Best Puppy Foods For Pit Bulls 2021 Reviews

To grow and develop well, Pit Bull puppies need a good start in life. For the first few months, makes sure that they get as much of their mother’s milk as possible. If you are doing replacement feeding, the quality of the food you serve should also be good. The raw leftovers that some people serve are not enough.

8. Muscle Bully Puppy Naturals (60 Serving)

Muscle Bully Puppy Naturals (60 Serving)
Pit bulls grow fast. To maintain the health of yours, however, offer nutritious food such as Muscle Bully. Ideal for puppies, this delicious all-natural formula is beneficial to most breeds of dogs. It is also safe, well balanced, and easy to feed to dogs at home or on the road. During meal times, all you have to do is sprinkle one or more servings on your dog’s food and let them eat. The over 20 nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that it contains will strengthen your puppy’s immune system. It also improves both muscle and bone growth naturally. Apart from puppies, you can serve this food to a pregnant or nursing dog to boost its health.


  • Nutrient, vitamin, and mineral-rich
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Boosts bone and muscle growth
  • Delicious all-natural formula

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7. Muscle Bully Vita Bully

Muscle Bully Vita Bully
Formulated for bully breeds of dogs such as Pit Bulls and Bulldogs, Muscle Bully Vita Bully is good for growth. This is a USA-made product. Unlike some cheap foods with fillers that harm dogs, it is 100% safe for puppies. It also has a delicious and nutrient-dense formula that is beneficial in the early stages of life. The over 30 vitamins and nutrients that your dog gets, for instance, will boost its immune system. Rich in chicken liver and cellulose, Muscle Bully also stimulates growth and boosts dogs’ energy levels. Formulated as tablets, this puppy food for Pit Bulls is easy to serve.


  • Protein and mineral-rich tablets
  • Boosts growth and development
  • Safe USA-made product
  • Ideal for most bully breeds
  • Lacks fillers such as preservatives


6. ELITE K9 Maximum Bully

ELITE K9 Maximum Bully
Do you have a bully dog breed at home? Do you struggle to satisfy its nutritional needs during meal times? Look for ELITE K9 Maximum Bully. From a young age, this food will help your dog grow and develop well for many reasons. Its protein-rich formula, for instance, is nutritious. During all stages of your dog’s life, it will build and strengthen the muscles of your dog. It is also a rich source of carbohydrates and vitamins. These are essential for development. ELITE K9 Maximum Bully comes ready to use. During meal times, sprinkle the recommended amount on your dog’s food to satisfy its nutritional needs.


  • Protein-rich dog food
  • Ideal for all stages of life
  • Comes ready to use
  • Delicious yeast protein
  • Ideal for all Bully dogs


5. Muscle Bully Gains

Muscle Bully Gains
For years, people have served leftovers of fish and poultry to their dogs to boost protein intake. Even though essential, puppies find them hard to digest. The risk of infection with food bourne parasites is also high if you serve foods of unknown origin. Fortunately, with Muscle Bully Gains, you will not worry about such issues. Each package contains 45 servings of delicious and protein-rich dog food for building muscle. Both puppies and adult dogs enjoy this food. It is also rich in nutrients and fats that fuel muscle recovery and improve the skin and coat’s health.


  • Protein, nutrient, and fat-rich
  • Fuels muscle recovery
  • Large package (45 servings)
  • Easy to serve and eat
  • Easy to digest


4. Bully Max the Ultimate Canine Supplement

Bully Max the Ultimate Canine Supplement
This is one of the best supplements for building muscles of Bully dogs such as Pitt Bulls. Formulated into tablets, it comes in a compact plastic container that you can travel with easily. The quality of the 60 tablets that you get is also desirable for many reasons. Packed with nutrients, for instance, they boost both the health and immunity of dogs. They also boost the power and strength of muscles and speed up their recovery after rigorous activity. Bully Max, the Ultimate Canine Supplement, is safe for most dogs. It lacks additives such as corn syrup, sucrose, and Trans fats that are unsafe for pitbull puppies.


  • Lacks dangerous additives
  • Nutrient-dense tablets (60)
  • Immune-boosting properties
  • Strengthens muscles of dogs
  • Speeds up muscle recovery


3. Muscle Bully Gains for Bullies

Muscle Bully Gains for Bullies
Muscle Bully Gains will help your Bully dog to maintain a healthy muscle mass. It is also enjoyable for many reasons. First, it does not contain additives such as starch and steroids. Its natural ingredients are safe for dogs. It is also a nutritious product. Each serving is rich in essential nutrients and proteins that boost dogs’ immunity and muscle mass, respectively. If your dog has a rough or dull coat, you should also expect a significant change in its appearance over time. Its coat will look shiny and healthy for months.


  • Protein and nutrient-rich
  • Lacks additives such as starch
  • Muscle and immune-boosting
  • Improve coat and skin health
  • Large package (90 servings)


2. MVP K9 Supplements Formula Mass Weight Gainer

MVP K9 Supplements Formula Mass Weight Gainer
You do not have any excuse to have a skinny Pit Bull at home. Unlike in the past, when feeds cost a fortune, supplements such as MVP K9 have eased how people feed dogs. Each package contains 60 servings of a potent weight booster for Pit Bulls and other bully breeds of dogs. Each scoop has around 56% healthy fat and 26% proteins. These are perfect for building muscle and creating shiny coats. They also strengthen bones, nails, and teeth and prevent fur from shedding. The powder formula that you get is easy to use.


  • Nutritious powder formula
  • Good for building muscles
  • Creates a shiny coat on dogs
  • Prevents shedding on fur


1. Bully Max Super Premium Dog Food

Bully Max Super Premium Dog Food
Bully Max Super is a popular meat-based dog food that delivers five-star results if used well. Dogs love this food. Compared to the raw, canned foods that some brands offer, the risk of rejection is low. It also lacks additives such as soy, wheat, and corn that irritate dogs. Do not hesitate to buy this food. It will strengthen the muscles of your dog and boosts its energy levels at the same time.


  • Lacks soy, wheat, and corn
  • Protein (30%) and fat (20%) rich
  • High-calorie food (535 per cup)
  • Delicious meat-based formula