Best Stethoscope For Nurses 2020 Reviews

A stethoscope is a diagnostic medical device used by clinicians to listen to a patient’s internal sounds like heart rhythm and heart murmurs. Just like any other medical device, there are different types of stethoscopes manufactured by various companies, and they differ in efficiency. As such, finding the best stethoscope for nurses is a challenge to most clinicians, more so those who are new to the profession.

10. Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope Copper Edition

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope Copper Edition

Littmann’ s copper edition stethoscope features tunable diaphragms that give you the top in class sound clarity and soft, sealed ear pieces that fit comfortably into your ears. Other top features in Littman’s copper edition stethoscope include the two in one tube design and a two-sided chest piece.


  • The stainless steel chest piece maintains its new looks for long as it does not corrode or rust.
  • Its tubes are made of a flexible and foldable material.
  • The two in one tube design reduces noise which results when two separate tubes rub against each other.

9. MDF Classic’s Dual Head

MDF Stethoscope has existed in the medical industry since 1971. Most clinicians would recommend this stethoscope because of its top acoustic clarity, which gives accurate auscultation and its ergonomic design that is comfortable to the doctor as well as the patient.


  • The stethoscope has a fully rotational chest piece.
  • Its acoustic tubes feature a thick latex free PVC material for enhancing sound clarity.
  • MDF Classic’s Dual head stethoscope has a lifetime warranty.
  • Best Stethoscope for Nurses

8. Kila Scopes Single Head Stethoscope

Kila Scopes Single Head Stethoscope

Kila Labs’s single head stethoscope features an incredibly sensitive diaphragm and a thick tube for improved sound clarity. Other notable features on this single head stethoscope include the single membrane, soft ear tips, and a stainless steel chest piece.


  • The soft ear buds enhance your comfort.
  • Kila Labs’ single head stethoscope’s stainless steel parts maintain their new looks as they do not corrode or rust.
  • The stethoscope has a three-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantees.

7. MDF ProCardial Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF ProCardial

This lightweight dual head stethoscope is constructed from a sensitive diaphragm that improves acoustic sound clarity and a stainless steel dual head. Furthermore, its thick acoustic tubing provides insulation against external noise.


  • Its chest piece is fully rotational.
  • The latex free tubing is a good fit for those who are sensitive to latex
  • Its long length creates a reasonable distance between the patient and doctor.
  • The comfort seal ear tips keep you comfortable during the extended hours of use.
  • MDF ProCardial Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty

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6. Littmann’s Cardiology IV Stethoscope

Littmann’s Cardiology IV Stethoscope comes in navy blue, Burgundy, Carribean blue, Hunter green, plum, raspberry, and turquoise colors. These color variations give the freedom to choose one that pleases you. It features a rotating diaphragm, stain resistant tubing, adjustable headsets, and an angled ear tube.


  • The latex free tubing is safe for those who are sensitive to latex, and it folds easily for storage.
  • Its soft sealing ear tips enhance your comfort.
  • The stethoscope’s dual lumen tubing enhances sound clarity.

5. MDF MD Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF MD Stainless Steel

MDF MD dual head stethoscope is constructed from gold-colored stainless steel and white colored tubing. Some of the top features in this stethoscope include full rotational chest piece, thick and latex free acoustic tubing, and pre-angled headsets. The dual head stethoscope is ergonomically designed to enhance both the doctor and patient’s comfort.


  • MDF MD stethoscope’s ear tips are padded for comfort.
  • The stethoscope has a patented safety lock which protects you against eardrum puncture.
  • A lifetime warranty covers MDF MD stethoscope.

4. Best Stethoscope for Nurses Littmann Master Classic

The master classic stethoscope is available in black, ceil blue, Burgundy, Carribean blue, purple and pine green colors to let you choose your favorite. This award winning master classic Stethoscope features a tunable diaphragm that lets you hear sounds at different frequencies, an adjustable headset, flexible and foldable tubing, and comfortable ear tips.


  • Its latex free tubing is safe for latex sensitive individuals.
  • The stethoscope’s award winning ergonomic design increases your diagnostic performance.
  • Its user instructions let you use the stethoscope as intended.

3. Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope is available in black, burgundy, Caribbean blue, chocolate, red, plum, navy blue, turquoise, sand, coral, and olive green. The color variations allows you to purchase a stethoscope whose color matches your style. It features a dual-sided chest piece, tunable diaphragms, dual lumen tube design, and an ergonomically designed headset.


  • The latex free tubing is safe for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Its soft sealed ear tips are comfortable to use.
  • The dual lumen design eliminates the interference that results when separate tubes rub against each other.

2. 3-M Littman Classic III Stethoscopes – Best Selling

3 M Littman-Classic-III-Stethoscopes

This best-selling classic III stethoscope from Littmann comes in black, raspberry, orange, pearl pink, Plum, Lavender, Lemon Lime, olive green, Emerald, Gray, Caribbean blue, chocolate, Ceil Blue, and many other colors. Littman’s chest piece features two-sided tunable diaphragms, and stain free tubing.


  • This classic stethoscope has a higher acoustic sensitivity as compared to most Littmann stethoscopes.
  • Its single piece diaphragm is easy to clean.
  • The tubing is free of latex.
  • It is covered with a five-year warranty.

1. Littmann Classic II SE Stethoscope – Best Selling

Littmann Classic II

The Classic II SE stethoscope comes in black, burgundy, navy blue, peach, purple, and raspberry, hunter green, gray, ceil blue, and pearly pink colors. Some of it top features include a highly sensitive dual sided chest piece, a tunable diaphragm, and a non-chill rim.


  • You can customize the headset according to your head size.
  • Its ear tips have soft seals.
  • The stethoscope comes with a user manual.