Top 8 Best Above Ground Pools 2020 Reviews

Swimming is a healthy, relaxing, interesting, and most enjoyable recreational activity. It is a great form of weight loss exercise for people of all ages. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have the huge money or big backyards for constructing in-ground pools. Therefore, millions around the world sacrifice the numerous benefits of in-ground swimming pools. Thus, above-ground pools are becoming very popular. You can construct high-quality varieties of above grounds pools at an affordable cost. You can also install, manage, and dismantle these pools very easily. It requires only less maintenance. The cost of constructing it is also very low. They are very safe because small kids cannot access them easily. Therefore, above-ground pools are the best for many families.

8. Intex 8’ x 30” Easy Set

Intex 8’ x 30” Easy Set offers a cool and refreshing feeling to your entire family. The convenient design and durability make this brand one of the best over the ground pools. You can install and setup this swimming pool very easily in your backyard. Super-tough laminated PVC sidewalls are used for making this swimming pool so that you can use it for many years. It requires only very less maintenance. Filtration can be done by using Intex 530 GPH Filter Pump. This is a cartridge filter pump, which is best for keeping your pool sparkling clean. It can hold around 1,018 gallons water.

7. Heritage TA 1852GP-DXP Taos

Heritage TA 1852GP DXP Taos

Heritage TA 1852GP-DXP Taos comes to provides maximum fun to the users. This above ground pool package has a complete 18-feet round and 52-inch deep. It can provide you everything that you needed for a perfect swimming. This is an incredible above-ground pool, which comes with many impressive features. The wall pattern of this swimming pool has a pleasant look. The sturdy, Galvanized steel frame is assembled with Zinc coated hardware. It has a hot-dipped Galvanized G-90 steel wall that comes with a multi-layer protection system. It has a heavy duty A-frame resin ladder, which has flip-up outside staircase. This is helpful for keeping unwanted swimmers out. It also acts as an anti-entrapment barrier. The manufacturer offers you a 25-year warranty for the structure of Heritage TA 1852GP-DXP Taos.

6. Intex Metal Frame

Intex Metal Frame

Intex Metal Frame is an advanced above-ground pool that measures around 12-feet by 30-feet. Super-tough laminated PVC is used for manufacturing this swimming pool so that it will last long. It comes with a clean filter pump, which is helpful for cleaning this pool effectively. Durability, longevity, and easy assembly are the special features. It can resist punctures and tears due to its high-quality construction. It can also withstand the harshest UV rays and chemicals. A 530-gallon cartridge filter pump helps you to keep the pool clear and clean all summer long. You can enter and exit this pool without using a ladder.

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5. Intex Pool Canopy

Intex Pool Canopy

Intex Pool Canopy allows you to stay cool all day long. Highly durable Dacron woven material is used for constructing it. So, it has a large vented window, which allows a cooling airflow to pass through. Thus the pool goers can keep comfortable and refreshed. It has a half-dome design, which provides you an optimal shade area. This is helpful for escaping from the sun rays. Fiberglass ribs are used for engineering this pool. So, the internal construction of this pool is very strong. Therefore, it can withstand the winds up to 12 MPH. You can also install and remove this pool very easily.

4. Ultra Frame Pool by Intex

This is one of the strongest and dependable above-ground pools. This contemporary-looking gray themed over the ground pool measures around 14-foot by 42-inch. You can assemble the body of this swimming pool very easily. It is highly durable and it does not require any complex maintenance protocol to keep it operational. It comes with a filter pump that helps to eliminate dirt and debris from this pool. Some durable steel frames provide you extra support. It has a strong construction, which helps you to enjoy swimming in this pool.

3. Ultra Pool Set by Intex

Ultra Pool Set by Intex

Ultra Frame Pool Set by Intex is a highly durable and well-engineered swimming pool. It has durable, rust-resistant, and strong frames for additional support. It has leak-proof PVC walls. Thus you will get an excellent swimming environment. The simple design allows you to set it up in just 60 minutes. It is highly affordable and has a larger capability. This pool can hold 8403 gallons water. The ladder and ground cloth increases the functionality of the pool. You will also get a highly-durable debris cover along with this pool that is helpful for preventing contaminants. You can drain the pool conveniently by using a hose.

2. Intex 15’ x 36” Easy Set

Intex Easy Set comes with many useful benefits. It is a brand new, first quality above-ground pool, which has a 15-foot by 36-inch design. You can set up this swimming pool within 15 minutes. The pool can hold up 2,822 gallons of water. You can also set up this swimming pool without using any tool. Super touch, high-density molecular PVC plastic is used for constructing this swimming pool. So, it is not affected by oil, salt water, and gasoline. It can also resist damage from sunlight, impact, and abrasion. It allows more pressure, so it is more rigid and stable.

1. Blue Wave 15ft Round Solar Blanket

Blue Wave 15ft Round Solar Blanket

Are you seeking for a solution for losing pool heat during day and night? Then, Blue Wave 15ft Round Solar Blanket is the best option for you. This is highly durable, 15ft round above ground solar blanket. It is perfect for warming your pool by up to 15 degrees. It is designed to provide you maximum heating properties. At the same time, it is highly durable and it lasts for several years. Blue Wave 15ft Round Solar Blanket is an 8-mil blanket, which comes loaded with thermal bubbles. It can retain heat in your pool during the night and cool cloudy days. It has a transparent blue color, which allows reaching a maximum amount of solar rays to your pool for optimal heating. The Blue Wave is UV protected, so it can withstand even under the most intense sunlight. The product is backed by 3-year warranty.