even more, it comes with DIY accessories (3 Sheets Stickers and 36 star spokes) for your kids to express their creativity. The basket is waterproof and rust-proof so you can easily wash and clean this basket with water and let it dry.


  • High-quality woven PVC, hard to break
  • Waterproof, rustproof
  • Fits with most kid bikes: 12, 14, 16 inches wheels compatibility
  • Easy to install and remove, 2 adjustable straps
  • Comes with DIY accessories

1. GLE2016 Bike Basket

GLE2016 Bike Basket

At the top of our list is the GLE2016 Bike Basket. This basket is a multifunctional bicycle basket with a quick-release handlebar mounting system, and very easy installation onto most bikes’ handlebars (22.7mm-32mm). The basket features hard-wearing oxford cloth for durability with an aluminum alloy frame. It is sturdy and unbreakable with moderate impact and it is anti-wear.

The basket can be used for both your kids and adults. The storage part is a water-resistant bag for you and your kids to easily store valuable or small items. The basket bag is also removable from the metal frame, so you can take it off and use it as a separate basket or bag. It also has a drawstring top closure and sturdy nylon double handles for easy carrying. This basket can be easily folded for storage.


  • Hard-wearing oxford cloth with an aluminum alloy frame
  • Quick-release handlebar, very easy installation
  • Anti-wear, water-resistant bag
  • Can be detached and used as a separate basket or carry bag
  • drawstring top closure and sturdy nylon double handles
  • Foldable, for easy storage


So that was the reviews of the 8 girls bike basket and their features to enhance your children’s biking experience and give them a nice gift or surprise. Either way, now that you know the qualities of a good bike basket, we believe you are ready to go and browse for the right one for them. Remember to consider the quality of the basket and the convenient features of it. Happy shopping!