Best Women Beach Cruiser Bikes 2021 Reviews

Is there any other exciting feeling than riding around town with your cruiser bike? Cruiser bikes are designed to allow their riders to enjoy relaxed and casual cycling while also enjoying the beautiful surroundings. There are numerous cruiser bike models on the market, and not all are designed with female riders in mind. The best women beach cruiser bike has more lighter, feminine, and slender design features that usually sport softer and brighter colors, are easier to use and maintain, and usually, last longer than other bike types. It may become more difficult to select specific features that match your preference with all the unique features. Listed below is a properly searched guide to help you pick the perfect best women beach cruiser bike model to fit your needs, which features affordably stylish, sturdy, and lightweight cruiser bikes.

10. Murtisol 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike

Murtisol 26

Enjoy every minute of riding with this cruiser! This Cruiser is a Beach bike that features a padded cruiser saddle, which is adjustable and contains springs for a comfortable ride, pedal backward and single speed for simple and quick stopping, and a lightweight, durable steel frame. It provides a stable ride that is cushioned easy roll 26in wheels; coaster brakes backward pedal for fast, safe stops, easy 15-minute assembly, and adjustable sturdy frame that can support riders from 5 to 6 feet and 2″.


  • Durable steel frame with a classic design: a durable steel frame is combined with the curvy classic beach cruiser design. It offers casual and comfortable riding wherever you go.
  • An adjustable cruiser seat: handlebars can be adjusted to accommodate height, which also features an ergonomic design—choice cruiser for adults and teenagers alike.
  • Backward pedal stop and single speed: single speed, which is perfect for flat terrain riding. Quick and easy stopping wish backward pedal coaster brakes.

9. Kent 26″ La Jolla Women’s Cruiser Bike

This Kent Bike La Jolla Cruiser is a women’s classic made for beach rides and more. It features an aluminum frame that is lightweight, classy, and clean with a smooth white finish that contains attractive blue plaid and teal designs. This cruiser is made for all-day casual enjoyment with its padded comfortable saddle and upright position seating, built for comfort. Getting on and off of the cruiser is simple because of its low-step aluminum framing. It is barefoot friendly with its simple foot-operated pedals. This beautifully affordable cruiser also contains a basket for your belongings as well as fenders for a clean and dry riding experience.


  • Bike style: a riding cruiser bike.
  • Frame and gearing: contains an aluminum frame with a single-speed gearing.
  • Rims and brakes feature lightweight alloy rims as well as coaster brakes.
  • Crank: contains and I will wake rank, which requires assembly.
  • Cruiser dimensions in inches: length 67″ x width 24″ x height 45″

8. Enstver Urban Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

Enstver Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike

This Cruiser is single-speed, which makes it perfect for comfortable and casual cruising on flat terrain. It comes with large 26″, 2.125″ treaded waffle tires, which provide smooth cushioned rides. Its brakes provide easy stops with its easy backward pedal coaster brakes. The cruiser’s seat has added comfort with its oversized saddle with dual springs, handlebars, wide with foam grips, and adjustable height, which can accommodate riders from 5 to 6 feet 2″.


  • Single-speed: perfect beach cruiser for afternoon or evening rides.
  • Comfortable saddle and grips contain a wide cushioned saddle and comfortable phone grips.
  • Brakes: has backward pedal coaster brakes.
  • Adjustable height: can accommodate heights a 5ft to 6ft and 2″.
  • Perfect everyday commutes: requires little maintenance, has a single gear, pedal-operated brakes, and no wires.
  • Simple brake system: has a backward pedal brake system.

7. Huffy 26″ Marietta Women’s Bike Cruiser

Huffy 26

This cruiser has a perfect fit frame, which Huffy exclusively designed, making your ride on this cruiser the most comfortable. It is designed for ages 13 years and older. A saddle is padded and lowered to the center of gravity for a relaxing, perfect position. The cruiser has dual-density Krayton pedals, and its attractive design is a complement by its steel rims.


  • Adjustable height: can accommodate heights a 5ft to 6ft and 2″.
  • Comfortable saddle: contains the center of gravity lowered padded saddle.
  • Saddlebags and front basket: has front basket and saddlebags for carrying items.

6. Fito Marina Alloy Shimano 26″, 7 Speed 26″ Women’s Beach Cruiser

Fito Marina Alloy Shimano 26

This bike’s frame is made of stretched aluminum alloy and is anti-rust and lightweight. It has a fender set that is sold separately; the frame is 14.5″ and is built for women from heights of 4’10” to 5’It has a tire pressure of 40 PSI and can hold up to 200 lbs and requires additional assembly.


  • Frame: contains an extended aluminum alloy frame that is stretched, lightweight, and anti-rust.
  • Crank system: contains a forward crank system, which is designed for easy access.
  • Brakes: has front and rear Promax V brakes.
  • Saddle: contains a dual spring suspension vinyl leather saddle.
  • Handle Bar and wheels: has a wide handlebar and aluminum 26″ alloy rims.

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5. Huffy Women’s 26″ Cranbrook Cruiser

Huffy Women's 26

This Cruiser is an affordable, easy assembly and has an adjustable wide raised handlebar, which provides a comfortable upright right riding position. It also contains a sturdy steel frame. The cruiser also is a single speed.


  • Adjustable height: can accommodate heights a 5ft to 6ft and 2″.
  • Frame: contains a perfect fit frame.
  • Handlebars: has adjustable raised handlebars.

4. Kent 26″ Women’s Kiawah Cruiser

Kent 26

This bike contains back, front, and wheel reflectors. This is the perfect bike for daily rides and casual commutes. It also a slanted frame, which is perfect for women. Its wheels are 26″ in diameter with a chain wheel that is 1-speed.


  • Speed: contains a chain wheel of 1-speed.
  • Adjustable height: can accommodate heights a 5ft to 6ft and 2″.
  • Frame: perfect slanted-frame designed for women.
  • Wheel: 26″ sized diameter wheels

3. Coeweske Single Speed 26″ Beach Cruiser

Coeweske Single Speed 26

The cruiser is perfect for riding on any terrain, with simple backward pedal stopping. It has aluminum-alloy wheels with a curvy frame and a cushioned oversized adjustable saddle.


  • Adjustable height: can accommodate heights a 5ft to 6ft and 2″.
  • Speed: contains a single-speed iron frame.
  • Saddle: has a wide adjustable cushioned saddle.

2. Huffy 26″ Women’s Nel Lusso Cruiser

Huffy 26

Has raised handlebars allowing you to enjoy a comfortable ride in an upright position. It also has a center of gravity lowered padded saddle, basket, cup holder, and a rear rack.


  • Storage: contains a cup holder Palma front basket, and a rear storage rack.
  • Handlebars: has swept back twin-density handlebar grips.
  • Fenders: has fenders that protect you from water how much dirt and debris.

1. Margaritaville 26″ Women’s Cruiser

Margaritaville 26

This bike has an attractive 26″ custom alloy frame and a sturdy handlebar. It is built single speed for those who prefer a smooth ride and can be used for daily commutes. It also contains full graphic fenders, which provide a classic look, as well as alloy rims.


  • Frame: It has a heavy-duty 26″ alloy frame.
  • Gears: has Shimano 7 speed gears.
  • Cup Holder: contains a cup holder forum beverages.