Top 15 Camping and Hiking Backpacks 2019 Reviews

When hiking or camping you need a reliable backpack that can fit all the essential tools needed to make the event fun and enjoyable. Camping and hiking backpacks are designed to carry as many items which ensures the camper is well equipped for the event. Backpack manufacturers pay a lot of attention when designing camping backpacks by creating different compartments for storing different survival tools. The backpack’s durability is one factor that campers pay close attention because a faulty backpack might ruin the entire outdoor function. Outdoor backpacks are designed to have enough room to carry all the gear the camper needs and still make them feel comfortable. A good backpack will make the entire outdoor experience more enjoyable and safe.

15. Hiking Backpack with Fun Accessories for 18″ Doll

Hiking Backpack with Fun Accessories

This trekking backpack is designed for little girls interested in outdoor activities. Packed with fun accessories that make the outdoor experience a once in a lifetime experience. It has a dimension of 12.7 X 9 X 2.2 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces. What a trek set comes packed with 2 plates, 2 cups, flashlight, spatula, camera, lotion, a frying pan, banana, an apple, band-aid and a bottle of bug spray. The bag is designed to help young girls enjoy going for hiking adventures with a well-equipped backpack. If you are looking for a backpack that will encourage your young girls to enjoy the outdoor experience then this is one great backpack. It is both colorful and packed with all the essentials gear required to introduce little girls to camping.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes loaded with accessories
  • Has essential gear that introduces young girls to camping
  • Trendy

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Made using a scratch proof polyester nylon, this bag is booth durable and waterproof. It is a high capacity bag offering 50L in storage space. The main compartment holds 45L while the two external compartments hold 5L in storage space. Campers looking for a bag that can fit all their gear should go for this bag. Extra padding was added to offer its carrier more comfort and allows air to flow easily. The bag is fitted with extra straps which make it easier to carry more stuff such as the tent, sleeping bag, and cooking gear. It weighs 2 pounds and has dimensions of 10.63 X 5.5 X 21 inches.


  • Waterproof
  • Great luggage room
  • Built using long lasting polyester material making the bag durable
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable bag straps
  • Favorable for all ages and gender.
  • Has a rain cover

13. Mountaintop 2017

Mountaintop 2017

Designed to offer 65L, mountaintop has simply outdone themselves with this bag. The bag can be shrunk into a more smaller backpack thanks to its 8 compression strap system. It has 6 compartments making it the perfect bag for travelers and campers. A hydration system is added to the bag ensuring its carrier can take water without putting the bag down. There is a lower compartment for storing boots and other muddy items thus keeping the other gear clean. The bag was designed to meet all the traveling needs a camper has.


  • Waterpark compartment
  • High number of compartments
  • Has a bag compression system
  • High luggage capacity



The wasing 55L is an outdoor recreational bag designed to accommodate all the hiking gear. Made from water resistant polyester which is waterproofs this bags is a hiker’s best choice. It is fitted with a molded back panel which ensures there is enough airflow on your back while carrying the backpack and maximum comfort. The bag’s compartments are fitted with zippered access which makes it easy to access and organize your stuff easily. The back is fitted with a water bladder and a secret key compartment. Its molded back panel ensures maximum comfort while carrying the bag. Trekking items such as ice picks can be safely stored in the bags bottom compartment without posing danger to its carrier. It has a dimension of 27 X 12.5 X 9.8 inches and weighs 2.95 pounds


  • Water resistant
  • Molded back panel allowing maximum air flow
  • It has secret compartments

11. ZOMAKE Waterproof

The Zomake waterproof is a multipurpose ultra light and ultra durable backpack. With 20L of storage space, the bag is great for day-to-day use and other school trips. It is made from high-quality tear resistant and waterproof material. This is perfect for simple outdoor activities that do not require one to pack a lot of items. The backpack is ultralight which eases the burden of carrying items. It’s sold together with an external pouch increasing its luggage space. Zomake is made using light and durable material making it the perfect day-to-day companion. It’s easy to fold and won’t develop nasty contours and can be fixed into small spaces. Has a dimension of 11.8 X 7 X 16.5 inches and weighs only 0.4 pounds.


  • Small enough for day-to-day activities
  • Ultralight
  • Inner lining protects electronics from water damage

10. Coreal Hiking Backpack

Coreal Hiking Backpack

With a capacity of 35L, the coreal is perfect for both men and women interested in hiking or camping. It is made from high quality, rip proof, water resistant material. The bag itself on weigh 0.77 pounds and has dimensions of 21″ X 11″ X 7.87″ when fully extended. If you are going to use for day to day activities the bag can be shrunk to a manageable size. It can easily be used as a substitute for a suitcase with its considerable luggage space. Designers fitted this backpack with enough compartments to easily subdivide your items while traveling.


  • Water resistant
  • Extendable and can be adapted for multiple outdoor activities
  • Ultralight

9. ORICSSON Outdoor Backpack

ORICSSON Outdoor Backpack

The oricsson is a unique lightweight backpack designed for camping beginners. It’s is both waterproof and tear resistant thus ensuring you the buyer of many years of service using the bag. The bag only weigh 0.7 pounds making it ideal for carrying small items and enjoying maximum comfort. It is designed to hold 35L which is just convenient room for an avid hiker. The lightweight and compact nature of the bag make it a great purchase and can be unfolded to accommodate extra items. It is designed for beginners looking to explore the great outdoor. This backpack can be easily used for day-to-day activities thanks to its compact nature. It has a dimension of 20 X 13 X 7.5 inches


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for day-to-day activities
  • Good for hiking beginners

8. OneTigris Dog Pack

OneTigris Dog Pack

OneTigris is a cotton canvas dog pack designed for animal lovers. When touring the outdoor with your beloved pet this bag can be used to carry extra items for the dog. The bag is designed to allow maximum dog mobility and comfort. Its canvas layering protects the contents from damage and makes the bag more durable. It is a multi-functional bag that can be used to also lift your animal. It is made to withstand wear and tear when the dog is playing and moving. The careful design lets the dog move easily without getting fatigued and can be used to carry extra items needed by the dog. It has a length 10 3/5′ width, 2 1/5′ and a height of 9 4/5′. Your beloved pet gets to enjoy hiking with you.


  • Multi-functional
  • Fashionable
  • Designed to give the dog maximum comfort
  • Canvas withstands animal bites

7. Mountaintop 40L

Laptop Outdoor Backpack

The mountaintop 40L is perfectly engineered to carry all your hiking luggage without any problem. Its 40L carrying capacity ensures that can accommodate all your personal effects in the bag. With 6 adjustable straps, one can easily carry sleeping bags and much-needed accessories. Dense padding is added to the shoulder and back to ensure that they are comfortable and it allows air circulation. The bag is fitted with multi-pockets giving it owner all the room needed to carry all their gear. It is also water resistant and has an adjustable sternum delivering maximum comfort. Has a dimension of 2.3 X 12.7 X 21.5 inches


  • Outstanding padding
  • Adjustable straps for extra comfort
  • Has multi-pockets and a hidden pouch
  • Large luggage capacity

6. Laptop Outdoor Backpack

Laptop Outdoor Backpack

The laptop outdoor backpack has a capacity of 22.4L leaving extra space after carrying your laptop. It is made from high-end polyester making the bag both durable and stylish. It water resistant meaning that your laptop will be fine if you are stuck in the rain. The laptop compartment can fit laptops measuring 15.6″ whereas the outer compartment can hold items with a maximum 18″ size. It only weighs 2 pounds and has dimensions of 18 X 6.3 X 11.8 inches. This bag is designed for nature lovers who love to take their gadgets along with them. Your laptop will be safe from rain and small falls. It is a multipurpose bag that can be used for various functions.


  • Made of high-quality durable material
  • Multipurpose bag
  • Great for tech lovers

5. Outdoor Master Hiking

Outdoor Master Hiking

This is a multipurpose high capacity backpack that is suitable for both men and women. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the backpack can be carried easily and can handle heavy material. It is fitted with both large and small compartments that ease the burden of packing travel essentials. This bag is designed for nature lovers who love to take their gadgets along with them. Your laptop will be safe from rain and small falls. It is a multipurpose bag that can be used for various functions. It is waterproof and has enough luggage room required by hikers and campers. The bag can be easily used for day-to-day activities thanks to its compact size. Padded shoulder straps allow for maximum airflow and comfort. Buyers are assured of the bags durability and heavy load capacity. Its dimensions are 2 X 14 X 23 inches


  • It is waterproof
  • High luggage capacity
  • Suitable for carrying heavy items

4. Gonex Ultralight

Gonex Ultralight

The Gonex ultralight is a compact backpack made with water and tear resistant material coated with abrasion resistant material giving the backpack a long-life. It has a capacity of 20L which enough room to carry your stuff. When unfolded its dimensions are 44 X 30 X 15 centimeters and can be folded to easily fit a traveling bag. The bag has three zippered compartments with the main pocket having enough room to store your items for travel. An inner zippered compartment is hidden in the main pocket and can be used to hide vital documents such as passport, credit cards, and cash. It weighs only 0.45 pounds making it ideal for day-to-day stuff.


  • Lightweight
  • Recommended for day-to-day activities
  • Water and tear resistant
  • Secret inner pocket

3. TETON Sports Explorer 4000

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

TETON sports is a well-built hiking backpack offering great luggage capacity. Its multi-position torso and open-cell padding deliver five-star comfort. A 1-inch lumbar pad was added to allow air to circulate which keeps the hiker feeling cool. When fully loaded the bag has a dimension of 34 X 18 X 12 inches. Fitted with a dual aluminum stays keeps the bag in shape even when it is heavily loaded. An optional padded water bladder pocket was added to ensure the hiker stays hydrated throughout the journey. The entire bag weighs 5pounds and is not ideal for beginners or those looking for a day-to-day bag.


  • High luggage capacity
  • Extra comfortable padding
  • Aluminum stays keep the bag in shape
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Sleeping compartment
  • Water bladder pocket

2. Venture Pal Lightweight

Venture Pal Lightweight

The venture pal backpack is made from water and tear resistant material that is both log lasting and provides extra strength. Breathable mesh with extra cushioning keeps its carrier feeling comfortable by reducing shoulder stress. The backpack’s main compartment provides 35L of luggage space. It’s two extra side pockets can be used to store quick reach items such as gloves, sunglasses, notebooks and more. It has a dimension of 8.5 X 2.2 X 9 inches and can be easily folded and kept in another bag to avoid overweight charges. The venture pal only weighs 0.7 pounds and can be used as a day-to-day bag.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Can be folded into a smaller carry-on size
  • Comfortable shoulder strap cushioning
  • Can be used as a normal backpack

1. TETON Sports Scout 3400

TETON Sports Scout 3400

The TETON sports scout is a perfect beginner short trip backpack. With 3400 cubic inches capable of accommodating 55L, this backpack is just right for young adults. Multi-position torso adjustment was added to give variable support for all body sizes. It’s padded using open-cell foam lumbar pad to allow maximum air flow with extra comfort. Water resistant material used in designing the bags provides protection to your luggage from water damage. The scout 3400 includes a sleeping compartment and is fitted with multi-directional straps which can be used in carrying external luggage. Its multiple compartments and pockets help in the strategic packing of our luggage. The bag only weighs 4.4 pounds and its dimensions are 3.94 X 16.93 X 29.92 inches. Sports scout is favorable for use with camping and hiking.


  • Huge luggage capacity
  • Comfortable padding allowing maximum ventilation
  • Rugged shell that can handle heavy load
  • Extra multi-directional straps
  • Torso adjustment and protection
  • Meets standard airport size