Top 10 70% Discount Golf Clubs 2018 Reviews

A quality golf club can go a long way for improving your swing. When it comes to finding the perfect club, most players observe the weight, style, and materials used. Although quantity is often important, when searching for discount golf clubs it is crucial to find the best product for the best price. It is imperative to search for clubs that work to improve your hit speed, distance, and control over the ball. Here are ten discounted golf clubs that rank highest above the competition

10. Women’s Black 2015 Fairway Wood by Cleveland Golf

Women Black 2015 Fairway Wood by Cleveland Golf

This re-designed Fairway wood by Cleveland incorporates speed innovation technology to improve your overall swing. The new family of woods is lighter, faster, and longer than ever before, making them an excellent option for all skill levels.


  • Lower center of gravity provides further launching with a lower spin. The newly engineered design allows for an increased launch angle. The face thickness is designed to reduce the carry loss commonly seen in off-center hits.

9. Women’s Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods by Callaway

Women Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods by Callaway

This right handed graphite Fairway wood has a 20.5-degree angle and advanced speed optimized technology to guarantee your best game every time. This newly designed club is more boasts an advanced lightweight head that is designed to deliver maximum speed.

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  • This club is built with a modern Warbird soleplate which increases versatility. This club has a high-launch designed, which allows the ball to go up in the air in order to greatly improve the distance traveled. The hyper speed face cup is forged to increase speed across the face to create a more consistent distance for every swing.

8. Ladies Tight Lies Hybrids Kuro Kage Graphite

Ladies Tight Lies Hybrids Kuro Kage Graphite

Ghost Slot Technology works to hide the crown slot while still providing a higher speed and greatly improved forgiveness. This low profile design offers a high impact area, positioned lower on the face, which works to greatly improve your hit.


  • This club is designed with a tri-level sole that reduces turf interaction in order to improve performance. This club is extremely smooth and easy to hit due to its hybrid design.

7. Adams Golf Men’s Red Hybrid

Adams Golf Men Red Hybrid

This men’s hybrid club is engineered to focus on versatility. This club utilizes a smaller head that is built to handle a wide variety of tough shots on the field. The 95cc head is specially designed to ensure an easier hit no matter what conditions you face.


  • This club contains Adams’ patented upside-down head design. There is a lower center of gravity which works to promote easier launching no matter how the ball lies. This club has increased playability and works to keep balls traveling faster, even when they are hit off-center.

6. Adams Golf Men’s Golf Hybrid Club

Adams Golf Men Golf Hybrid Club

This hybrid golf club by Adams is one of the most advanced clubs available on the market today. It is designed with velocity slot technology that gives golfers more flexibility and speed, boosting their abilities to cover larger greens.


  • The center of gravity is lower and more rear positioned than previous models, improving spin and speed during each shot. The slimtech shaft provides more of a kick and launch.

5. Tight Lies Hybrid by Adams Golf

Tight Lies Hybrid by Adams Golf

This gold club comes in a regular and senior flex style, making it an excellent choice for aging golfers. Additionally, the low profile and upside down design create a larger impact is lower on the club’s face.


  • This club is designed to hit further and higher than other clubs. The tri-level sole makes playing on turfs easier due to reduced friction.

4. Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Hybrid

Callaway Men X2 Hot Hybrid

This club is a 2014 Golf Digest hot list gold medal winner due to its compact hybrid design that allows users to craft their shots and perform exceptionally well. The new your inspired shape provides users the confidence to increase playability and accuracy on the green no matter how the ball lies.


  • This club contains a thin Speed Face, which works to maximize speed for longer and more consistent shots. The center of gravity and sole designs work to result in launching shots that travel higher and further than other clubs.

3. Pine Meadow Golf Men’s Excel EGI Hybrid Golf Club

Pine Meadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid Golf Club

This golf club by Pine Meadow is built with a low-torque Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite shaft that works to drive hits further down the field.


  • This club comes either in either a left or right hand version. The club is made out of graphite and it has numerous angle options between 19-degrees and 45-degrees.

2. Adams Golf Super S Hybrid Golf Club

Adams Golf Super S Hybrid Golf Club

The Super S Hybrid by Adams Golf is redesigned with a new sole slot feature and Cut-Thru Slot Technology guaranteed to improve ball speed and increasing the Characteristic time up to 23. The redesigned crown slot is much thinner, longer, and deeper than ever before, which takes your performance to a whole new level.


  • This club works well for boosting golfer confidence. The matte white crown makes the clubhead appear larger which works to improve the alignment of the ball and club.

1. TaylorMade N1122407 JetSpeed Golf Rescue

TaylorMade N1122407 JetSpeed Golf Rescue

The JetSpeed golf rescue by TaylorMade is newly designed to be more efficient than ever before. The new Speed Pocket design works to promote faster ball speed and a longer drive on the green.


  • The center of gravity is positioned low and forward on the face, which works to limit ball spin and provide a faster ball speed. The Matrix Velox T shaft has a variable weight, which promotes maximum control for various swing speeds.

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