Top 15 Best Jack Stands 2021 Reviews

It’s important always to work safely, especially when working with an object that weighs several tons, like a car or truck. With this in mind, many people use jacks to hoist their car to an appropriate height and then use a jack stand to keep it safely at the jacked level. It’s important to do this because any car that isn’t securely jacked can fall and injure or kill the person who is doing repairs or maintenance. There are a lot of jack stands available on the market today, but which is best? Let’s take a look at some of the best jack stands from top best sellers.

15. Goplus Motorcycle ATV Jack Lift Stand

Goplus Motorcycle ATV Jack Lift Stand

A standard jack stand doesn’t work that well for smaller vehicles like motorcycles. With this in mind, a motorcycle jack stand like this product is needed. It can even lift these types of vehicles to about 17 inches high.


  • It has a good motorcycle capacity of 1,500 pounds.
  • The stand also has straps for safety.
  • This is a very heavy-duty device.


14. Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-7443 3 Ton Jack Stands

Advanced Tool Design Model

A great jack stands with an A-shaped base; the Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-7433 can hoist three-ton vehicles 17 inches into the air. This is perfect for eliciting repairs and maintenance. Additionally, it has a lever that can let you lower your vehicle by increments as well.


  • This is a very stable jack stand because of its wide-set feet.
  • Cranking it downwards is a great convenience feature.
  • It only weighs 16 pounds.

13. Sunex 1522 22-Ton Jack Stands

Sunex 1522 22-Ton Jack Stands

With square-shaped feet, this Sunex jack stand has a great level of overall stability. Amazingly, it can handle about 22 tons of weight as well. The whole product is made of steel, which really illustrates how strong the stand is.


  • To lock the stand-in, you use a steel peg.
  • It has a large saddle that is very supportive of larger vehicles.
  • It’s designed for trucks and larger vehicles.

12. OTC 1780 Jack Stand

OTC 1780 Jack Stand

Another set of stands with a square base, the OTC 1780 stands, can be locked into three preset positions for your convenience. These are relatively large jack stands that have a base height of 12 inches. That being said, with steel construction, these OTC jack stands have a very sturdy build quality. In fact, these are the perfect jack stands to use for larger trucks and even some RVs.


  • These can manage a maximum weight of 22 tons.
  • They have three different height settings.
  • The stands also have a sturdy steel construction.


11. Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stands

Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stands

The next stands are very impressive due to their multiple-pin design. With these Sunex products, you’ll have six height settings to select from. Additionally, the height adjustment pin is actually attached to the stand, not to lose it.


  • This set of stands has a ten-ton capacity.
  • Height adjustment is a great feature of these.
  • The saddle is large enough to accommodate larger vehicles.

10. Powerzone 380037 6 Jack Stand

Powerzone 380037 6 Ton Steel Jack Stand

Ratcheting is a great way to manage the jacked vehicle’s height, so jack stands with ratchet functions tend to be very useful. In addition to this stand’s ability to be ratcheted with a lever, each position locks firmly into place for added safety.


  • This stand has an A-shaped leg structure for stability.
  • A six-ton capacity can handle a wide variety of vehicles.
  • These are made of sturdy steel.


9. Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

These jack stands works like standard jack stands, but they also have some of the attributes of a set of hydraulic jacks. This means that not only does this stand have a variable height, but it can lift your vehicle as well.


  • A three-ton capacity is great for most cars.
  • There is a safety bar to lock in a height safely.
  • It has a wide and stable setup.

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8. Hein-Werner HW93503 Jack Stand

Hein-Werner HW93503 BlueYellow

A wide saddle is an excellent feature for a jack stand. It allows for great stability and grip and will ensure that your vehicle’s undercarriage isn’t damaged

7. Cartman 3-Ton Jack Stands

Cartman 3-Ton Jack Stands

These jack stands are great for most applications because of their stability and three-ton functionality. Additionally, they are ANSI compliant and feature a ratchet bar for minute height adjustments.


  • These have a red powder coating to protect the steel from rust.
  • The three-ton capacity is great for most uses.
  • These are stoutly designed so that they provide great stability.

6. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

The saddle on this jack stand is relatively unique. You’ll notice that it is rounded and flat rather than concave, which actually helps prevent damage to your vehicle as you hold it in position.


  • These can manage three tons of capacity.
  • They are very stable and are designed with wide-set, round-bottomed feet that won’t damage the pavement.
  • They have a pinhole design so that you can select your preferred height.

5. Performance Tool W41021 2 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

Performance Tool W41021

While these don’t have a massive overall capacity, these Performance Tool jack stands can do a great job holding smaller, two-ton cars in the air without much trouble. They have multiple heights, which is a feature that many users prefer.


  • These employ a ratcheting handle for managing the vehicle’s height.
  • They are also designed to be heavy-duty; you won’t be able to damage them accidentally.
  • The height range for these is ten inches or so off of the ground to about 16.

4. Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands

Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands

Torin is a major name in jack stands and hydraulic jacks, so it’s easy to tell that these are great for keeping your car very stable. First, they are made of aluminum, which is a very sturdy metal and one of the most lightweight. These have a hexagonal base that is also very stable.


  • These can manage three tons of vehicle weight.
  • It’s good that these have adjustment pins that are attached to the jack stand.
  • There are five holes in these for height adjustment.

3. Camco 44561 Jack Stand

Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

Aluminum is a great material for a jack stand due to its durability and weight. These jack stands are made of aluminum and designed to be very stable due to their unique base structure. Additionally, they aren’t costly, which is great because they come in a set of two.


  • You can adjust the height by simply spinning the saddle assembly.
  • Despite a lightweight aluminum frame, they can support three tons.
  • These are very stable due to a square base.

2. Torin T43002A 3 Jack Stands

Steel jack stands are arguable the most heavy-duty because the metal won’t bend or strain. These Torin jack stands can manage most vehicles due to a three-ton capacity and have the ability to be adjusted through a ratcheting mechanism. In fact, these have several height selections, which make this jack stands very versatile.


  • These have a solid A-shaping so that they are stable and strong.
  • They are also made of steel, which provides some added stability.
  • Using an attached safety pin, you can lock these firmly into place.

1. Torin T42002 2 Ton Jack Stands

Torin T42002 2 Ton Jack Stands

Our final jack stand is another unit from Torin. With a two-ton capacity, these will mostly be relegated to cars rather than small trucks. That being said, these are very well-designed jack stands. They have a welded steel construction that is very strong and will stand up for years. Additionally, these have a very variable height; you can ratchet them from a little more than ten inches off of the ground to more than 16 inches up.


  • The two-ton capacity can be augmented with more jacks.
  • These have a good-sized ratcheting range, and they are also small enough to get under most vehicles.
  • The saddle is wide enough to accommodate most vehicles within the capacity range.
  • These meet ASME and PALD safety standards.