Top 10 Cat Food Bowls 2019 Reviews

Besides feeding your cat with healthy food, you also need to provide proper feeding equipment. Cat food bowls are essential in ensuring that your pet comfortably eats enough and uncontaminated food. However, not all of the food dishes will go well with your cat. You also don’t want to see food or water spilled on your beautiful floor while the cat has its meals. Do you? Additionally, some cats may dislike certain types of bowls while others may develop health issues as a result of feeding on particular dish brands.

10. Fresco Cat Dish Bowl

Fresco Cat Dish Bowl

The 5-inch diameter Fresco Cat Dish Bowl comes in a stylish flower pot design to match your interior décor of your house and other little cat’s bowls. The bowl is made from ceramic and so, unlike the plastic ones, this dish doesn’t cause chin acne to your cat.

The bowl helps your kitten stay hydrated since it is heavy and doesn’t slide, thus able to hold much water for them. You can also use it as a food bowl for your adult cat to feed it in individual portions. The ceramic design of the bowl is extremely easy to clean.

9. Bergan Easy Diner Pet Feeder

Bergan Easy Diner Pet Feeder

The pocket-friendly Bergan Easy Diner Pet Feeder allows your cats to eat and drink from the same unit. With a stylish design, the feeder comprises a durable base and two bowls that are very easy to remove. Your house looks elegant when you have your lovely cat eating from this classic feeder.

To refill the bowls with food or water, you just need to remove the cups and pour whatever you want to feed your cat. Once the dishes becomes dirty, you can clean them up hassle-free with a dishwasher. No more food spillage, no more water splash outs from cat bowls!

8. Signature Housewares Fish Cat Bowls

Signature Housewares Fish Cat Bowls

This awesomely designed set of two bowls comes with a metal stand for optimum stability. The stand also assists in effortless cleaning the feeding area and also elevates the bowls so that your cat is in a comfortable posture while feeding. The bowl’s capacity is enough to carry enough food to satisfy your cat since each bowl has eight-ounce volume.

The glazed stoneware bowls are durable and beautifully complement your house decorations. The bowls can withstand frequent use and cleaning. To clean the dishes, you can put them in a dishwasher, switch it on and then have them spotlessly clean.

7. The #1 Rated Raised Cat Food Bowl

The #1 Rated Raised Cat Food Bowl

Help your cat enjoy maximum comfort while eating and avoid having digestion problems. Your cat will no longer strain to eat food that is scattered towards the periphery of its bowl since this unique bowl has a curvature which is ideal in concentrating food towards its center.

The durable and non-absorbent porcelain material that is used to make the bowl doesn’t pose any harm to your cat’s health and it is safe for dishwasher and microwave. The bowl has an inner lip that prevents food spills.

6. Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder

Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder

Do you have one or more cats? With Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder, you can comfortably go on short visits as you leave behind your cat with enough food to last before you come back. The gravity feeder is also ideal for your pets if you want to keep them well-fed amidst your busy day at home, thanks to its few refill requirement.

To feed your cat, you only need to put some food in the upper part of the feeder and it will move down to the feeding dish by gravity. If it doesn’t dispense the properly, prop the back of the feeder up about 5cm and the food will automatically flow into the feeding bowl as the cat eats the food on the bowl. If you are in the house, you can kick the feeder slightly to trigger the downward movement of food to the feeding bowl.

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5. Neater Feeder Cat Bowl

Neater Feeder Cat Bowl

Having a cat doesn’t mean that you have to mess your floor with food spillage from your cat’s bowl. Neater Feeder Cat Bowl helps you have a well-fed cat while maintaining a clean house. Regardless of the size of your cat, it can comfortably feed on the bowl since the feeder has contoured design which accommodates all cat sizes.

The bowl is raised, a position that helps your cat eat and digest food properly. Therefore, your cat’s digestion issues will be minimal. The bowl is made from eco-friendly and recyclable polypropylene plastic, and you can easily clean its top rack using a dishwasher.

4. Comsun 3-pack Foldable Expandable Cup Dish for Pet Cat Food

Comsun 3-pack Foldable Expandable Cup Dish

Do you like traveling with your cat for adventures? Let the pet be comfortable while on the go just as it feels when it is indoors. With Comsun 3-pack Foldable Expandable Cup Dish, you can conveniently feed your cat from a bowl that is made from Food-Grade silicone material that doesn’t contain any lead, thus safe for your pet’s health.

The material also helps you clean the bowl easily using a dishwasher. The flexible silicone material also makes the bowl durable. You can easily collapse the dish and carry it in your backpack, purse, pocket, stroller or pet travel crate. You just need to pop-up it once you want to use it again.

3. ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cups

ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cups

Get a 8 oz, 26 oz, or 64 oz size ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cup for your caged cat. It is incredibly easy to attach the cup to your cat’s cage. There will be no food spillage as the cup holds firmly to the cage.

Even if your naughty cat decides to step on the bowl, it will remain securely intact. When you need to remove the cup, maybe for cleaning, you just have to twist the cup’s wingnut and you will have effortlessly detached the bowl. The stainless-steel material of the bowl is easy to clean and free from rust, making it long lasting.

2. Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats

Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats

Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats makes your cat lively while enjoying their meal. Your cat may be bored if they don’t experience things that excite their minds. You can make your cat as playful as possible; activate their natural instincts and prowess of using their paws to grab their food.

When feeding the cat, you need to scatter the cat’s food across the feeder, and the cat will be challenged in trying to get the food from the feeder since it has obstructing projections. This will make your cat take a long time to exhaust the food. Cleaning of the feeder is pretty easy since you can simply do so using a dishwasher.

1. MidWest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Water and Feed Bowl

Are you planning to crate your cat as you travel for some hours? Midwest Stainless Feed Bowl allows you to feed your caged cat without any food spillage, thanks to its strong locks. You can as well hook the bowl outside the crate. The dual pole design of the bowl provides a firm grip to the cage. Thus the bowl will not rotate.

The feeding bowl is made from brushed stainless steel. Thus your pet will be safe from consuming food that is contaminated with rust. Besides, the material makes the material durable. The patented snap-in brackets make the removal and attachment of the bowl to the cage piece of cake.