Top 10 Car Steering Wheel Locks 2019 Reviews

Car steering wheel locks are visible systems used to ensure the steering wheel becomes immobile and are mainly used as an anti-theft precaution. The locks come in different models and have different capabilities.

10. Naikeke



  • It’s a universal steering wheel lock
  • Ensures double lock
  • Easy to use
  • Uses a crescent key


  • It is durable, as it comprises of high quality stainless steel giving you value for your money.
  • The initial installation and use of the gadget is easy for customers using it for the first time and can take a few minutes to lock.
  • It is universal and you can use for all steering wheel, as it is easily adjustable.
  • The lock provides for double locking that ensure the locking of the steering wheel and the clutch.

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9. LC Prime

LC Prime


  • It is keyless
  • Features a hydraulic shear
  • Has a plastic coating


  • It uses a password hence you do not need to carry that extra key
  • The lock is keyless ensuring more security since thieves who have access to universal keys will find it difficult to unlock it.
  • Provides a five-digit password option with more than 13 million password combination
  • The lock has mold reinforcement making it difficult for potential thieves to cut it. The lock provides you with anti-drilling and anti-cutting.
  • The lock is adjustable to a desired size depending on what you consider convenient and appropriate.
  • You can use as a weapon for self-defense or break a window in case of any emergency.

8. Centstar



  • Has many uses
  • Adjustable lock fork
  • It is a hyperbolic lock cylinder
  • It is a strong and durable lock


  • The lock is made of a strong steel and an alloy of aluminum that ensures that thieves cannot saw it, hammer it, or drill it.
  • The lock is easy to install and use. You can lock your steering wheel or unlock it in a few minutes using its key.
  • Use it as an anti-theft lock as well as a safety hammer.
  • Features a solid bar with handles covered with foam to ensure it does not scratch your steering wheel when in use.
  • The lock has an adjustable fork making it suitable for many steering wheels.

7. Keeping


  • It can disable the steering wheel if installed
  • Made of heavy aluminum and steel alloys
  • Comes with two keys after a purchase
  • Compatible with most cars


  • The lock is easy to install and the keys are easy to use.
  • The lock comes with two keys
  • A flexible lock that is compatible with many cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • It has a vinyl coating that protects the inner steel from scratches.
  • It is easily visible thus able to deter thieves easily

6. The Club 900 Steering Wheel Lock, Yellow

The Club 900 Steering Wheel Lock


  • Has a high visual deterrent
  • Prevents unauthorized use
  • Comes with a highly visible color
  • Coated with a vinyl layer
  • A universal steering wheel lock


  • This lock comes in a bright yellow color that acts as an antitheft deterrent.
  • Club 900 Steering wheel lock is universal and can be used to lock trucks, vans, cars, and SUVs
  • The lock is easy to install and use and guarantees the securing of your vehicle
  • Locks the steering wheel completely making it impossible to turn in case a thieve tries to steal your car.
  • It comes with a spare key.

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5. The Club 1103 LX Series

The Club 1103 LX Series


  • Features three laser encrypted keys
  • It’s a universal steering wheel lock
  • Locks with just a one pull due to the Club’s patented self-locking characteristic
  • Comes in a deep silver metallic color


  • It is simple to install and use with the Club‘s self-locking feature.
  • Thieves cannot duplicate the key for the steering wheel lock, as it comprises a laser technology encrypted component.
  • The lock is universal hence can be used for anti-theft on many vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and vans
  • The lock is heavy and durable with properties such as anti-sawing, anti-hammering, and protected from prying
  • Its intense silver metallic appearance is a deterrent for thieves.

4. The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle


  • Links the steering wheel to the clutch pedal
  • Comes in a bright red color
  • Features the Club‘s patented self-locking technology
  • It is a universal steering wheel lock
  • Fit for brake pedals of 9/16 inches wide


  • The lock is made from durable heavy steel that makes it anti-sawing, anti-hammering, and prying.
  • This lock is universal and you can use it for a wide range of vehicles.
  • The lock comes is a bright red color that gives it a visual deterrence

3. The Club 1010T

The Club 1010T


  • Has strong steel hooks
  • A universal steering wheel lock
  • Comes in navy blue color
  • Features a Club‘s self-locking technology


  • The lock comes with solid and strong steel hooks that allow a firm grip on the steering wheel making it impossible to move it.
  • Made from an alloy of steel, cro-moly, which gives it anti-theft properties such as anti-hammering, anti-prying, and anti-sawing
  • The lock is universal and adjustable.
  • Customers who purchase the lock have access to twelve months warranty of up to 1800 dollars
  • The navy blue color is a visual deterrent to thieves

2. The Club CL 303

The Club CL 303


  • Attaches the clutch/break to the steering wheel
  • Comes in a bright red color
  • Features the Club‘s patented self-locking technology
  • A universal steering wheel lock


  • The lock comes in a bright red finish that creates a visual deterrent to thieves
  • You can use this lock on any type of vehicle through a simple adjustment.
  • The lock ensures that you lock the steering wheel together with the clutch or brake making movement of the vehicle impossible.

1. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks

The Club 3000 Twin Hooks


  • Features a twin hook design
  • A universal lock
  • Offers a new and advanced lock case
  • Features Club’s self-locking system
  • Made from Cro-moly steel


  • This lock is universal and you can use it for all your vehicle models.
  • Has improved the coating of its predecessor to make the lock stronger and durable
  • The lock is durable and made of cro-moly steel that ensures that it is difficult for thieves to saw, hammer, or pry it to get access to your vehicle
  • Keyless as it only requires a password

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