Top 8 Best Hedge Trimmer Gas 2020 Reviews

Most of you absolutely love to replenish the beauty of your garden. Gardening is a HOBBY of the majority of nature loving individuals. For fine gardening, Hedge Trimmer is an absolute necessity. Nowadays it’s not required to go up and down while using a Hedge Trimmer. The latest variety of Hedge Trimmer is an absolute lifesaver. Hedge Trimmers nowadays available are of three types, namely Gasoline, Manual, and Electrical.

8. Black+ Decker LSTE523 20V

Black+ Decker LSTE523 20V
Black+Decker hedge trimmer provides more power to your style. Endless tasks can be performed with the help of Black Decker Hedge Trimmer. It includes the feature of adjustable height as per your requirement in order to contribute a lot more to you. It saves your precious time and manpower. Power DriveTransmission increases torque makes work easier for more trimming at the strings. Powerful battery supports 20V without a workload and 8V on nominal usage. Black+Decker Hedge Trimmer comes in with a 2-speed control option, one for more power and other for prolonged time periods.


  • 2-speed control options.
  • Adjustable height according to requirement.
  • Save precious time and manpower both.
  • Power Drive Transmission increases Torque to grafting easier.

7. Trimmer Plus AH721 22-Inch

Trimmer Plus comes with an all-new versatile design. AH721 allows maximum movement of blades that can be used to trim at many different angles. Hedger Trimmer Plus offers 2 years warranty. Heavy-duty, Die-cast design empowers the blades to fix lock at different positions (135-degree movement) according to your need. Extra- long 22-inch dual- action blades, enables faster trimming. Trimmer plus can also perform multitasks smoothly. It’s also equipped with attachment-capable trimmer comprising of Troy-Bilt, Remington, and Craftsmen.


  • Extra-long 22-inch dual action blades.
  • Swiftly movement in all directions.
  • Heavy-duty Die-cast design empowers the blades to fix lock at any required position.
  • Articulated – criss-cross design allows 135-degree movement.
  • 22-inch long blades allow faster cutting.

6. Toro 51496 Cordless Lithium-Ion

Toro 51496 has a cordless design that comes with three major features such as a 90” rotating handle, 24-inch dual-action blades, and 24V Max lithium-ion battery. It is very popular because of the convenience. You can access even the easy access parts very easily. An extended length is possible because of 24-inch blade. Toro 51496 is really useful if you have a large yard. It produces very less vibration. Battery life is also impressive because of lithium technology.


  • Easy access to hedges
  • Can trim hard to reach areas very easily
  • Dual action blades

5. Black+ Decker LHT2436 40

Black+ Decker LHT2436 40
Black +Decker Hedger Trimmer has dynamic 40Vlithium ion battery having long run times and can trim branches up-to  inch thick. LHT2436 Hedge Trimmer is laced with razor-sharp 24-inch double action blade, which creates less vibration in comparison to other single action blades. Hedge Trimmer gives complete grip on the front handle that assists in fine gripping in case of shearing orientation requirement. Soft and cozy grips are extremely helpful in performing the cutting operations comfortably and securely. Black+Decker can easily fleece up to 6000 square area per charge. Hedge Trimmer’s pre-hardened blades are rust-resistant and stay sharp for long time periods.


  • Smoothly fleece up to 6000 square per charge.
  • Pre-hardened blades are rust-resistant.
  • Stays sharp for longer durations
  • Hedge Trimmer includes 24-inch double action blades.
  • Creates less vibration in comparison to single action blades.
  • Provides strong gripping.
  • Soft grip assists in completing tasks securely and comfortably.

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4. Poulan Pro PR2332 22inch

Poulan Pro PR2332 22inch
Specially designed to fleece all shrubs and wild plants from your yard. Powerful 23cc, 2 cycle full-crank engine. Poulan Pro PR2332 is convenient to use, full-wrap around the front handle to provide comfortable gripping in trimming hedges around the yard. PR2332 is vibration-resistant; as dampeners absorb all noise and vibration to lessen the user’s fatigue and stress. Hedge Trimmer includes stainless steel blade which fleeces swath around 22’’wide and limbs around 1’’ diameter.


  • Powerful 23cc, 2cycle full-crank engine.
  • Lessen user’s fatigue and stress
  • Full wrap around the front handle, to provide smooth grip.
  • PR2332 is vibration-resistant.

3. Poulan PRO976044601 40V

Poulan PRO976044601 40VEasy to start with an INSTANT push button, saves your precious time and fastens your work in shearing the swaths from the yard. Environment-friendly as it doesn’t create any pollution. Zero-vibration technology in order to lessen your strain and stress. Delivers great output without using oil, gas or cord. 40V Lithium-ion battery gives power, great performance levels and maximizes your run time as compared to old-fashioned oil or gas hedge trimmer.


  • Great output without any oil, gas, and cord.
  • Lithium-ion battery gives superb power, performance level.
  • 40 V lithium-ion battery maximizes run time.
  • Zero-vibration technology, to reduce stress.

2. Proyama 42.7CC Multi-Function

Proyama 42.7CC Multi-Function
It includes Multi-functional 42.7cc petrol engine which combines a Hedge trimmer pole saw/chainsaw, brush trimmer and grass trimmer. It’s perfectly designed for trimming hedges on your yard or garden. Adjustable blades can be attached at desirable angles. Each attachment delivers the same level of supreme results like an individual Trimmer, delivering same level of elite performances time after time.


  • Multi-functional petrol engine.
  • Adjustable Blades can be attached according to the need.
  • Each attachment delivers the same result.
  • Gives fantastic results time after time.

1. Husqvarna 122HD45 22cc Gas

Husqvarna 122HD45 22cc Gas
Hassle-free, Automatic start button with minimal effort. It is refurbished hedge trimmer, restored professionally by manufacturers. In spite of being a refurbished Hedge Trimmer, it includes all the qualities of the new hedge trimmer. Causes low-vibration and zero noise, its inbuilt dampener absorbs all the noise to lessen the tiredness and fatigue of the customer.


  • Refurbished hedge Trimmer
  • Hassle free, automatic start button.
  • Includes all functions.
  • Low-vibration and noise free
  • Low maintenance and robust