Top 15 Camera Lens Filter Sets 2020 Reviews

A camera lens filter is a piece of glass or resin, which is placed in front the lens. Filters are indispensable for capturing photos in extremely difficult lighting conditions. In digital photography, they are used for various different purposes. They are responsible for reducing reflections, protecting lenses, and enhancing colors. Camera lens filters are extremely beneficial in cinematography and photography. Some people use filters very rarely, but some others use it on everyday work. Landscape photographers heavily depend on various filters. But, portrait and street photographers use them rarely.

15. Vivitar FK252

Vivitar FK252

Vivitar FK252 is the excellent camera lens filter sets, which include lens cap, a cap keeper, 52 mm UV and CPL filters, and a filter case. High-quality, solid optical glass is used for making Vivitar filters. Vivitar FK252 is heat-treated for avoiding distortion or rare movement. It is highly helpful for protecting the front element of a lens from moisture, dirt, dust, and potential scratches. You can mount this filter on your camera lens permanently because it is a high-quality UV filter. The Vivitar FK252 creates minimum impact on the quality of the image.


  • UV cover protects lens perfectly
  • High-quality UV filter
  • Heat-treated
  • Does not create any distortion or rare movements
  • Ideal for preventing dust, dirt, and potential scratches
  • Makes very minimum impact

14. Hooshion RC Quadcopter

Hooshion RC Quadcopter

You can purchase Hooshion RC Quadcopter confidently if you want to purchase a perfect filter that fit for your DJI MAVIC PRO camera. These are high quality and brand new camera lens filter accessories. It is perfect for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water, and glare from sun. Hooshion RC Quadcopter is ideal for increasing color saturation and creating rich and deep scenic images. You can also reduce the amount of light entering your lens if you purchase Hooshion RC Quadcopter. This filter is more useful in a stray or reflective light. By minimizing the amount of UV light, the Hooshion RC Quadcopter improves the video and digital images. The filter is extremely useful in areas of beach, snow, or high altitude.


  • Portable and durable
  • Double grinding optical glass
  • Ultra-thin, no dark corners
  • CNC machined precision
  • Circular polarizer filters parts
  • High-quality

13. HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Filter


HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Filter is designed for DJI Mavic PRO. The kit contains CPL filter, which is helpful for reducing light reflections. Thus, you can increase the color contrast and saturation of images. The UV filter is highly effective for preventing UV light from entering your lens, which reduces blurring. HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Filter is super lightweight, thus you can install it very easily. ND filters are indispensable for capturing images under high light conditions because they can reduce the amount of light that enter into the sensor. This Circular Polarizing filter is highly useful for reducing light reflections.


  • Suitable for DJI Mavic Pro
  • Helps to reduce blurring and light reflections
  • Helps to avoid overexposed photos
  • Easy to install
  • Super lightweight

12. Professional 58MM Lens Bundle Kit

Professional 58MM Lens Bundle Kit

The 58MM Lens Bundle Kit is excellent for avid photographers. The bundle kit contains professional quality Telephoto lens, 58 mm macro close-up set, circular polarizer CPL, 58 mm UV filter kit, and high definition wide angle lens. When you purchase this bundle, you will get rubber lens hood, high-quality lens brush, mini flexible tripod, lens cleaning pen, air blower cleaner, snap on lens cap, lens hood, lens filter carry case and microfiber cleaning cloth. The set is perfect for Canon 58mm DSLR camera lenses. The 58MM Lens Bundle Kit is highly durable so, you can use it for many years. You will get 18 compact Canon accessories when you purchase 58MM Lens Bundle Kit.


  • Excellent lens bundle kit
  • Ideal for professional photographers
  • High-quality filter
  • Helps to take high-quality images
  • Perfect for Canon 58mm DSLR camera lenses
  • Long lasting

11. Neewer Filter & Accessory Kit

Neewer Filter & Accessory Kit

If you want to get an ideal filter set for your DJI Phantom 3 4K, standard, professional, and advanced, you can surely purchase Neewer Filter & Accessory Kit. The packet contains CPL filter, UV filter, Rose petal Lens hood, ND2-400 filter, lens cap protector, and a cleaning cloth. Multi-coated, ultra high-definition glass is used for making these filters, thus they provide razor sharp optics. The ultra light design is ideal for making smooth gimbal operation. The lens cap is helpful for locking camera to gimbal. Besides, it is also useful for preventing lens from scratches and dust when you transport and store your camera. The microfiber cleaning cloth protects your lens from scratches, marks or streaks.


  • The kit is compatible with DJI Phantom 3 4K
  • Provides added lens protection
  • Increases over-exposure in bright conditions
  • Blocks UV light
  • CPL filter enhances aerial videos
  • Helps to improve video quality

10. 58mm Neutral Density ND Filter Set

58mm Neutral Density ND Filter Set

You can confidently purchase 58mm Neutral Density ND Filter Set if you want to get greater flexibility to change exposure or aperture time. This standard photographic neutral density filters can provide you more control especially in extreme circumstances like extremely bright day. ND filters are highly helpful for reducing the intensity of light, using a larger aperture and slower shutter speed. The kit contains a lens cap, carry bag, ND2, ND4, and ND8. The filters are compatible with Canon Rebel.


  • Lens hood compatible with all 58mm lenses
  • Helps to reduce intensity of light
  • Helps to use larger aperture
  • Ideal for using slower shutter speed
  • Offers greater flexibility

7. 3 Piece Polarized Filter Kit

3 Piece Polarized Filter Kit

The 3 Piece Polarized Filter Kit is the other efficient device that helps to reduce the amount of light entering into the sensor. Designed for DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced, the 3 Piece Polarized Filter Kit is ideal for achieving otherwise impossible results. The filter is also effective for reducing the amount of light reaching the camera lens. You can eliminate washed out photos and videos if you use ND filters. This filter is multi-coated, which is helpful for minimizing reflection on the filter surface. In such a way, you can reduce flare and ghosting.


  • Helps to produce pleasant background
  • Reduce depth of field
  • Give life to photos
  • Offers rich color and better contrast
  • Eliminates washed out photos and videos
  • Works perfectly for portraits
  • Helps to avoid overexposed photos
  • Minimize reflection

6. 58MM Vivitar UV CPL FLD Filters

58MM Vivitar UV CPL FLD Filters

Compatible with all 58MM lenses, Vivitar UV CPL FLD Filter kit is ideal for reducing the amount of light entering the film. However, it will not affect the color of the images. These double threaded filters permit you to mount additional filters or accessories. The packet contains 58MM Vivitar Filter kit, carry pouch, 58MM ND Neutral Density set, Collapsible rubber lens hood, Tulip Flower lens hood, cap keeper leash, center pinch lens cap, and microfiber lens cleaning cloth. It can provide you natural light colors even under poor conditions. Professional tulip shape design provides you greater versatility.


  • ND filters helps to capture clear images
  • Great for outdoor scenes and portraiture
  • Can mount additional filters or accessories
  • High-quality
  • UV filters helps to protect lens from scratches
  • Easy to use
  • Offers greater versatility

5. 52mm Essential Accessory Kit

52mm Essential Accessory Kit

If you have 52mm lens Nikon DSLR, you can purchase 52mm Essential Accessory Kit. The kit contains wide angle filters that are helpful for meeting all your photography needs. The wide angle lenses are helpful for increasing the field that your camera can capture. You can also increase the zoom power of your camera with the telephoto lens. You will also get 3 Vivitar filters such as a polarizer, ultraviolet, and fluorescent. The carry pouch is helpful for protecting your gear.


  • Detachable macro lens
  • High detail photography
  • Helps to capture high-quality pictures
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to storage
  • Compact size

4. 62MM Altura Photo Photography Filter Kit

62MM Altura Photo Photography Filter Kit

62MM Altura Photo Photography Filter Kit contains high-quality optical filters, which are highly helpful for protecting your lens and enhancing an image. A padded protective pouch allows you to store your gear safely. You can protect the digital lens of your camera from moisture, fingerprints, dust, and accidental scratches and bumps if you purchase 62MM Altura Photo Photography Filter Kit. Circular polarizing filters are helpful for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces.


  • Cost-effective
  • Padded protective pouch
  • Easy storage and transport
  • High-quality optical filters
  • Ultra gentle
  • Safe for all lenses
  • Zero scratches, marks, and streaks

3. PLR Optic 4PC Lens Macro Filter Set

PLR Optic 4PC Lens Macro Filter Set

PLR Optic 4PC Lens Macro Filter Set offers you superior optical solutions that provide you consistent color and accuracy on the entire surface of the glass. Thus, you will get high-quality result if you use PLR Optic 4PC Lens Macro Filter Set. Your camera and lens will become worthless if you use poorly made filters. Special alloy is used for making the frame rings of this filter. Thus, it will not expand or contract even if you use it many years. These are designed for lasting long so it can withstand even extreme temperatures. You will also get a durable ballistic nylon filter wallet along with this kit.


  • High-quality filters
  • Reduces minimum focusing distance
  • Premium grade optical glass
  • Durable ballistic nylon filter wallet
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Provides high-quality results

2. PLR Optic 49MM Filter Set

PLR Optic 49MM Filter Set

PLR Optic 49MM Filter Set contains three high-resolution filters. This UV protective filter is helpful for preventing loss of contrast and sharpness by filtering out haze and UV rays. It is also helpful for protecting your lens from scuffs, smudges, and scratches. The filter uses polarizing technology. Thus, you will get a total on location control. FLD fluorescent filter eliminates annoying greenish tinge.


  • Contains 3 high-resolution filters
  • UV fluorescent polarizer
  • UV protective filter
  • Circular polarizer filter
  • Ideal for eliminating annoying greenish tinge

1. 58mm Lens Filter Accessory Kit

58mm Lens Filter Accessory Kit

The 58mm Lens Filter Accessory Kit is ideal for avid photographers. This complete set will help you to meet all your daily photography needs. You will get 3 sets of 58mm Vivitar filter if you purchase this kit. Ultraviolet UV, circular polarizer CPL, and fluorescent FLD are the other items included in this kit. The filter carry pouch that comes along with this kit helps to keep the items safely. However, these filters are compatible with 58mm lenses only. Thus, you should check the thread before purchasing 58mm Lens Filter Accessory Kit.


  • Compatible with Canon Rebel
  • Provides maximum satisfaction
  • High-quality filters
  • Ideal for capturing amazing photos
  • Affordable
  • Good value for money