Top 10 Dog Drinking Fountains 2019 Reviews

You may be considering pampering your pet with a unique watering dish, and if this is the case, it is a high time that you gave thought to Pet Drinking Fountains which have recently hit the market. Most of them are designed in a way that encourages your pet to drink more water through the hours for improved hydration. The fountains are not only attractive but also very affordable.

10. Choler Cat Dog Drinking Water Fountain Pet Electric Nightlights

The manner in which water flows through the Choler Pet Drinking Water Fountain is such that there is an increase in oxygen levels in the water. This goes a long way in making the water as sweet as mountain spring and reduces the chances of your pet contracting urinary system diseases as the water remains fresh and safe for use for as long as the fountain is connected to its power supply.

The fountain comes with a couple of advantages like the beautiful design which attracts the pet to drink from it. It contains a loop filter which prevents foreign particles from finding their way into the fountain bowl from which your pet drinks his water. It is also made in such a way that it does not consume much power and it is very safe for use. It also does not produce any distractive noise while it is in use.

9. Aipet Pet Self Waterers Fountain, Dog and cat Water System Station

Aipet Pet Self Waterers Fountain

The Aipet Pet Self Waterers Fountain does not allow water to stand stagnated in the fountain bowl. Instead, it keeps flowing in such a way that it creates beautiful bubbles which attract your pet to the water. At the first instance, your pet might be suspicious of the strange object and this, therefore, dictates that you must allow them time to adapt to the fountain at their own pace.

This type of fountain comes with a power cable which has to be plugged for the fountain to work. If your pet prefers that the fountain is far from his meal place, ensure that you plug it in a different room or corner. Unfortunately, the fountain may not be safe for use outdoors.

Ensure that you only use the Aipet Pet Self Waterers Fountain for pets only and do not run it if it does not have water or when the water levels are too low. In case the pump engine becomes defective, get a technician to repair it but do not try to repair it on your own. When not in use, ensure that the device is unplugged from the socket for safety purposes.

8. Homdox Automatic Pet Water Fountain Drinking Bowl with LED Light

Homdox Automatic Pet Water Fountain Drinking Bowl

One outstanding feature of the Homdox Automatic Pete Water Fountain is that it comes with fountain replacement filters, which is an advantage over most of the other pet water drinking fountains. The filters go a long way in protecting your pet from contracting water-related diseases.

To prevent accidents and unwanted harm to your pet, ensure that the water is always up to the minimum level and be sure to refill with fresh water once your pet is done drinking. The fountain has a multi-level design, which allows for more than one pet to use it at a time. This means that if you have the limitation of space in the room, your pets will still be able to enjoy the luxury of the Homdox Automatic Fountain.

The fountain is easy to set up and automatically switches off when the water levels are below the minimum level. This comes as an advantage because it does not call for round-the-clock supervision. The LED lights act as an attraction to your pet thus keeping them interested in drinking water throughout the day.

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7. Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Drinking Fountain 64fl. Oz.

Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Drinking Fountain 64fl

If you are looking for a drinking fountain that is not only big enough for your pet but also very easy to clean, look no further than the Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Top Drinking Fountain. It holds up to 64 fluid ounces and is made of stainless steel material and has thus been rated as the most hygienic water dish for pets by veterinarians.

It is designed to filter water, ensuring that your pet does not come into contact with impurities. The continuous supply of water that the fountain provides inhibits the growth of bacteria, preventing infections in your pet. Interestingly, the fountain also cools and aerates the water so that it remains fresh at all times.

Although replacement filters are sold separately for this particular model of pet water fountain, it comes with one carbon filter which is very durable and highly effective in keeping the water fresh and safe for your pet.

6. Pioneer Pet Plastic Drinking Fountain- Raindrop Design

Pioneer Pet Plastic Drinking Fountain

As the design name suggests, the Pioneer Pet Plastic Drinking Fountain comes in a very appealing shape and design which keeps water circulating in a way that keeps your pet interested in drinking the water. It may also serve as part of your home décor because at the first instance it is not easy to tell what it is and hence an eye catcher not only to the human eye but also to your pet.

In terms of size, the fountain holds up to 60 ounces of water and since the water does not remain stagnated, it is easy to catch the attention of your pet to the water. Keeping the Pioneer Fountain clean is easy as it can conveniently be washed in the dishwasher as other utensils. Unfortunately, it produces some slight noise once plugged and this might scare away your pet initially.

5. Drinkwell Indoor Outdoor Dog Fountain

Drinkwell Indoor Outdoor Dog Fountain

Being bigger than most of the other drinking water fountains that have been reviewed, the Drinkwell Indoor Outdoor Dog Fountain comes with a capacity of 3.5 gallons and hence is ideal for bigger or multiple pets. With its two large reservoirs, your pet will never be without water as they help keep the fountain filled for longer and refilling is also very easy.

It is designed in such a way that water freely falls from the fountain, a feature that entices your pet to keep drinking. The free replaceable carbon water filter ensures that the water remains free from odors and bad taste at all times while keeping debris and fur impurities at bay.

One good thing about this fountain is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is made from UV resistant plastic material which prevents fading while outdoors.

4. Petsafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Fountain

Petsafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Fountain

The Petsafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless steel Fountain is made of BPA Free plastic, a material that is quite durable and ideal for use indoors. With a capacity of 128 ounces, it is ideal for pets of all sizes and can also serve multiple pets at the same time.

To reduce sound intensity, the fountain comes with a receiving ramp which also serves to reduce the splash effect and keeps the sound of the falling water at a minimum. The drinking bowl is made of stainless steel which makes it very easy to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, there are no varieties of colors to choose from as this model mainly comes in a single color.

The fountain does not consume much power as its voltage stands at 12V. The inline plug is safe for operation and also comes with a pump that is easy to operate and remove.

3. Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Dog Drinking Fountain

Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Dog Drinking Fountain

The Dogit Dog Drinking Fountain is known for its large surface area which provides enough space for water aeration and purification. This ensures that your pet water remains clean and fresh throughout the day. It functions through multi-stage filtration, a process that thoroughly absorbs impurities from the water, leaving it safe for consumption for your pet.

The color of this fountain is carefully thought out because at the top is a cool light blue shade while the base is milky white. Its design is such that it has an elevation that allows for a better drinking position for your pet, and hence ideal for multiple pets. Take note that once it starts producing a gurgling sound while in operation, this simply means that you need to refill it.

2. Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Foundation 128 oz.

Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Foundation 128 oz

Petsafe DrinkWell 360 Pet Fountain has a capacity of 128 fluid ounces and this capacity allows it to serve multiple pets at a go and can also be ideal for bigger pets. The free-falling streams are changeable and the model comes with 1 to 5 of such streams, with an adjustable cap that controls the pressure and flows intensity. It also contains a replaceable carbon water filter, which ensures that the water remains clean and safe for drinking; hence your pet remains healthy and hardly contracts diseases.

The fountain is safe for use both indoors and outdoors because it is made of BPA-free plastic which protects it from UV rays while in use outdoors. It is also safe for use with the regular dishwasher. In addition, the design of this fountain makes it ideal for use as modern home décor.

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

It comes with a built-in reservoir that increases the fountain’s capacity and also reduces the need for regular refilling. The capacity is 168 ounces and hence is ideal for pets of all sizes. The free-falling water stream is an enticement in itself for your pet to drink more water.

To keep the water fresh and safe for drinking, the fountain contains a replaceable carbon water filter which fights bad taste and odors. If your pet uses this fountain, it is highly unlikely that they will contract urinary infections or kidney diseases. The constant circulation of the water plays a very important role in inhibiting bacteria growth in the water.

During operation, the fountain may produce some humming noise and this is an indication that it requires being refilled. Do not leave it unattended while it is running as this may cause damage. The pump is submersible hence it is unlikely that it can accidentally be removed by the pet while in use.

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