Top 8 Best Dog Foods for Weight Gain 2019 Reviews

Dogs lose weight when they are sick. Others breeds have slow digestive systems that affect their health over time. If you have such as a dog, pay attention to the food that you feed it. Instead of serving leftovers or the dry pellets found in stores, buy a dog food for weight gain. They are palatable. Furthermore, most brands are nutrient dense. They help most dogs to maintain a healthy weight.

08. MVP K9 Supplements Mass Weight Gainer

MVP K9 Supplements Mass Weight Gainer
Has your nursing bitch lost weight since giving birth? Do you have puppies that are growing slower than normal? The food that you are serving them might be at fault. Replace it with this mass weight gainer from MVP K9 to have a dramatic impact on their health. Suitable for puppies and nursing bitches, it boosts the energy level of dogs. This enables them to play and build healthy muscles naturally. It also maximizes protein intake and improves the health of both the skin and the hair of most dogs. Apart from gaining weight, therefore, your dog will look shiny and healthy after a few weeks of eating this food. Its ingredients are safe for dogs.


  • Dog-safe ingredients
  • Protein and carbohydrate-rich
  • Ideal for puppies and nursing bitches
  • Six units of food (45 servings)
  • Boosts skin and hair health

07. CPN Vertex Essentials Formula and Weight Boost

CPN Vertex Essentials Formula and Weight Boost
For dogs to gain weight, they should eat large quantities of food every day. This is one of the commonest misconceptions about pet care. To get good results, buy a good weight boosting food such as CPN Vertex instead. Attainable in a large 2-pound container, it lasts for long. Its nutrient-dense formula, on the other hand, has many positive effects on dogs. First, it improves stamina. Dogs that eat this food are happy and active. It also improves muscle development. Served as directed, expect a weight boost of around one pound. Finally, CPN Vertex improves the health of the coat the skin of dogs. Over time, your four-legged friend will not only gain weight but also look good.


  • Large 2-pound container
  • Boosts weight by one pound
  • Improves stamina and muscle development
  • Improves coat and skin health

06. Lexelium Growth Booster

Lexelium Growth Booster
Lexelium is a multi-pet growth booster. If you have a dog or cat with stunted growth, this is one of the best remedies. Attainable in powdered form, it has a long shelf life. You can also mix it with wet and dry foods with ease. The nutritional value of Lexelium is good. Ranked among the best all-natural weight booster, it spurs growth without harming dogs. The clinically supported ingredients used to make it lack irritants such as grains, which often harm dogs. Each package that you buy also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you fail to good results in 30 days, you can request a full refund without prejudice.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Clinically supported ingredients
  • Long lasting powder formula
  • All-natural weight booster
  • Mixes with dry and wet foods

05. Tuffy’s Pet Food Nutri Source

Because of their monstrous sizes, satisfying the nutritional needs of some oversized dogs is a challenge. To overcome this problem on a budget, buy Tuffy’s Pet Food Nutri Source. This wholesome and balanced food (chicken and rice) is rich in essential fats, minerals, and proteins. As such, apart from bulking up dogs, it boosts their energy levels. Attainable as a dry formula, it is also easy to prepare and eat. This is a plus for dog owners. Finally, because of its delicious taste, the risk of rejection is low. This 30-pound bag will nourish your large dog for several weeks.


  • Long lasting 30-pound bag
  • Nutritious chicken and rice formula
  • Long shelf life (dry formula)
  • Lacks additives, colors, and binders
  • Balanced wholesome food

04. Ample Nutrition Digestive Enzymes

Ample Nutrition Digestive Enzymes
Most people associate weight loss or stunting in dogs with a lack of food. This is not always the case. The low metabolic rate and lack of digestive hormones by dogs are other contributing factors. If yours has these issues, we have found a good remedy for you. Ample Nutrition is a vegetarian formulated product that delivers good results. Packed with nine digestive enzymes, this formula helps dogs to digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fat better. They also improve the rate of absorption of nutrients. This boosts the growth and development of dogs. These plant-derived hormones are stable in a range of Ph. They can also prevent medical conditions such as bloating and diarrhea.


  • Stable plant-derived enzymes
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Patented BPPS technology
  • A cocktail of nine hormones
  • Safe for dogs and cats

Other Topics:

03. MVP K9 Supplements Mass Weight Gainer

MVP K9 Supplements Mass Weight Gainer
Buy MVP K9 Supplements to get a trusted USA-made supplement that adds mass and weight on skinny dogs. Each package contains 90 servings of a delicious that is effective in a few weeks. It also meets the GMP guidelines for dog food. This makes it a safe alternative food for most species of dogs. You do not need special skills to prepare this dog food. The dry formula that you get come s ready to consume. You can sprinkle it over your dog’s favorite food to enhance its nutritional value. Generally, each scoop that you add boosts your dog’s protein and healthy fat intake by 26% and 56% respectively.


  • Protein and fat rich food
  • Ready to use dry formula
  • Meets the GMP guidelines for safety
  • Suitable for most dog breeds
  • Each package has 90 servings

02. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food
In their quest to help dogs to gain weight, most people bore their pets with non-palatable foods. Others buy cheap supplements that harm rather than benefit their dogs. Do not make this mistake. To make weight gain a fast and fun process for your dog, look for Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food. Its dry chicken recipe is delicious. It also nurtures inactive and emaciated dogs well without costing people a lot of money. Prepared in the USA using dog-safe ingredients, Hill’s Science is safe for most species of dogs. It is also nutrient dense. Each serving contains ample amounts of lean protein. This helps dogs to maintain lean muscle mass naturally. It is also rich in vitamins (C and E) and a blend of energy-boosting antioxidants.


  • Reach chicken formula
  • Antioxidant and vitamin rich
  • Lacks preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Durable dry formula

01. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
Buy Blue Buffalo Life worry free. This 30-pound bag has a delicious Blue Life formula that is rich in brown rice and chicken. It also contains fruits, garden vegetables, and whole grains that help dogs to maintain a healthy weight. Recommended by nutritionists and veterinarians, this is a dog-safe formula. It lacks preservatives. It also lacks artificial flavors and additives such as wheat and corn that some brands used to “cut” their foods.


  • Delicious chicken and rice flavor
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Lacks preservatives and additives
  • Long-lasting 30-pound bag

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