Top 8 Beginner Golf Clubs 2020 Reviews

Nowadays, Golf is among the topmost sports being played all over the world. The prize money for winning a US Open or PGA championship is a whopping millions of US Dollars. No doubt this has driven the interests and passion of youngsters to chisel out a career inside the Golf court.

The rules allow you to carry no more than 14 club components in your bag. The best composition can be approximated in the following choices:

  • Driver (9.5 – 13 degrees)
  • Fairway Wood (15 – 17 degrees)
  • Hybrid (19 – 21 degrees)
  • Iron Set (4 – PW, AW or SW)
  • Wedge (SW and/or LW)
  • Putter (33″ or More: as per players choice)

Apart from the above, key features like Grip, Shaft, Hosel and Club Head etc. play a vital role. Though most of these are usually customized as per players own choices and capabilities, these are mostly in-situ provided by the Golf set manufacturers. Here’s a quick review of the Golf club set available in the market.

8. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Callaway Golf set includes all components listed as above. The unique feature includes perimeter weighting; Progressive sole width design for iron & Wedges imparts more control to the player. The manufacturer of this golf set designs the hybrids specifically for forgiveness on shots. So, you need not worry even if you attempt a difficult long iron. The T-style alignment, that comes along with the Putter mallet helps to provide incredible accuracy.


  • Driver & Wood (with a forgiving sweet spot)
  • Graphite shaft
  • Stand Bag with Strap system
  • 12 pieces, 9 clubs, 2 Headcovers, 1 Bag

7. Precise M5 Ladies Women Complete Right Handed Golf Set

Precise M5 Ladies Women Complete Right Handed Golf Set

Precise M5 Ladies Women Golf Set features Driver, Fairway wood, Hybrid, Irons, Putter, Handbag and 3H/C’s. The golf set is manufactured with a degree of excellence at par with that of the professional players. The equipment is built with top grade platinum so as to ensure you get the maximum benefits in term of durability. The set also comes with a standard sized bag equipped with dual straps.


  • 3 different standard sizes 5-3’, 5-3’ to 5-8’ & 5-8’ above
  • Stainless steel wood & Irons

Other Topics:

6. 15 Piece Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

15 Piece Ladies Complete Golf Club Set
15 Piece Ladies Complete Golf Club Set is designed for ladies, especially within the Petite size range of 5’3 and below. The Golf set is constructed from High-grade Graphite carbon for Drive shafts and Titanium metal for the driver, Fairway wood, and PW Irons. One of the outstanding features of the golf set includes the angle/Orientation provided for the golf set equipment, so as to enhance the performance of the athlete. The equipment set is exceptionally designed to allow you to reap maximum benefits with your skill set.


  • Exceptional design to Compensate size
  • Superior quality material for Driver & Shafts
  • Matching Deluxe Bag & Headcovers.
  • Durable and Feather Weight

5. Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set
Aspire Golf sets have emerged as a popular choice among golf playing community. The Aspire XD1 Ladies golf set includes all listed components mentioned earlier in the article and even includes 2 Different size ranges for ladies (5’3 & 5’9). However, the product is developed specifically for Right handed players. The drivers are made from Titanium metal to ensure these are long-lasting. All of the shafts are built from graphite and provide extreme leverage and effortless experience.


  • Amazing Design & Orientation of Driver & Fairway wood.
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Designed for Right Handed Ladies
  • Carrying Bag with extra pockets

4. Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra

Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra
This Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra is primarily designed with a target audience of amateur golfers. The product is specifically developed with a focus on maximizing distance with every shot for beginner golfers. Unique design features like the lower center of Gravity have been incorporated to maximize swing speeds for launching every shot. Component sizes have been carefully fixed to allow comfortable movement for women.


  • Specifically Designed for Female Amateur Golfers
  • Large sweet spot irons (Perimeter weighing)
  • Flexible shafts due to the Carbon material
  • Low Maintenance equipment

3. Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club SetThe Precise Premium golf set delivers the quality and the desirable equipment, that too within the lower end of the price range. The product has been in high demand mainly due to its sheer quality and small perky features. It comes in two colors (Purple and pink) which appeal to the female audience. The Golf set components are mainly constructed from titanium while shafts are constructed using Top grade graphite to maximize flexibility. The rods are tough and rugged to withstand the jerks while you enjoy the sport. Some of the unique features are mentioned as under:


  • Developed for Women
  • Top grade Construction Material
  • Tough and Rugged
  • Two Colours available
  • 3 sizes available (Tall, Medium & Petite)

2. Confidence Golf Men Power Hybrid

Confidence Golf Men Power Hybrid
First and foremost, the Confidence Golf Men Power Hybrid has been developed specifically for Men. The product focuses its features on the maximization of hitting Long Irons. The shaft is carved out of stainless steel (Unique composition), which helps in eliminating difficulty in hitting long irons. The hybrid wood is specially designed with a curvature of 24 degrees to provide maximum benefit. The putter is also fitted with a steel shaft to enhance accuracy and sturdiness. Apart from the above, some other key features are deciphered as under:


  • Specifically Designed for Male golf Players
  • Steel shafts
  • Optimum Curvature Design
  • Steel shaft material for Putter
  • Upgraded Storage Bag, Extended space, and Rain cover

1. Palm Spring Golf V2 Men

Palm Spring Golf V2 Men�s

Palm Spring Golf set is an absolutely unique golf set since it’s carefully designed to give you an enjoyable golf playing experience. The driver is especially oversized (460cc-maximum allowable) which ensures huge sweets pot. Eve when your shots are not quite from the middle, you still end up far. The 15 size fairway wood, though is smaller, yet has enhanced forgiveness. Its low profile allows perfect hitting off the grass without using a tee. The golf set is also packed with two hybrids, an 18 degree and 21 degree. Besides, Matching Headcovers are also included.


  • Specifically Designed for Male golf Players
  • Steel shafts
  • Optimum Curvature Design
  • Steel shaft material for Putter
  • Upgraded Storage Bag, Extended space, and Rain cover