Top 15 Best Travel Umbrellas In 2021 Reviews

Many people shy away from carrying umbrellas around because of the inconvenience they cause.

Weather forecasts are not always 100% true, but still, people want to avoid getting soaked in the rain.

Travel umbrellas are small compact umbrellas that can withstand the fiercest of storms.

They easily fit into our backpacks and handbags, thus saving us from carrying an umbrella around.

Apart from protecting us from the rain, travel umbrellas can be used to shield us from the sun and snow.

Best Travel Umbrellas Reviews:

15. Newdora Windproof Umbrella

Newdora Windproof Umbrella

Newdora uses a windproof construction design, which ensures it will not break under stress.

The canopy is made is built using premium fiberglass and steel components, which automatically adjust when inverted.

To save on weight, it is fitted with an electroplated steel shaft and a rubberized ergonomic handle.

The canopy has a diameter of 41 inches, and the umbrella itself only weighs 14 ounces.

It has an automatic open/close mechanism, which makes it easy to operate.


  • Made from premium materials such as fiberglass
  • Windproof frame
  • Flips itself back

14. Cozyswan Travel Umbrella

Cozyswan Travel Umbrella

Made using a blend of polyamide and cotton, this umbrella will keep you from getting sunburned. Its canopy consists of 8-rib resin-reinforced fiberglass.

This prevents it from inverting against strong wind and still looks stylish.

The polyamide and cotton blend is waterproof, and you can easily shake off raindrops.

The canopy is 43 inches when open, and the handle is made with durable non-slip rubber.

Has an automatic open/close button weighing 1.1 pounds and is 12 inches long


  • UV protection against the sun
  • Wide canopy
  • Strong fiberglass frame

13. Rainlax Travel Umbrella

Rainlax Travel Umbrella

Rainlax features a double-layer black canopy that provides UPF 50+ UV protection.

The umbrella’s length is only 10.6 inches and has a manual open/close system.

Its small size is convenient for traveling and will easily fit into a handbag or backpack.

The 8-rib is reinforced using fiberglass and can withstand heavy winds and rains.


  • Double layer canopy
  • It only measures 6 inches when closed.
  • High UV protection

12. Vumos Travel Umbrella

Vumos Travel Umbrella

Vumos comes with a stylish waterproof casing that protects the umbrella. It’s only 8 inches long and weighs 280 grams together with the case.

The canopy is made using rain repelling Teflon-coated material, which dries a lot quicker.

Its fiberglass ribs can endure strong winds without breaking.


  • Has a protection casing
  • Small and light
  • Teflon coated canopy

11. HappyRain Travel Umbrella


HappyRain Travel Umbrella

HappyRain is an ideal choice for those looking for a strong but bulky compact umbrella. Its shaft is made with premium quality stainless steel.

The resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs proved that they could withstand winds of up to 55mph.

This umbrella’s canopy is made using waterproof 210T polyester.

A quick open/close function was added for convenience. It is 10 inches in length and weighs 0.5 pounds.


  • Can withstand powerful winds
  • Slim design
  • Has a quick open/close function

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10. KOLER 46-Inch Travel Umbrella

KOLER 46-Inch Travel Umbrella

The Koler is a large size lightweight, portable umbrella designed to protect 2 people from the rain.

When opened, its canopy has a diameter of 46 inches.

To prevent wind tear and rib distortion, the canopy is fitted with heavy-duty water repellent fabric. When closed, the umbrella is 11.8 inches in length.

A fast open and close mechanism makes this umbrella a great companion. An innovative double canopy design prevents it from flipping over in strong winds.


  • Strong double canopy design
  • Large canopy
  • Lightweight

9. Brooklyn Basix Travel Umbrella

Brooklyn Basix Travel Umbrella

The Brooklyn Basix is a small, durable travel umbrella designed for urban chic.

Its hardened steel ribs give the umbrella strength and flexibility against the wind.

The umbrella is rated UPF+ 30 on UV protection and is waterproof. It is fitted with an instant open/close button for user convenience.

When closed, it is 11 inches long and weighs 1.2 pounds.


  • Comes stylish colors
  • Double-vented canopy
  • Ergonomic handle grip

8. Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella

Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella

The Rain-Mate is fitted with a 9-rib strong metal frame reinforced with fiberglass.

Its canopy measures a whopping 42 inches when opened, and when closed, the umbrella is just 12 inches long.

It can easily fit into handbags, backpacks, briefcases, and glove compartments.

Rain-mate umbrella has an open and close mechanism on its ergonomic rubberized handle. It weighs only 0.85 pounds and is known for its durability.


  • Durable
  • Huge 42” canopy

7. Benkii Windproof Travel Umbrella

Benkii Windproof Travel Umbrella

Designed with 10 resin-reinforced ribs, the benkii is quite sturdy. It can withstand winds of up to 10mph.

The canopy is made from superior water-resistant 210PG, and rainwater bounces right off it. 210PG material prevents water from seeping into the material, thus preventing leaks into the umbrella.

Attention to detail led the design team to include a strong metal frame and a special comfortable handle.

It has a 42-inch canopy and retracts to just 12 inches in length.

The canopy repels dirt, UV rays, and water


  • Very strong and durable
  • Quick-drying canopy
  • Has a comfortable grip

6. Fenzer Unisex Travel Umbrella

Fenzer Unisex Travel Umbrella

Fenzer travel umbrella is built to ensure maximum durability, strength, and quality material.

The Teflon canopy can withstand windy conditions and is guaranteed not to split or tear with its usage.

Superior Teflon 210T pongee fabric is virtually indestructible and waterproof.

The umbrella’s shaft is made using aircraft-grade aluminum. A designer ergonomic handle is fitted to give its carrier maximum grip and comfort.

The automatic open/close function eases the process of opening up and closing the umbrella.

The umbrella is designed for a professional and comes in a compact size.

It is 11.2 inches long, and the diameter of the canopy is 37.5 inches.


  • Huge canopy
  • Tough and durable
  • Made using premium material

5. Lewis & Clark Travel Umbrella

Lewis &amp Clark Travel Umbrella


It comes in a compact, lightweight size, and it will be easy to carry this umbrella around.

The 38-inch canopy is made using lightweight, water-resistant polyester that drys quickly.

The shaft and ribs are made from strong stainless steel that guarantees the umbrella to maintain its shape in windy conditions.

The umbrella only weighs 0.6 ounces and is 11 inches long. A mold-resistant canopy is fitted on the canopy and its sleeve.


  • Lightweight
  • Has a mold-resistant canopy

4. EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

EEZ Y Compact Travel Umbrella


The EEZ-Y has been passed multiple sturdiness and durability tests. The cannot easily flip because it utilizes a vented double canopy technology.

Its frames use a unique blend of military-grade fiberglass and stainless steel, which ensures the umbrella can withstand wind speeds of up to 55 mph.

Thanks to the 210T fabric used in making its double canopy, the EEZ-Y is both portable and light.

It is fitted with an automatic open/close mechanism to ensure ease of use of the umbrella.

The slip-resistant handle beats other umbrellas in its class. It weighs 15.2 ounces and is 11.5 inches long.


  • Double-vented canopy
  • Withstands high-speed winds
  • Made using premium materials

3. Crowncoast Compact Umbrella


Crowncoast Compact Umbrella

The crown coat is built to withstand the strongest winds. It was proven to withstand wind speeds of 60 mph in a wind tunnel.

Unlike other travel umbrellas, it cannot get damaged when it flips. The flexible ribs help the umbrella retain its original shape when it flips back.


  • Quick and easy to open up
  • Strong, flexible ribs
  • Withstands high-speed winds

2. Repel Easy Touch Umbrella

Repel Easy Touch Umbrella

Built using superior water repelling canopy, the Repel will keep you dry during heavy showers.

Quality artistry was put into this umbrella to ensure maximum durability. The wind-defying 9-rib canopy will amaze you with its strength.

An ergonomic slip-proof handle and wrist strap make it easy to carry this umbrella around. It weighs only 14.4 ounces and is 11.5 inches long.


  • Repels water droplets
  • Strong canopy designed
  • Lightweight and compact

1. Kolumbo Travel Umbrella

Kolumbo Travel Umbrella

Kolumbo travel umbrella is designed using new wind-resistant technology.

A patent-pending wind frame system that protects from damage in case it is flipped. Kolumbo has proven that it can withstand wind speeds greater than 55mph.

It has proven to be the best in this class and is built using light polyester that is highly water repellent and dries up quickly.

With the push of a button, this umbrella will either open or close.

It has a wide canopy measuring 38.5 inches and is very light for a compact umbrella.


  • Strong frame design
  • Water repellent canopy
  • Durable