Best Running Shoes For Boys 2020 Reviews

Running shoes for boys are specially designed to make running easy and comfortable. The running shoes are light and cushioned to make your child’s feet comfortable. Their soles are designed to minimize sliding while absorbing the impact generated while running on uneven surfaces.

Since there are many running shoes, choosing the right shoe for your child may be a problem. However, your kid’s workout will be fruitful if you choose shoes that fit him and have good ankle support. Furthermore, a good pair of running shoes has a terrain-appropriate design and is made of high-quality material, and affordable.

10. Adidas Fortarun Running Shoe

Adidas Fortarun Running Shoe

Fortarun running shoes come in gray, yellow, natural green, black, collegiate royal, and many other unique colors. The running shoes are made of synthetic textile and a rubber sole. The upper side of the shoe is made of comfortable and breathable mesh. Adidas’ running shoes have a length measuring tool that helps you purchase the right size that fits comfortably on your kid.


  • The wide color variation lets you choose your favorite.
  • Its midsole cushions your kid’s feet while running.
  • The rubber sole lasts long.

9. New Balance KJ888V1 Pre Running Shoe

New Balance KJ888V1 Pre Running Shoe

The pre-running shoes from New Balance are available in gray, red, yellow, black, green, pink, and purple colors. This wide color variation lets you choose your kid’s favorite color. The shoes also come in multiple sizes that fit children between 4 and 12 years. The upper part of the shoe features split suede and mesh.


  • The running shoes for boys are made with a synthetic sole that lasts long.
  • New Balance pre-running shoes have an Abzorb heel that absorbs the impact when your kid runs.
  • The running shoes have a comfortable midsole.

8. DADAWEN lightweight sneakers

DADAWEN lightweight sneakers

The lightweight sneakers from DADAWEN come in different sizes. The shoe is available in gray, blue, rose red, and green. Their upper side is made of a breathable synthetic mesh material, and the sole is rubber made. The running shoes’ lightweight nature and comfortable design improve the athletic performance of your kid.


  • The rubber sole lasts long, and it is non-slip.
  • DADAWEN lightweight sneakers come in different colors and sizes to let you find an appropriate pair for your kid.
  • Unlike the sneaker with hard-to-fasten laces, this type is not secured by Velcro closures.

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7. Nike Kids Running Shoes

Nike Kids Running Shoes

This pair of Nike’s running shoes are available in different sizes and are available in colors like silver, blue, dark gray, black, and red color. The color and size variation gives you the freedom to choose the right size and preferred color for your kid. The upper side features a breathable mesh, while the sole is made of rubber.


  • This pair of running shoes feature a hook and loop lace-up design that lets your kid fasten the laces easily.
  • The non-slip rubber sole lasts long.
  • They are cushioned for maximum comfort.

6. Stride Rite Artin sneaker

Stride Rite Artin sneaker

Stride Rite Artin Sneakers for little and big kids come in different sizes to let you purchase one that fits on your child’s feet. Besides the size variation, the sneakers are also available in navy, gray, and brown colors. The Stride Rite Artin sneakers are made of leather, breathable mesh, and a rubber sole.


  • They are fully washable, and they are durable.
  • These sneakers feature easy-to-fasten Velcro closures that let your kid wear or remove them with ease.
  • Stride Rite Artin sneakers have an anti-stink lining.

5. Asics GEL-Venture trail running shoes

Asics GEL-Venture trail running shoes

Asics trail running shoes are designed for kids aged between 4 and 12 years. Furthermore, the venture trail running shoes are available in various colors like black onyx and charcoal. The running shoes for boys are made of breathable synthetic material and a rubber sole. The multi-directional trodden sole provides adequate grip for trail running.


  • Their padded tongue and collar make them more comfortable.
  • The running shoes for boys feature a rubber sole that lasts long.

4. Champion Gusto Runner

Champion Gusto Runner

This running shoe from Champion comes in grey royal, black, and white colors to let you choose one that appeals to your kid. Apart from the color variation, Champion’s Gusto Runner features a comfortable memory foam insole that provides your child with the comfort he deserves while engaged in sport. The upper side of the running shoes is made of durable and breathable fabric.


  • The Gusto runners are non-marking.
  • Champion Gusto runners’ lightweight nature eliminates the unnecessary weight that can reduce your child’s athletic performance.
  • The running shoes’ soft lining and padded collars give your kid the comfort he needs while engaged in sport.

3. ASICS GEL-Contend Running Shoe

ASICS GEL-Contend Running Shoe

ASICS GEL-Contend Running shoes are intended for kids aged between 4 and 12 years. They come in different sizes implying that customers can choose the appropriate pair for their children. The shoes are available in black, white, indigo, turquoise, and hot pink. Moreover, the ASICS running shoes feature an upper, breathable mesh, a padded collar, and a GEL cushioning system. These factors define the comfort of your kid’s running shoes.


  • The running shoes’ GEL cushioning system absorbs the shock generated while your kid is running.
  • ASICS GEL-Contend Running shoe is lightweight, implying that it won’t hamper your son’s athletic performance.
  • They have a removable sock liner.

2. Saucony Boys Sneaker

Saucony Boys Sneaker

The sneakers from Saucony come in multiple sizes that fit kids between 1 and 4 years. Moreover, these running shoes come in gray, citron, orange, red, and black colors. This color variation lets you chose a pair of shoes whose color appeals to your kid. They are made of leather and a rubber sole. Saucony boy’s sneaker features crisscross rubber bands and leather overlays, qualities that make the running shoes’ durability.


  • The rubber sole has treads that increase traction.
  • Saucony Boys Sneakers’ Velcro closures are easy to adjust.
  • They are light in weight.

1. Adidas Performance Hyperfast running shoes

adidas Performance Hyperfast 2

The Hyperfast running shoes from Adidas are available for kids between 4-12 years. Furthermore, the running shoes for boys come in shock purple, ray blue, electricity, collegiate royal, and white, among other color variations, to help you choose a pair that appeals to your kid.


  • The shoes have a comfortable textile lining and a cushioned innersole for maximum comfort.
  • Adidas Performance Hyperfast running shoes are made of a durable fabric and rubber sole.
  • The shoes feature an intelligent mix of colors that enhance their looks.