Top 15 Best Wireless IP Cameras In 2021 Reviews

A wireless IP camera is an in-home camera designed to keep an eye on your home’s activities when you cannot be present.

Often used for security, IP cameras are often used to keep track of young children or simply maintain your home’s awareness when you are away.

For instance, if you are away on vacation and hire someone to watch your home while you are gone, IP cameras can provide peace of mind even if you do not suspect any cause for concern.

However, the market for IP cameras is booming, and the variety of options can leave you in a state of analysis paralysis.

Aside from the mountain of brands available, IP cameras come with a dizzying array of features that need to be assessed when determining which IP camera is right for you.

Best Wireless IP Cameras Review:

15. FDT FD8901

FDT FD8901

The first FDT on the list provides certain advantages over the other option on this list, specifically with a top-quality resolution.

However, its limited field of view and connectivity issues make this an iffy option for full-house coverage.

The lack of free cloud storage is also not ideal, though the multiple alerts and encryption do provide some sense of security.


  • 1080P 2.0 Megapixel Resolution @ 30fps.
  • Easy setup and encryption make it fairly secure.
  • Multiple forms of alerts when motion sensors tripped.

14. Toguard Wireless

Toguard Wireless

The Toguard is a great security IP camera but is fairly limited and may be best used as a cottage camera.

The setup is a bit difficult, and positioning the Toguard is somewhat limited.

Still, the solid base allows the widest field of view, so wherever you position it should provide more than adequate coverage.

One unique feature is the deafening audio alarm, which alerts you to intruders when home.


  • Horizontal angle 355 degrees and 120 vertical degrees is the broadest field of view on the list.
  • Comes with a deafeningly loud 105dB alarm.
  • Includes Door/Window Contactor, PIR Body sensor, Smoke Detector, and Gas Leak Sensors for full protection.

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13. Dcam Wireless

Dcam Wireless

The Dcam is a perfectly adequate IP camera and checks all the boxes. However, it does not do anything spectacularly well.

With average resolution and a moderately subpar night vision range, you may be left wanting in terms of functionality.

However, as one of the cheaper options with few flaws, this is an excellent value.


  • Easy wireless connection with the one-button connection.
  • Limited wifi channels may limit connectivity.
  • 110-degree field of view with 4x zoom is decent.

12. FDT Outdoor PTZ

FDT Outdoor PTZ

The first outdoor IP camera and the second FDT on the list offer some features not often seen in IP cameras.

Most cameras can stream, but few offer P2P features.

When you add a great field of view and exceptional night vision option, the FDT allows you to keep track of your home anywhere on the go.

However, one oddity is the 960p resolution, which is not standard on any screen–though it is often supported.


  • P2P option allows multiple users to stream simultaneously
  • One of the better night vision distances available
  • 90-degree tilt and a 355 pan provides one of the widest coverage areas available

11. Wansview Outdoor

Wansview Outdoor

The first Wansview on this list has a specific niche, but it is an amazing product within that niche. This Wansview is focused specifically on outdoor use.

While you could technically position it inside your home, you would be wasting its waterproof feature, which is a rarity among IP cameras.

It functions well but will require some time to set everything up and get all the functions working properly.


  • Waterproofing enables the camera to be used either indoors or outdoors
  • One of the best night vision distances available
  • A great lens allows obvious images

10. Funlux



The Funlux is best suited for security purposes. While the resolution is not the best, this product comes in packs of 3.

However, this only serves to compensate for the less than the ideal field of view, which tops out at 115 degrees.

Still, as a security-focused IP camera, the Funlux features one of the best alert systems out of any product on this list.

Unfortunately, you better make sure your wifi router can deliver a strong signal anywhere the cameras are positioned, or they may lose connectivity.


  • Motion and sound alerts provide stills
  • Connects on both 2.4 and 5.0Ghz
  • Connects via smartphone without a host computer necessary

9. Wansview NCM625GA

Wansview NCM625GA

The second Wansview on this list comes with an excellent repertoire of features.

The images of the Wansview are gorgeous with 1080p resolution and recording at 25fps.

This has a lot to do with the 4.2mm lens, which is anywhere from twenty percent to one-third larger.

This Wansview does come with more functionality, but its cost makes putting a full suite of these IP cameras around your house a bit pricey.


  • Great 1080p resolution the a less-than-ideal 25fps
  • One of the better lenses available of 4.2mm
  • Multiple wifi channels and antennae keep your IP camera connected no matter what



The first TENVIS is functionally better, but you will need to invest almost twice as much to achieve the same degree of coverage.

The TENVIS comes with an integrated app that allows you to control all of the TENVIS’ higher-level functions from the comfort of your smartphone.

Moreover, while you can connect with a PC, there is no need to use one as a host.


  • A one-button connection does not require a host computer
  • A great 340-degree pan with a 90-degree tilt offers full coverage
  • A great app allows complete control from your smartphone



The second TENVIS on the list does not sport more or better features than the previous one, but it does offer enough of them at a much lower cost making the value much higher.

This TENVIS features the same excellent connectivity and encryption security as the other.

The previous TENVIS is almost twice as expensive due to an app that makes it easier to use.


  • Excellent connectivity provides a worry-free connection
  • Numerous protocols ensure that your feed is secure and stable
  • 340-degree pan and 90-degree tilt provides nearly complete coverage

6. Ouvis veezon

Ouvis veezon

The Ouvis offers a spectacular field of vision so that one camera per area should be more than enough.

Unfortunately, your positioning options are limited at the power supply cable is not a generic standard and is somewhat short.

However, once you find the right position for setup, you will be rewarded with crystal clear images and streams that offer some of the toughest encryption in the market.


  • Some of the sharpest pictures available in an IP camera
  • Amazing 355-degree pan and 90-degree tilt field of vision
  • Amazing security to prevent hacking

5. YI Home

YI Home

The YI Home is the first YI product on the list, and while it does not offer the same full suite of features that the YI Dome does, it is an excellent option for anyone needing an IP camera.

One area where the YI Home shines is in terms of connectivity.

With a three-channel 2.4Ghz wifi connection and speeds of up to 150mbs, the YI Home can keep up with the best of them.

Unfortunately, those speeds cannot be put to use with cloud storage, which is not supported.


  • Multi-channel 2.4Ghz wifi connection
  • Great field of vision of 111 degrees
  • 4x zoom keeps track from a distance

4. D-Link DCS-932L

D-Link DCS-932L

The D-Link leaves a lot to be desired in terms of features with a shallow field of vision.

Moreover, while you can access the app with any device OS, you can only host it on a windows computer.

This leaves Apple users in a bit of a lurch.

However, the place where D-Link shines is in dependability. Whereas some IP cameras are noted for spotty connectivity, D-Link prides itself on staying connected 24/7.


  • Solid infrared distance
  • Motion and sound detection makes it great for security purposes
  • A 4x zoom function lets you keep a close watch

3. Amcrest IP2M-841

Amcrest IP2M-841

The Amcrest is potentially the best IP camera on the list when all things are considered omitting only one: the price.

With a great resolution and frame rate, you will not have to worry about missing any details.

The lengthy night vision distance ensures this occurs day or night.

Unfortunately, the Amcrest features a fairly small field of vision, and when coupled with the higher cost, it makes it suitable only for minimal coverage needs.


  • Stunning Full HD 1080P Video at 30fps
  • Solid app with fairly easy setup
  • Excellent night vision distance

2. Wansview K2 -B

Wansview K2 -B

The Wansview may be one of the easier IP cameras to set up and maintain.

While there are a handful of features that could be improved, at this price point, the ease of the app in assisting with the higher-end functions makes this a difficult to pass option.

Moreover, the Wansview is far more easily mounted at any location in your household. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase multiples for full coverage.


  • A small profile makes it a great candidate for security cameras
  • A solid app that makes the connection fairly easy
  • Easy mounting on the wall or ceiling

1. YI Dome

YI Dome

The YI Dome is an excellent value IP camera that provides some of the most important security features at a fraction of the cost.

With a spectacular field of view and built-in cloud storage, top-of-the-line features come standard.

The integrated app leaves all the advanced features easy to configure, and a tracking sensor means you will be alerted to motion and capture the action as well.


  • 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range
  • Glass Lens
  • Built-in cloud storage
  • Integrated app for maximum on-the-go control
  • Advanced Night vision