Top 10 Bunnies By The Bay 2019 Reviews

Bunnies By The Bay is a popular retail company with charmingly sweet gifts and toys for babies. Created in 1986, a series of tragic events unexpectedly changed the lives of one family and as a result, they created Bunnies By The Bay to instill hope, love and warmth in broken hearts.

In turn, they grew by winning the hearts of parents and children alike, offering cute animal themes, soft plush and unique designs. They have a timeless, unique style that has a soul of its own. They have a unique style that is full of heart: sweet bunnies, darling foxes and silly elephants. While babies love their plushes, many of their products offer functional benefits such as pacifier holders and blankets, making life more convenient and simpler for parents.

10. Bunnies By The Bay Dot – Cherished Old Friends Bunny, Cream

Bunnies By The Bay Dot - Cherished Old Friends Bunny

Named “Dot”, this darling bunny is part of the “Cherished Old Friends” collection. This bunny is made from 100% polyester, excluding the trim. The fur is plush cream, with a baby pink and white polka-dot dress. All of her details are hand-embroidered. She is 12”, imported, and ultra-soft. She may be hand-washed gently.


  • Cute, cuddly bunny
  • Very soft (babies love it)!
  • Small and light-weight, easy to hold and transport

9. Bunnies By The Bay Best Friend Skipit Puppy Silly Buddy, Tan with Pacifier Holder

Bunnies By The Bay Best Friend Skipit Puppy Silly Buddy

Made from 100% polyester and imported, this puppy named “Silly Buddy” belongs to the “best friend” collection. The look is new and updated, with cream fur and light brown spots. This puppy functions as a pacifier holder and can easily attach to a stroller or a car seat. He can be machine washed, and dried with low heat. Measures 11”.


  • Pacifier holder
  • Makes finding pacifier a lot easier
  • Easy attachment to stroller and car seat so it is not lost
  • Cuddly and soft
  • Easy to hold

8. Bunnies By The Bay Best Friend Skipit Puppy Bye-Bye Buddy, Salty Blue

Bunnies By The Bay Best Friend Skipit Puppy Bye Bye Buddy

This puppy is made from 100% polyester and measures 11”. His fur is white with small brown spots. He is ultra-soft with cuddly velour and satin blanket in blue and white. Adorable and cuddly, this puppy will keep babies warm and happy. May be machine-washed and dried with low heat.


  • Soft blanket to hold warmth
  • Beautiful colors
  • High quality velour and satin

7. Bunnies By The Bay Peanut Silly Buddy Plush Toy, Blue Elephant with Pacifier Holder

Bunnies By The Bay Peanut Silly Buddy Plush Toy

A playful, cute elephant in baby blue named “Peanut”. This elephant can hold a pacifier and easily strap onto the baby’s car seat, crib or stroller. He may be machine washed cold and tumble dried at low heat. Measures 10”.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Holds pacifier
  • Portable

6. Bunnies By The Bay Elsie Plush Toy, Pink/Grey Stripe

Bunnies By The Bay Elsie Plush Toy

“Elsie” is a darling plush toy doll with rosie cheeks and a pink, lace dress with grey stripes. Her dress is made from cotton and tulle and she may be machine washed. Her dress has a sweet embroidery in pink written “pretty girl is pretty inside”. Measures 14”.


  • Very charming, cute and soft
  • Intricate details and embroidery
  • Easy to clean

5. Bunnies By The Bay Foxy Plush Toy, Orange/Brown

This fox plush toy has soft, red fur with a cream-colored chest and muzzle. His eyes are embroidered. He belongs to the “Red Thread” collection. Measures 12”.


  • Unique critter that babies will love
  • Soft and cuddly

4. Bunnies by the Bay Bud’s Buddy Blanket, Blue Bunny

Bunnies by the Bay Buds Buddy Blanket

Knitted in 100% polyester and lined with 100% woven polyester, this adorable bunny comes with a blue and white blanket. On his blanket reads a darling embroidery that says “Best Friends Indeed” with a tiny carrot. His fur is white and cuddly. His blanket is made of ultra-soft velour perfect for cuddling and soft to the touch. Machine wash cold. Measures 16”.


  • Very cute and cuddly
  • Warm, pastel colors
  • Lovable and durable
  • Easy to wash

3. Bunnies by the Bay Blossom’s Bye Bye Buddy, Bunny

Bunnies by the Bay Blossoms Bye Bye Buddy

This cute plush bunny girl has rosy cheeks, white cuddly fur and a pink blanket. She is made of 76% knitted polyester, 24% woven polyester and lined with 100% knitted polyester. She is completely lined and edged with a smooth, satin finish. Machine wash cold, tumble dry with no heat. Measures 11”.


  • Very soft and cuddly
  • Easy to hold

2. Bunnies by the Bay Silly Buddy Bunny, Pink with Pacifier Holder

Bunnies by the Bay Silly Buddy Bunny

An adorable pink bunny made of ultra-soft pink velour. She is made from 100% knitted polyester and extremely cuddly. She is portable and can be taken everywhere with the baby. Her left hand has a Velcro strap to hold the pacifier. Machine wash cold and tumble dry at no heat. Measures 10”.


  • Soft, cuddly pink velour
  • Portable and durable

1. Bunnies by the Bay Blossom’s Buddy Blanket, Bunny

Bunnies by the Bay Blossoms Buddy Blanket

A cute, floppy-eared bunny with a cuddly soft pink velour blanket with a silky satin lining. The embroidered message has a sweet embellishment that says, “Best Friends Indeed”. Extremely soft to the touch and comes with a blanket measuring 16”. Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle and be spot-cleaned.


  • Very cuddly, soft
  • Blanket to keep baby warm
  • Sweet, floppy ears and cute, sweet face
  • Durable fabric


  • The seam is fragile and can be torn

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