Top 10 Best Activity Trackers For Fitness 2020 Reviews

If you are exercising and want to keep track of your activity, then a tracker might be a useful tool for you. These trackers sit on your wrist and monitor your heart rate and number of steps. Some of them are even capable of monitoring your breathing and how fast you are moving. It takes time to find the best exercise activity trackers for fitness that will be right for your needs. When choosing a fitness tracker, make sure that you are aware of the features of the tracker.

10. Coolbit Smart Band


Coolbit Smart Band

The Coolbit Smart Band is a useful tool. It records such information as calorie intake, number of steps, and how far you have gone. It also can monitor your blood pressure. The smart band can receive notifications and reminders for events and social media. It also has a function to find your phone. The Coolbit also provides a weekly digest of your health data.


  • Keeps track of a lot of health data
  • Good for people who are quite active or want a way to monitor health

9. Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR with Replacement Band


Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR with Replacement Band

The Letsfit fitness tracker has a variety of useful functions. It has a function to show you when someone is calling your phone. It can also remind you when you have a period of inactivity. The fitness tracker can receive alarms. It will also send you notifications from social media and the weather forecast. It has a convenient phone finder and it can control music.


  • Lots of different options that let the user choose what they want
  • Waterproof

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8. LOLG Fitness Tracker


LOLG Fitness Tracker

The LOLG fitness tracker provides many functions such as heart rate monitoring and sleep cycle monitoring. It logs calories and it tells how far you have gone. The fitness tracker also has a mode in which you can track a variety of sports such as swimming or basketball. The tracker is waterproof and has an automatic sleep monitoring option.


  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Good for people who want to track sport exercise

7. Voeons Fitness Tracker Watch


Voeons Fitness Tracker Watch

The Voeons fitness tracker was created to be durable. It will track heart rate and blood pressure. It logs steps taken and it is designed to track calories. The fitness tracker also has an option to track your sleep cycle. It has gravity sensor technology that will allow for the fitness tracker to be more accurate when it logs your information.


  • Tracks blood pressure
  • Durable

6. Mobile Action Q-Band Accurate Health and Fitness Tracker Watch


Mobile Action Q-Band Accurate Health and Fitness Tracker Watch

The Mobile Action fitness tracker allows the user to wear the band with comfort in mind. It has a convenient sunlight-readable screen. Also, the band itself is slim while the screen remains big enough to be read with ease. It can monitor your heart rate for up to 100 hours. The fitness tracker can run for up to 10 days on low power. It has the added convenience of allowing notifications from social media, messages, and the calendar.


  • Good at monitoring heart rates
  • Good battery life

5. Baymery Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Activity Tracker

Baymery Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Activity Tracker

The Baymery fitness tracker was created so that it would be easy to monitor heart rate and calorie burning. It has the added function of monitoring sleep cycles. It uses real time dynamic tracking which allows you to see what your body is doing at a specific time.


  • Useful for weight loss
  • Waterproof

4. Hembeer Fitness Tracker


Hembeer Fitness Tracker

The Hembeer fitness tracker provides many benefits. It counts steps and consumption of calories. It also tracks your sleep cycle and has heart rate detection. The fitness tracker is waterproof so that the user does not have to worry about getting the tracker wet. It has a slim design so that it won’t be in the way while you go through your daily activities.


  • Waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 mins
  • No charging cord, simply plug it into a USB port

3. NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker


NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker

The NewYouDirect fitness tracker is convenient with its many benefits. It counts steps and records calories. It will also track your sleep cycle. The fitness tracker monitors light and deep sleep as well as sleep duration. It will save this data that you can view your health history as well as your exercise history.


  • Not expensive
  • Good for running

2. All Cart Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor

The All Cart fitness tracker is a bracelet with a smart pedometer. It also has an LED screen. The tracker has an adjustable wristband for maximum comfort. It will accurately track steps and burned calories. The tracker has a precise timing function that allows the user to keep track of daily exercise measurements. There is no need for a charging cable as this tracker can be inserted directly into a USB port. There is also no need for a smart phone or Bluetooth connection.


  • Simply a fitness tracker with no extras
  • Does not need a phone for an extra app connection

1. Coffea Fitness Tracker


Coffea Fitness Tracker

The Coffea Smart Band will record your heart rate and sleep cycle. It can track steps and calories. The fitness tracker can receive notifications from messages and social media. It will also give you a weather forecast for your current location. It has control over music and it has a timer. This tracker also has training modules for many separate activities.


  • Variety with functions allows user to remain notified when needed
  • Does not come with charging cable, the tracker is a USB charger itself