Top 10 Digital Bathroom Scales 2020 Reviews

It is imperative to check your weight regularly so that you can maintain your overall health. To do this, you need to have an ideal weight in your home to help you monitor your weight closely. Today there are very many different types of bathroom scales available on the market, but not all of them are fit for your daily needs. Different scales have their own accuracy levels and settings for supporting your needs.

10. Digital Glass Bathroom Scale Ultra Slim Tempered Glass

Digital Glass Bathroom Scale Ultra Slim Tempered Glass

By choosing this bathroom scale, you will get a well-designed tampered glass those records up to 330 pounds. The model is inexpensive and has a large LCD screen that displays your weight easily. The model comes in an impact, easy to clean and use a design that works well in small spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. This professional grade weight also comes with four load sensor and smart technologies that make it one of the best scales in the market. Additionally, the scale draws the display power from a long lasting battery and has a satisfaction guarantee.

9. iDOO Precision Bathroom Scale

iDOO Precision Bathroom Scale

Designed to support up to 200kgs(440lbs) this digital scale from iDOO is an ultra slim bathroom accessory that comes with a compact and preprogrammed design that does not take large space for storage. The model comes with high accuracy sensors that are super accurate and durable. The scale comes with a large backlight LED screen that is large and easy to review.

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8. GDEALER Digital Scale

GDEALER Digital Scale

The GDEALER Bathroom Scale features an easy to read backlit LCD that lets you monitor your weight effortlessly. It smooth looking design incorporates a high-quality tempered glass for style as well as durability. The displays super easy to read as it has a crystal clear and large LCD screen. Other excellent features that come with this model includes an auto switch off feature that will switch off the scale while not in use, step on technology, Auto zero feature and low battery and overload indication.

7. GDEALER Bathroom Scale

GDEALER Bathroom Scale

Perfect for individuals who are looking for a scale that is incredibly accurate and durable. The scale has four high accuracy sensors that provide accurate weight up to 400lbs. With this model, you can track your weight loss progress reliably, encouraging you to reach your goals effortlessly. The model also comes with a huge 4.5 inches display that has oversized letters making it easy to read. Additionally, the model comes with smooth, curved corners that will not only create a modern look but also shield your feet from potential bumps and bruises. The scale is also made with thick glass, making a large, sturdy platform.

6. Kinzi Precision Bathroom Scale

Kinzi Precision Bathroom Scale

If you have been relying on your gym scale, you can now take control of your weight with this precision digital scale that you can keep in tight spaces including in your bathroom or bedroom. This scale will make it easier to track the progress smoothly as it comes with an extra large LCD that makes it easy to read your weight. Additionally, the scale is built with German high accuracy sensors that are capable of weighing up to 180kgs.

5. Digital Scale by Vive Precision

Digital Scale by Vive Precision

As one of the most popular scales available on the market, the Vive precision bathroom scale is very accurate and allows you to measure up to 330 pounds. The scale features an ultra bright display that allows you to review your weight easily. The product is also constructed from tempered glass, making it very durable. It is also protected by a long-term warranty meaning that your investment is well insured in case of any malfunction.

4. EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

You can enjoy various benefits from this bathroom scale. First, the scale comes with a step on technology making sure that you will never have to tap it so that you can turn it on. You just need to step on the scale, and you will get accurate readings that are easy to read on the 3.5 inches screen. Additionally, the model comes with a slim, aluminum design that will fit perfectly in any room inside your house. The stepping platform is large and non-slip allowing to measure the weight of up to 400lbs.

3. BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale

BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale

BalanceFrom Digital Bathroom Scale has a sleek design and looks good in your bathroom, bedroom and any other area you may want to use it. This model features our sensor step on the design that gives you instant outcomes when in use. It is also durable and comes with a large 4.3-inch display as well as a water resistant clear glass design that performs well in home gyms, bathrooms as well as bedrooms.

2. Eatsmart Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

Eatsmart Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

The Eatsmart Digital Bathroom Scale is a great tool for tracking your weight loss progress easily. The scale features with a simple step on design and a large display that gives right reads outs immediately you step on the scale. The model will show clear reading as it comes with a bright blue backlight that lets you make accurate reading even when in the dark. Additionally, the four high-gauge sensors guarantee you to receive accurate measurements whenever you use it.

1. EatSmart Precision Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Bathroom Scale

This scale is durable, has an extra large platform and has a great step on technology that removes the need for manually adjusting the weight limit. This machine has a 400-pound capacity and top of line sensors that give accurate readings as well as a blue backlit screen that do not glare in all light conditions. Additionally, you will get a slip resistant tempered glass platform that is guaranteed to meet your standards. The model is perfect for someone who is looking for a scale that is simple to use and last for a long duration.