Top 8 Best Full Suspension Bike Frames 2021 Reviews

Are you looking for a bike frame to support your bike for that smooth off-road? The suspension bike frame would be an ideal choice for you! Full suspension bike frames are becoming more popular among professional and mountain bikers due to its high benefits. The frame makes your bike or mountain bike easier to ride, more comfortable, have better traction, and more control.

Full suspension bike frames feature a design that incorporates a shock absorber so the rear end can independently move and soak up trail bumps. Advanced technology, suspension designs, and rear shock function have made full suspension bike frames become a popular bike frame for bikers. Yet, picking the right one for your bike might not be an easy task.

To save you from all the hassle of searching for the right one among all the hundreds of suspension bike frames available right now, this article will bring you the reviews of the 8 best ones along with an easy buying guide. Whether you are looking for the best full suspension mountain bike frame when getting yourself a full suspension bike frame, you need to consider about TWO main things.

Buying Guides of Full Suspension Bike Frame

Quality Material: a good suspension frame should feature durable materials such as high-grade titanium alloy or carbon fiber to ensure it provides riders with the maximum performance in rough terrains and should withstand the harsh outdoor environments’ anti-rust, anti-corrosion features.

Suspension Level & Sizes: the frame should come with a high suspension level to absorb shock well. It should also be compatible with your current bike. So check for the right headset size and wheel size. It should also be easy to set up for quick assembly.

Now that you know the TWO essentials of getting a good quality full suspension bike frame let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best ones for your two-wheel journey now.

8. TICOOL Titanium Bike Frame

TICOOL Titanium Bike Frame

This suspension bike frame comprises high-quality grade 9 titanium alloy, ti-3al-2.5v, to ensure it will provide your bike with the perfect impact absorption even in rough conditions. This special frame is strong but lightweight, so it will help with your acceleration when biking or going down a mountain.

This is the perfect frame for outdoor use under the rain or rough weather. It is rust-free, and its fatigue life is five times longer than steel and aluminum, which means it will be usable for a long time. The frame’s design makes it easy to attach to your bike, and its unique charm of titanium alloy is perfect for your mountain or professional bike.


  • High-quality grade 9 titanium alloy, ti-3al-2.5v
  • Perfect impact absorption even in rough conditions
  • Nice design, strong but lightweight
  • Anti-rust, durable

7. flyxii 3K Carbon Fiber

flyxii 3K Carbon Fiber

This suspension bike frame model features a premium quality Full Carbon 29ER that works perfectly with Mountain Bike Frame 17.5″ & Axle 142mm. The frame’s toray carbon material makes it a great frame to support your bike and absorb impact when riding in the mountains or on rough roads.

While rust-free and weather-proof, this frame’s coating features 3k Carbon Matt, which separates it from another coating with that extra beautiful looking. Still, protective element ensures your bike frame lasts for a long time and will not corrode after daily usage or rough weather. This would be an ideal bike frame for your mountain bike.


  • Premium quality Full Carbon 29ER
  • Perfect fit with Mountain Bike Frame 17.5″ & Axle 142mm
  • Great support and absorb impact
  • Rust-free, weather-proof, 3K carbon matt coating

6. Carbonbicycle Toray Matt Cyclocross Bike Frame

Carbonbicycle Toray Matt Cyclocross Bike Frame

This is another premium model in the list with a special toray carbon quality to ensure it is durable and provides great support for your biking experience. It features full carbon cyclocross for both the bike frame and fork. It comes in a frame width: 12 * 142mm, and Fork Hub Spacing: 12 * 100mm.

This frame fits a 40mm tire, and it is effortless to attach to your new or old bike. It is equipped with anti-rust coating, and it is weather-proof and anti-wear. You can use this on rough roads, mountain areas, or in muddy paths. The suspension features ensure the ride will be less bumpy and will not slow you down to reach your destination.


  • Special toray carbon quality
  • Full carbon cyclocross for both the frame and fork
  • Fit a 40 mm tire, easy to attach
  • Anti-rust, anti-wear, weatherproof.

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5. apeagle Gravel Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

apeagle Gravel Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

This bike frame features gravel Full carbon for that high-quality suspension level and impact absorption. It fits 29er road tire type and MTB tire type 27.5er. It comes with a complete package of the frame, seat post, and front fork to save you time, so you don’t have to go and get extra parts for your bike.

It fits Thru-Axle Fork 12 x 100mm and rear 12*142mm. The seat post features a damping system with integral fiber to perfectly absorb impact and vibration. It is very lightweight at 1045g yet extra durable. It features UD MATT coating that passed the test standard of ISOThe design of the frame is of high modulus Toray T700 Carbon Fiber for that nice looking frame.


  • Gravel Full carbon, perfect support
  • Fits 29er road tire & 27.5er MTB tire
  • Complete package: frame, seat post, and front fork
  • Lightweight, UD Matt Protective Coating, ISO4210

4. x-goods Full Carbon 3K

 x-goods Full Carbon 3K

This MTB bike frame features a premium and heavy-duty 3K full carbon to ensure your bike has the strongest frame support. The quality material ensures that it is durable and long-lasting. It allows the bike to absorb impact well and lessen vibration to your back and rear. It fits MTB bike frame size 17.5”.

The frame has a high-quality protective coating and a nice design to go well with your bike. It is anti-rust, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion. You can easily install this on your bike, and it is easy to clean. The frame design also goes well with your bike without looking out of place.


  • Premium and heavy-duty 3K full carbon
  • Durable and long-lasting frame
  • Absorb impact and lessen vibration
  • High-quality protective frame, nice design

3. Cinelli Veltrix Disc Carbon Frameset

Cinelli Veltrix Disc Carbon Frameset

This beautiful looking blue burns orange bike frameset features heavy-duty disc carbon for that great support for your MTB. This is the frame that would go well with your MTB bikes, especially if they are in color blue or orange. It fits tires up to 700x28c. It is also easy to attach to your old or new bike.

The Columbus Carbon Monocoque material and coating of the bike frame ensure it is rust-free and will not corrode after daily use or use in the rough roads or bad weather. You can leave this bike frame outdoors without worrying it will tear down. It also works well to absorb impact and divert the vibration to your back and rear.


  • Heavy-duty disc carbon for that great support
  • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, stainless
  • Nice design, blue-orange color
  • Great and nice looking protective coating
  • Absorb impact and divert vibration

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2. ICAN Carbon Fiber Road Bike Disc Brake Frame

ICAN Carbon Fiber Road Bike Disc Brake Frame

This is the perfect bike frame for a road bike with high-quality full carbon fiber and premium protective shiny coating. This heavy-duty bike frame provides bikers with incredible support when riding on rough roads or accelerating up or down the bumpy mountain or hiking areas.

It is featured with a high suspension level to divert vibration and absorb impact to the rear. Its premium coating also protects the frame from rust, corrosion, and rough weather. This is also easy to clean and will not collect mud or dust. It comes with a flat-mount design, and you can easily attach it to your old and new bike. It fits with rear spacing 135×9/12x142mm and 12x100mm fork.


  • High-quality full carbon fiber
  • Incredible support for rough and off-roads
  • High suspension level to divert vibration and absorb impact
  • Premium and shiny coating
  • Anti-rust, anti-dust, rough weatherproof
  • Flat mount design, easy to install and clean

1. ICAN 650B Plus Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Frame

ICAN 650B Plus Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Frame

This is another bike frame from ICAN but with its 650B Plus Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Frame. This is the more intensive bike frame for mountain bikes with full carbon fiber and full suspension boost to support professional or mountain bikers. It can perfectly divert impact and shocks away from riders, and it reduces vibration so you can bike quickly and smoothly.

It is featured with anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and weatherproof coating. The design and shiny coating go well with your bike. It is extremely lightweight and fits 27.5er and 29” MTB tires, with 148x12mm thru-axle rear spacing. You can enjoy the durable and long-lasting support and full suspension of this bike frame with a 2-year manufacturer’s frame warranty.


  • An intensive bike frame support for MTB
  • Full carbon fiber, full suspension
  • Ideal for professional riders
  • Divert impact and shock effectively from bikers
  • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, weatherproof
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


So that was the reviews of the 8 full suspension bike frames and their features to enhance your off-road or mountain riding expedition. Now that you know the qualities of a good full suspension bike frame, we believe you are ready to go and browse for the right one for yourself. Remember to consider the frame’s quality, the suspension level, and their compatibility with your current bike. Enjoy biking and happy shopping!