Top 10 Candelabra Centerpieces 2019 Reviews

Now you can celebrate your wedding night or have romantic dinners with your better half with the help of beautiful candelabras. Today there are very many candelabra available in the market to make you dream a reality. However, they come in a variety of models and styles, making it hard for you to select the best. If you find yourself having a hard time to choose the right candelabra, read on to find exactly what you need. Here is a list of the best candelabras on the market for you to choose the best that suits your needs perfectly.

10. Epicureanist Wine Bottle Candelabra

Epicureanist Wine Bottle Candelabra

Light up your wedding venue or romantic dinner date with this remarkable wine bottle candelabrum. This model comes with a set of five pieces, with each piece accommodating one candle. The model comes in a stylish design that will adorn the venue with the lights emitted from the candles creating a warm and wonderful feeling in both your heart and that of your beloved. The base will fit perfectly to the mouth of an empty wine bottle making it a perfect choice for dinner dates, romantic dates, and weddings. Since the candelabras can be fitted on the top of wine bottles, they do not take much space, making them perfect additions for small rooms.



This model is a perfect blend of elegance and durability. It is constructed using a sturdy metal that is finished in a shiny black color with candleholders that has a golden color. It has ten cup-shaped holders that provide a perfect fit for the candles. Another impressive thing about this model is that it comes with a wide base making it stable. Besides the impressive features the model come with slender curving support that holds the iridescent amber lily blossoms to create a perfect blend of color and style. This model is a perfect addition for wedding events.



These exceptional candelabra are well designed to come up with an incredible piece that illuminates a wedding venue, dinner date venue perfectly. By just looking at this model design, you will be amazed by the superior artisanship deployed. Each of the candelabras is decorated by one hundred percent crystals that capture and reflect light to bring a romantic illuminating effect. The model also comes with a glass arm making it have a timeless elegance that creates a special romantic atmosphere in any venue.

7. Accent Decor Candle Holder

Accent Decor Candle Holder

These classic candelabra will adorn your home party or wedding venue with beautiful illuminations that make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. This model is manufactured with strong metal that is coated with a shiny silver finish. It comes with five branches, each being fitted with a cup-shaped candleholder. To ensure maximum stability, this model comes with an extra wide base that makes it hard to knock down when passing the drinks to your visitors. Another impressive feature that we liked about this model is that it is compatible with most taper candles.

6. Madeleine Collection 3 by Platinum Home Designs

Madeleine Collection 3 by Platinum

Are you searching for a perfect gift to light up the face of your beloved? If this is the case, this candelabra will work perfectly. The model comes in an elegant look that has a uniquely designed shape that is impressive. The model comes with three individual removable glass votives that fit tea light candles perfectly. The model also comes with a sturdy base stand that is draped with glass crystal dangles. We also love the fact that you can switch between taper candle and tea light candles by just removing the glass votives.



GiftsForHimOrHer is one of the popular makers of candelabra and has lived to its legacy by producing classic candelabra that will illuminate your wedding venue perfectly. This model is made from iron and acrylic, making it one of the most elegant yet durable candelabra on the market. It is also stylish as it comes with a silver finish that reflects the candle light to fill the whole room with romantic feeling. It fits ten tea light candles perfectly.



This is a perfect choice for individuals who are looking for inexpensive yet elegant candelabra that have an impressive accent. This model can hold three candles, one at the center while the other two on either side. This model is constructed with a wide base for added stability and glass arms for elegance. The ends of the arms feature cup-shaped candleholders that keep the candle in place, Although the model is constructed with glass it is extremely durable and is a popular choice during weddings.

3. Minuteman International X304100

This is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for stable candelabra that can hold ten candles. This model comes in a unique design that can never go unnoticed. Its black matte gives it maximum protection against rust or scratch as well as adding to its elegant look. We also love the fact that it comes with an extra wide base that offers maximum stability.

2. Bejeweled Standing Candelabra by Gifts & Decor

Bejeweled Standing Candelabra by Gifts

Décor products from Gifts and Décor are popular all over the world. The manufacture has stood true to its name and has continued to produce excellent products that are not only beautiful but also durability. This model is an excellent centerpiece that will sparkle light from the candles to fill the entire venue. The model comes with the main support that is made of a sturdy metal that if fitted with an extra wide base. Other impressive features include an opulent design that has jeweled accents as well as an intricately designed from acrylic and iron.

1. Crystal Trimmed Candelabra Bead Candleholder

Crystal Trimmed Candelabra Bead Candleholder

This is another impressive candelabrum from the Gifts & Décor. This model comes with a metal candleholder that has acrylic crystal beads that make elegant and perfect for display on a mantle or table top. The model also comes with an elegant design that has five candle holders. Besides, the model offers adequate stability as it comes with a heavy base.

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