Top 8 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums 2019 Reviews

Over the years, above ground pools have popped up on the yards of most suburban and town homes for two reasons. First, they are cheap. You do not have to dig up your backyard or hire a contractor to install your pool. Their designs have also improved over time. People and their family members can spend a lot of time in them without safety issues. Unfortunately, an age-old problem persists. Cleaning most above ground pools frustrates most people. When soiled, they either drain them entirely or hire professionals to do the dirty work for them.

08. Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale
Do you struggle to clean your above ground pool when dirty or silted? Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale will make your life easier. This suction-based cleaner cleans most types of above ground pools well. It also has a powerful and automated system with a turbine/gearing system that delivers good results always. By generating a constant flow of water, it sucks debris from pools in seconds. Its contoured head design is also ideal for two reasons. First, it is easy to steer under water. It also reaches and cleans hard to reach areas of pools of various shapes and sizes. Buy yours. It is under a warranty (one year).


  • Tool-less installation (10 minutes)
  • Deluxe bumper ring
  • Turbine/gearing system
  • Contoured head design
  • One-year limited warranty

07. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max
Some of the heavy traditional pool cleaners that people have at home are hard to use. Fortunately, with automated models such as Water Tech Pool Blaster Max attainable online, you do not need such products. Its lightweight handheld design works independently of existing pool filtration systems. As such, you can use it anywhere and at any time effortlessly. Its cordless design is also ideal. For up one hour, it can clean pools without using cords or hoses. It comes complete with a battery, a reusable filtration bag, and an onboard tank for storing rubbish.


  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Lightweight handheld design
  • Reusable filtration bag
  • Automated cordless design
  • One-hour runtime

06. Kokido Telsa 5

Kokido Telsa 5
Recommended for cleaning above ground pools, Kokido Telsa 5 is a powerful 3-piece vacuum. Its rechargeable battery-powered design is easy to use. Once charged to capacity, you can use it to clean medium-sized pools with 500GPH (or higher) filtration systems. Even though small, its power is amazing. Cleaning pools with Kokido Telsa 5 is easy for many reasons. Attainable with a long 19.75-foot vacuum hose, for instance, it covers a large area. Its wide nozzle, on the other hand, has rotating ball wheels that glide smoothly on the floors of most pools. Unlike some manual brands, you do not need big muscles to maneuver this pool cleaner.


  • 19.75-foot vacuum hose
  • Wide cleaning nozzle
  • Rotating ball wheels
  • Powerful 3-piece design
  • Rechargeable battery pack

05. F2C Automatic Cleaner

F2C Automatic Cleaner
Most pool owners like automatic vacuum cleaners because of their efficiency. F2C, for instance, is a quiet model that uses existing filtration systems to clean pools. This is invaluable. It saves people money that they would have spent on add-on equipment. Its tool-less system of installation is also convenient. With a bit of effort, you can set it up in most pools in minutes. You can also use it to clean materials (sand, twigs, bugs, and dirt) on the base and walls of pools. Do not outsource your pool cleaning services. If you can afford a new 0.5HP swimming pool pump, you will handle such jobs with ease.


  • Tool-less installation
  • Uses existing filtration systems
  • Cleans most materials
  • Glide smoothly on floors and walls

04. Hayward Aqua Critter (Automatic)

Hayward Aqua Critter (Automatic)
Even though you need a 3/4HP pump to use Hayward Aqua Critter, its performance is amazing. Recommended for cleaning most above ground pools, its pre-programmed pattern delivers good results. Whether you are vacuuming debris, dirt, or leaves, it works efficiently without scratching pools. It also has an adjustable 30-foot hose (eight four-foot sections) that comes in handy. In most pools, you can clean a wide area from a single location. Buy one for your dished out or flat above ground pool. In less than two hours, you to clean such pools of most sizes like a professional.


  • Requires 3/4HP pool pumps
  • Adjustable 30-foot hose
  • Pre-programmed cleaning pattern
  • Vacuums most materials
  • Automated vacuum system

03. XtremepowerUS Automatic

XtremepowerUS Automatic
Forget about the hours of backbreaking work that you put in to clean your large above ground pool. With XtremepowerUS, you get a superior vacuum cleaner that handles demanding vacuum cleaning jobs with ease. The 10 3-foot hoses that you get, for instance, join to form a long 30-foot hose. This enables you to clean pools of all sizes with ease. Moreover, unlike the Hayward Aqua Critter that needs a powerful pump to work well, this is one is different. If you have a 1HP pool pump with a 1600GHP system, it will work properly. XtremepowerUS Automatic is a tool-less pool cleaner with a 1-year warranty.


  • One year limited warranty
  • Works with most 1HP pumps
  • Long vacuum hose (30 feet)
  • Tool-less setup/installation
  • Cleans floors and walls

02. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
Intex is home to quality above ground pools for commercial and personal use. If you are shopping for an above ground pool cleaner, most of its products are also ideal. If you have a 1600-3500GPH filter pump, for instance, you will enjoy using this automated model. It powerful system cleans most solid debris from the floors of pools. Connecting to hoses and hose fittings (1.5-inches) is also simple. You do not need special skills and or tools to do this well.


  • Compatible with 1.5-inch fittings
  • Works with 1600-3500GPH pumps
  • Automated vacuum technology
  • Easy to set up (tool-less)

01. Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish

Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish
Do you have an above ground spa or pool for recreation? Do you seek the help of professionals to clean grime or dirt from its floor or walls occasionally? To cut costs and get good results at the same time, look for Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish. It can clean both spas and pools. Its automatic Li-ion powered design can work well at depths of up to nine inches at a 45-degree angle. This makes it perfect for cleaning pools with flat or slanted floors. After a four-hour recharge cycle, this pool vacuum can clean pools continuously for up to 45 minutes. Both its micro-filter and all-purpose filter are reusable.


  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Cleans flat and angled floors
  • Cleans for up to 45 minutes
  • Recharges in four hours
  • Reusable filter and micro filter

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